Google Destinations Takes the Hassle Out of Planning Your Trips

Google just made it easier than ever to plan a trip or a vacation with its newest feature in Mobile Search that lets you look up destinations. The feature comes complete with flights, hotel prices, weather info and anything related, straight from your phone.

This feature is made for mobiles intentionally as Google found that in 2015, travel related searches saw a 50 percent increase on mobile phones. So the company decided to solve the common “When? Where? How much?” questions related to travel. Google Destinations is triggered automatically by certain searches. Searching anything like “Spain surfing”, “New Zealand hiking” or anything similar brings up the new feature. The new trip planning feature is also brought up when a user searches for a specific country, state, city or any popular destination.

The service, other than convenience, is intended for easier discovery of interesting visiting spots. Destinations include activity recommendations in the form of curated itineraries for up to 201 cities. More cities will be added in the future, of course. So if someone isn’t sure where to go, but intends to go on a trip, Google wants that person to use the feature and get some new ideas and plan the trip with ease.

Destinations on Google
Images Source: Official Google Blog

As far as the bookings are concerned, Google Destinations forwards users to popular airline websites to complete their purchases. It offers something even more useful before sending out users to other websites. Google estimates the cost of flight and hotels and allows the users to switch dates to see when the combined costs will be at their lowest. The users will also be able to search for costs at any particular time of the year. There is an additional ‘Explore’ tab which lets the user view the weather for each of the destinations. Another button lets the users view some popular itineraries and suggestions based on the user’s interests and location.

Google Destinations will initially be available in a handful of countries and certain country specific Google domains. Even if you aren’t planning on buying tickets from a website, it would be a great idea to use the new feature before planning a trip. Finally, here’s a video introducing how the Destinations feature works.

Images Source: Official Google Blog

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