Breaking: Xiaomi is Finally Coming to Pakistan

Xiaomi is officially coming to Pakistan through its partner CheezMall, we have checked with people who are aware of the development.

Xiaomi is already a known brand for majority of smartphone users in Pakistan and is largely known for its high-performance but low-priced smartphones.

While selected Xiaomi phones were already on offering in Pakistan through some online shops, with the official launch of Xiaomi, all international models of Xiaomi will be available in the country at international retail prices.

Not to mention, not all models of Xiaomi are shipped outside China due to unavailability of Play Store and other specifications that are specific to Chinese market only.

With official launch in Pakistan, Xiaomi phones will be sold in Pakistan at International retail prices

To be more specific, all Xiaomi models that are available in India will be made available in Pakistan too.

Here are Xiaomi models that are available in India:

  • Mi Series
    • Mi 4i
    • Mi 4
  • Redme
    • Redme Prime
    • Redme Note Prime
    • Redme Note 3

In addition to phones, Xiaomi accessories, including power banks, will also be available in Pakistan through CheezMall.

While we don’t have any details on prices yet, sources tell us that Xiaomi phones will be sold in Pakistan for international retail prices (after currency exchange).

We are certain that in addition to better prices, official launch will also bring warranties and after sale support for Xiaomi phones in Pakistan.

Just in case if you are wondering, CheezMall will be exclusive distributor of Xiaomi in Pakistan and they will also maintain local inventory of the brand.

All orders will be processed locally and will take 2-4 days for shipment with-in Pakistan.

Sources tell us that type approvals and contracts between Xiaomi and CheezMall have been signed and launch is expected early next month. That’s when we will have more clarity on Xiaomi models that will be available in Pakistan and their respective prices in local market.

Stay tuned for more information.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Aleena Ali

    OHH my GOD… Cheezmall , i was waiting for xiaomi & you did it !

  • Fakhre Alam


  • Mahfooz Ahmed

    i have already bought it but good development. this will break the nexus of dumb high paying brands here.

    • umer

      From where?

      • Mahfooz Ahmed

        hand carry.

    • Mohyuddin Ahmed Qureshi

      How mean from where and how much price u bought??

  • Asif Khan PTI

    Cheezmall ne ker dikhaya My God you rock yar cheezmall the biggest news of my life

  • Hamid

    Xiaomo reme note 3: typo edition.

  • Aleena Ali

    wao.. Now i’m loving Cheezmall. you are rocking !

  • Abdul Aziz Janjua I am in love with you after this news Awsome please bring it asap

  • M Hamza khan

    I’m dying to get xiaomi. my dream phone is mi 4i.. cheezmall you really rock :)

  • GGXD

    yeah Cheez Mery Aziz

  • M Ahmed ali

    can you tell me , what will be the price range of these phones ? have cheezmall discloses their prices yet?

  • shoukat ali You are just awsome I cant believe you did it what others can just dream off…

  • israr ul haq

    I was in depression after loosing from india but cheezmall you made my day after this news. I want Mi4i please?

    • Ali rajput

      Dont be Depress Israr ul haq,its just a game :)

  • shoukat ali

    Yar agr to ye waqaee sach hai to aj I salute you cheezmall and finaly can proudly say that you are No. 1 in Pakistan’s onlne shopping industry.

  • hamza qasim

    it means i’m going to have xiaomi , very soon.. That’s Owsome cheezmall !!

  • KMQ

    Na karo yaar, this is great !!

  • Faizan Khalid

    I have read this so many times that I still believe it so good to be true let’s keep our hopes high and hope its not another accessories provider

  • Anum Khan

    Cheezmall please I want Mi4i. Please ?

  • azam khan

    No doubt , cheezmall beats its compositors. no one even daraz brought xiaomi to pakistan.

    well, i’m waiting anxiously to get xiaomi, whoever bring it to pak.

  • Chinaman

    RIP Qmobile. It was fun while it lasted.
    Hope the ad models find new jobs with Xiaomi

  • asif abbasi

    Cheezmall Lenovo Zuk k baad Xiaomi, ab or kia dhamaka karogy? Well my choice is Mi4 or Mi4i

  • Muhammad Yasir

    *rubs eyes in disbelief thinking its an April Fools*
    *realises its NOT April 1st*

    YAY !!

