Apple’s Next Event is Happening on March 21, New iPhone and iPad Expected

It’s official. Apple’s next event is happening on March the 21st, and we can expect a plethora of new devices to finally be unveiled at the event.

The company has just started sending out the invitations to the event, with the tagline “Let us loop you in.” below the abstract Apple logo, which is typical of the company’s invites and offer no more on what to expect.

But we have enough reasons to expect a fair number of devices. Arguably the most anticipated of them is the new iPhone SE (Special Edition?), or the 4” version of the iPhone that replaces the popular iPhone 5S of more than two years back.

The smaller iPhone is not expected to bring any of the major iPhone 6S features such as 3D Touch or 4K video recording, but there surely is a market for it, with analysts expecting it to add $6 billion in sales during the next year.

Expected specifications for the phone include a smaller 4” retina display with a more 6S-resembling design, the Apple A9 chip and Apple Pay.

Next in line is ambiguity, since we can’t be that sure what to expect in the tablet category. We have reason to believe that a smaller, 9.7” iPad Pro is coming with support for the same accessories such as the Smart Keyboard and maybe even the Apple Pencil.

As for the rest of specifications, expect a screen with more than 400 ppi, a 12 MP camera with 4K video recording, same as the iPhone 6S, an A9X processor as well as the Smart Connector for accessories.

Then of course, you have the Apple Watch, which has started to feel dated, being almost exactly a year old as of now. We don’t have a lot of rumours to believe that is going to get updated soon, but at least expect more bands and watch faces from the event, so all is likely not lost.

Lastly, there can be a few software updates announced for the ecosystem, including iOS, Apple TV and the Watch. With most of the attention the company has been getting being negative due to the infamous FBI case, Apple might finally kick off 2016 with a good show in 10 days’ time.

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