Lionel Messi is Huawei’s New Global Brand Ambassador

The world-class football player, Lionel Messi, has been officially appointed as the new global brand ambassador for Huawei.

Messi has millions of fans all across the world and similarly Huawei is seeing satisfied customers in most countries of the world. Both Huawei and Messi share the values like progressive betterment and development. The move and partnership is considered as a good omen for both the brand and the player.

MD devices section, Huawei Pakistan, Mr. Shawn said, “We are proud to have Mr. Lionel Messi as a new global brand ambassador for Huawei. And to us it makes a perfect match for Huawei and Messi to be together to inspire millions of the people with their shared values of the highest commitments with betterment and development to craft the future in a most desirable fashion.”

Mr. Shawn also said that Huawei has been investing and promoting sports for a long time and it has taken big names of the sports world on-board and this helps the people to be connected in a real global city pattern where they equally share the values of inspiration for excellence and connectedness.