  • noor asifa

    Cheezmall you rock finally some one got it in Pakistan finalyy

  • Muhammad Yasir

    need the Redmi Note 3 PRO in their Local Inventory !
    that’s their HOTTEST phone right now … along with Mi4s , Mi5 and Redmi 3s (the 3GB RAM version) coming a close second !

  • Ali Shahab ya ya qmobile, subko aaj Cheezmall k samne jhukna pergya, jo koi na kersaka wo cheezmall kergya ! Cheezmall is No.1 yar…

  • israr ul haq is the only website which never talk or exagerate things and also give original products which daraz kaymu cannot give hense proved cheezmall is the No1 because no other pltform did it before.

  • Usman


  • Usman

    Though they had a bad start but looks like they are going in right direction now!!

  • Akbar

    mujay yakeen nae arha.. mujay be chahye yeh mobiles. kab or kaha se ly suckta hon?
    please cheezmall mujay be chhaye.
    mein ne 19 ko 2 zuk phone leye thy app say. boath se zabardast mobiles hain wo b.

  • And I’m like..

  • umarsaeed

    This one just made my day..

  • Shayan Ahmed

    i hope they keep price reasonable. if they set price like lenovo did its useless.

    • Ali rajput

      i agree with you Shayan, but you know the original Price of Zuk is 49,000 rs in international market.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        nope … you got that ABSOLUTELY WRONG !
        it started out as a $300-$350 phone AND read this now …

      • Aman Chawla

        International Market Price is 299$
        But Here is 34999
        Where is going 49$?

        • Muhammad Yasir

          lol …. he must hav been ripped off :p

        • Ali rajput

          Retail prices is 300-350$ ( 32GB64GB)
          for Pakistanis: PTA Letter, NOC from Zuk company, Shipping Charges, Custom tax… and many more things.
          i had done my research on it.

          • AbdulB1

            no u can get it as low as 180 USD. all the rest goes into the pocket of LEnovo pakistan.

        • Ali rajput

          cheezmall has gifted me the Smart watch and Zong internet bundle for 6 months, market price of smart watch is 7000-8000 rs.

          • zubairali

            I bought that watch for Rs. 2000

      • Muhammad Yasir

        nope … you got that ABSOLUTELY WRONG !

        it started out as a $300-$350 phone AND read this now …

        shop . gizchina . com/zuk/zuk-z1-cm-international-version-3gb-ram-64gb-rom-white-510.html

        • Ali rajput

          are they given free shipping and cod in Pakistan?
          are they giving smart watch free with it and free 4G data for 6 months?
          are they providing you PTA approval letter ? Custom free shipping? NOC letter from Zuk Company?
          Most importantly After Sale service. Cheezmall is providing one year local warranty.

          I had bough two phones, one for me and one for me Wife, and very satisfied with it..
          now looking forward for Mi :)

          • Muhammad Yasir

            i believe you don’t need/get MOST of the stuff u mentioned above , when u import , so it doesnt make sense a phone selling for $300 would cost $490 :/

  • Ali rajput

    i Must say, its the great effects of Pak-China friendship. such small steps are bring us closer to the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor and its success.
    The world is against us because they don’t to see the development of Pakistan,
    i salute to the Pakistani nation and some of the Pakistani companies, they are working in the best interest of Pakistan.
    well done cheezmall Keep it up.
    – Captain Ali

    • AbdulB1

      bhai I have lived in China. What I must say is the Chinese are for business but our corrupt politicians just want to please their masters and want to keep them out.

  • Aman Chawla

    Thanks Aamir ATTAA :)

    • Muhammad Yasir

      more like Thanks Xiaomi for coming here !

  • Muhammad Yasir

    took cheezmall long enough tho …
    wonder when will MEizu Qiku OnePlus and co. arrive !

