Tech Giants Take Sides on Apple vs FBI Case

The Apple vs FBI case shows no signs of dying down. Far from it being a purely technological vs. political vs. security issue, every day brings with itself a new development that manages to make people debate about what is at stake here.

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Many technology leaders from Silicon Valley have weighed in on the encryption case. Most have sided with Apple regardless of their commercial interests. We take a look at who has batted for Apple and who thinks that FBI is in the right regarding this ‘one particular case’ about the San Bernandino shooter’s iPhone.


Facebook, as many know, is the world’s foremost social media giant. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has publicly expressed support for Apple. At the Mobile World Congress on Feb 22, Zuckerberg declared that, “We’re sympathetic with Apple on this one.”

For Zuckerberg, safeguarding digital privacy comes first, especially when “it’s not the right thing to try to block that from the mainstream products people want to use.


The world’s favorite (yet commercially-stressed) microblogging social media platform, has also sided with Apple. Jack Dorsey, in a tweet, has appreciated the Apple’s leadership current moves.


The world’s most data-driven company, Google, has also come out with support for its erstwhile technological rival. Sundhar Pichai, Google’s CEO, issued a carefully-worded statement that essentially calls out the FBI’s request as setting a ‘troubling precedent’ for other tech companies. If Apple relents and gives in to FBI’s request to build a backdoor that bypasses iPhone security, whos to say that Google’s Android ain’t next?

Bill Gates (Former CEO of Microsoft)

Even though Microsoft itself has released a statement in conjunction with the Reform Government Surveillance industry group that supports Apple, the world-famous former CEO of Microsoft has recently come out with a statement in support of FBI. According to Bill Gates, Apple should help FBI out for ‘this one particular case.’

Concluding Thoughts

Though its not surprising to see the crème de crop of Silicon Valley companies siding with Apple on this, Bill Gates’ statement has thrown most industry watchers in a shock. The FBI for its part, says that ‘it doesn’t want to break anyone’s encryption.’ But many technologists are of the view that the domestic law enforcement agency is trying to have its cake and eat it too – getting a backdoor installed without explicitly calling out for it, given that its the only way that Apple can grant access to Syed Farouk’s iPhone.

Expect more news on this since it appears that Apple and FBI are headed for a showdown.

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  • Bilal Iqbal

    Blackberry was also Standing but now….??? they will have to step back secretly but will keep crying to safeguard the user’s rights etc to maintain their market share UP…

    • Potato

      BB hasn’t granted access to its services to the Pakistani govt as far as I know. They decided to step out of Pakistan for that matter.

      • Bilal Iqbal

        then read the next stories..

        • Potato

          What is next? As far as I know, our govt decided to give up and withdrew their demand. BB will continue to provide services in Pakistan.

  • Potato

    I wonder where will this fight end. Its not about Apple vs FBI anymore. Its much more than that. Creating backdoor on even ‘one’ iPhone could affect the smartphones users in a very disruptive way and badly hurt Apple’s reputation and market.

  • shahzad

    Bill Gates is Mossad agent.

    • Muhammed Ovais Alam

      Your ip is recorded by them.
      Soon they’ll be on your doorstep.