Indian Universities to Open Admissions to Pakistani and Foreign Students

Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) will be opening entrance tests to foreign students in eight countries for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The entrance tests will commence from 2017 and will include the following countries:

  • Pakistan
  • UAE
  • Sri Lanka
  • Singapore

A senior Ministry of Human Resource Development official said a statement concerning entry tests for foreign students: “This is the first time we have planned to admit foreign students by holding tests abroad. To begin with, we will admit students from the JEE/GATE exams to be conducted in 2017.”

Will Indian students have to worry about the increasing competition in the future?

According to the Hindustan Times, Indian students will not have to worry about their admission probabilities being in jeopardy. Additionally, foreign students will also be required to pay higher fees compared to Indian students. While all this news is thoroughly encouraging, why would the Indian government decide to take such a step? For starters, it is keen to draw foreign students to its IITs to build up its international rankings. With this boost, the government will potentially be able to open doors to more countries other than the ones that have been mentioned in the list above.

How will this benefit Pakistanis and the country in general?

In Pakistan, the element of a startup culture is definitely present, but there are several hurdles, including expertise and capital that remain in scarce supply for these startups to thrive effectively. India and her technological landscape is in a much better position than Pakistan, and Pakistani students can learn from their neighbor, barring the usual political grandstanding. They will have access to more expertise and additional exposure at an international level. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google visited India and spoke vehemently of how the tech landscape is changing in the country, and the current move by IITs serve as the formative stepping stone for students, who wish to have someone like Pichai recognize their talent and genius.

In the process, it could also improve diplomatic relationships between Pakistan and India, but at the same time, treatment and security of Pakistani students at Indian universities also remain an issue. Hopefully, the Indian government will make some sort of announcement concerning the security measures undertaken to keep foreign students from all sorts of harm, but as a step to improve relationships between the two countries, this is definitely the way forward.

  • We have excellent universities here. We dnt need to go to India for education, plus its not safe out there as wel.

  • Lolz, in a state of affairs where Indians don’t even let a Muslim eat what he wants without interfering,
    Did their government really think that they’ll let Muslim students study in peace for years??!

  • Its solely aimed to boost international rankings, foreign students help in that regard.

    Any foreign students will do, they not need to be Pakistanis.

  • I dint deny that , i knw all those stats so stop educating me on that. Its simple, India is not safe for Pakistanis at all plus our uniz our good(forget the ranking). . .no 1s dying to go to a place like India.

    • Opening of opportunities is a good thing. A top university is not like RSS or ShivSena for eg u can compare LUMS with UET.

      • Yeah right, gues u arent aware abt the threats our team has been getting. . .or maybe you dnt know what has been happening in India over the years. . .You need to educate yourself b4 asking people to study in India.

        • You probably didn’t bother to understand my comment. What I am saying is that these problems are among jahils like RSS or Sena not among educated class.

          • You sir are living in a fools paradise or probably youve been watching a lot of cable lately .
            Bol for your future education

          • Usman dont forget India is ruled by Modi who let Muslims get killed by hindu mobs in gujarat in 2002. When the head of state is extremist, how can you expect good?

            • I know yar. I just mean to say that there will be an added option for students. We also had Zia but that doesn’t mean that all Pakistani nation was extremist.And I bet a lot of students will apply. We’ve a seat limitation issue here in Pak. Everyone can’t go to UK or US do students will apply.

              • Opening up of admission options in Indian universities is a good step as Pakistani students can get into high-tech programs at much cheaper cost than what they pay in US or UK. Moreover I find comments of non-cooperation extremely disturbing because the sheer level of close-minded approach with neighbors is a sign of sick mentality.

                • I agree. That’s the point I’m trying to make. Everyone can’t go to US or UK for higher studies.

    • Yeah, I agree with you but, I repeat (Comment from Umer)
      “They cant even hold Indian Muslims well how can they bear Pakistanis Muslims”

  • University drop out students are rule the world, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and many more peoples are in the list. University koi bhi ho depend students pe hota hai k wo parhne mein kaisa hai. Pakistan’s universities are the best if you are willing to study in abroad than go to Uk, USA. Better than Indian universities

  • Very nice article,, its good initiative for both of countries ,we always see the politics issue both of sides, if india doing welcome to Pakistani peoples so we should appreciate ,

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