PEMRA Officially Launches An Urdu Version Of Its Website

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has officially launched an Urdu version of its website today. Chairman PEMRA Mr. Absar Alam, officials of the regulatory authority and Cable Operator’s Association (COA) were present at the inauguration event for the launch of the Urdu version of PEMRA’s website.

While speaking at the event, Chairman PEMRA, said that all the rules & regulations, licensing information, PEMRA reports and related news will be available on the Urdu version of PEMRA’s website.

Supreme Court of Pakistan passed a judgment in September, which required all government offices, official documents and officials to use Urdu as the official language. All government offices and websites were to be translated from English to Urdu as soon as possible.

While government officials like the Prime Minister and other dignitaries continue to perform all official tasks in English without any regard for the court’s order, PEMRA’s step to launch an Urdu website is a commendable one. About half of the population of Pakistan cannot read English, and releasing an Urdu version of PEMRA website will increase the website’s reach and make it accessible to a much wider audience.

Mr. Absar Alam also revealed that PEMRA has launched a new service which will be greatly appreciated by the stakeholders. Companies can now import required equipment via the new online procedure.

PEMRA has also established helpdesks at its regional offices to assist cable operators and stakeholders in a more efficient and enhanced manner. These regional offices will be regularly monitored online by the officials at the PEMRA headquarters.

You can choose between the English or Urdu version of the PEMRA website here.

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