Sabaq.PK: Replacing After-School Tuition with Free Online Videos In Urdu

Launched back in 2012, with 400 online videos teaching Matric level math topics, Sabaq Foundation has come a long way. Today, the organization boasts of more than 8500 videos added to their website – all targeted at helping the average Pakistani student overcome tough subjects such as Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Great Categorization of Content

Inspired from Khan Academy, Sabaq started with Urdu translated videos of Mathematics for Class 10. It catered to the syllabus topics in the respective Math books and categorically placed it according to book index. Four years later, the website has enriched its collection and has done a great job in categorizing videos according the course syllabus of the three boards of Pakistan – the Federal board, the Punjab board and the Sindh Board. Further additions have also been added to the boards of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan and now for Cambridge board as well.


Catering to Various Levels of Education

Initially, videos were only for classes 9 and 10, but now, the foundation is catering to the syllabus of FSC and O Levels as well.  It is also embarking on creating videos for primary level education, again according to the syllabus of the boards. For now, they have Nursery English, Kg 1 &2 English and Class 1 English for all the boards with new videos added every week and with further plans to expand on mid-school levels (classes, 6, 7,8) as well.

Delivery of Videos in the Form of SDs and DVDs

Understanding the fact that online streaming is generally not that good for people across the country, the organization has all its videos in the form of SD cards and DVDs. People who do not have good internet streaming can simply order the SD and DVDs for only Rs. 300/subject.

Our Verdict

Impressive Categorization, Easy to Use Interface But Just Lacking in Aesthetic Satisfaction

The videos are translated well, the categorization is simple and easy to access and we love the fact that the teachers are someone who actually know their subject well and are not merely translating. We do believe however that the website needs to be more aesthetically presentable to compliment the foundation’s efforts. Along with that, perhaps a forum, or a portal for students to ask questions and interact with the respective teacher would be a great step ahead in covering the 360O aspect of delivering quality education.

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  • has done a remarkable job in Pakistan while keeping a low profile. I’m pleased to read they’re also providing tution for Cambridge O levels and possible A levels in the future. This means people with average means girls can do A levels or O levels from joing Please do more to the awareness of the organisation in this and other media as well. Wish you best and success. God bless.

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