  • Aman Chawla

    i am Waiting for Xiaomi Mi5
    at Current Time Highest Score in Antutu and SuperB Specification
    Antutu Score 142K +

  • Aqsa Abbas

    its a great news for me and all the Xiaomi lovers and fans in Pakistan
    i must say Cheezmall done a great job.. :)

  • israr ul haq

    Cheezmall tumne wese wqaee sb ko pichy chordia

  • Azi

    wowo that’s good news. i already have redmi note 3 and its really nice phone

  • shoukat ali

    Yar Qmobile lara tha meny to suna tha fr daraz ka, yanie daraz kaymu qmobile sb khoty sikay ? Cheezmall nay to No.1 position leli hai boss

  • Ahsan Zafar

    wow (Y)

  • Hassan Raza

    Cheezmall toba toba aik bar offer may aik chiz li thi Allah maaf kry han mujy agar ye bola jaye k Xiaomi ko bhool jao to may bhoool jaoo ga

  • Hassan Salman Dita

    Big News.. Finally we will get away from the Qmobile.

  • noman

    price will be the issue let’s c
    Should coincide wid that in India

    • noman

      initially cheezmall selling at over price hope not this time. MI pakistan page should be added to there global website

  • Adeel

    proudly using xiaomi redmi note 2

  • saleem

    This is rubbish news. Xiomis business model is that it sells its devices directly through its online store in the country it operates. Cheezmall would just be importing models.

  • Saad Naeem

    for f*cks sake, price them sensibly .

  • Tipu


  • Kaka

    It would be great if they bring Redmi 3 here. Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 Octa Core processor, 2 GB Ram, 13MP and 4100 mAh battery just at the price of about 105$!

    • AbdulB1

      if they bring

      • Muhammad Yasir

        if they price it honestly !

        • AbdulB1

          no they arent bringing

        • AbdulB1

          have u bought phone from aliexpress?

          • Muhammad Yasir

            nope. u ?

            • AbdulB1


              • Muhammad Yasir

                k. if u order one , do tell

    • Muhammad Yasir

      pretty sure this’ll go for 20k PLUS here.

  • Ææmįr Mōhâmmåd

    help me understand , why its such a big deal ??

  • Waseem Anjum

    A lot of FAKE comments. Cheezmall is doing great job promoting their website through its fake profiles commenting on a popular technology blog. After reading the post and a few comments i got curious about the comments, I checked all the profiles of commentators one by one and found that most of the profiles are created Yesterday and today just to comment on this post. Some of them are old accounts but they didn’t comment on any other post except CHEEZMALL. All of them promoting cheezmall only. If you read all the comments again after reading my comment, you will find out who is real and who is just promoting Cheezmall. Salute to the great marketing (spamming) approach of Cheezmall. Umeed hai mera comment delete nai kiya jaye ga.

    • ali

      And what is the guarantee that you are not a desperate employee of Daraz or your bs.

      • Waseem Anjum

        Check my profile first

    • Shayan Rais

      the number and content of the comments clearly show that it is spamming.
      they miss the trick, way too many comments :D

    • Fayez Najeeb

      Hahahaha you’re awesome!

      • Waseem Anjum

        Thank u :-p

    • Zawyar Ur Rehman

      I was also wondering that how the heck is everybody suddenly so praiseful about cheezmall??!

  • Smokingaces

    What about Xiaomi Mi 5?

  • Abid Ali

    Finally, I was waiting to for them to launch in Pakistan. Will get Redmi Note 3.

  • nayeem

    That’s awesome but I just hope cheezmall doesn’t screw their prices.

  • Sajid Ali

    Thank you CheezMall, waiting for Xiaomi products

  • Saleem

    Price = International Retail Price + Govt of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Excise and Custom Duty = Non Afordable for majority. Xiaomi (Pronounced as show-mee) is popular for its competitive prices with great performance but our govt tries it level best to marginalize difference by putting high taxes on Telecom or Bank Sector.

  • Muhammed Ovais Alam

    One of the best news of ’16.

  • Farrukh Khan

    Now that’s a great news. I hope they will also launch Mi5. I would buy that. This will also give hard time to other expensive cheap brands.

    • Sajid Ali

      checkout their prices of xiaomi products, they are already inflated, lets see how these phone prices go. :(

  • Wow. Cheezmall should bring in a lot of inventory because from the looks of it Xiaomi is going to be a complete sell out in Pakistan!!

  • Mainichi

    Piston 3 pls ლ( ͡°; ͜ʖ ͡;°ლ)

  • AbdulB1

    It has been in propakistani’s news since last october but still no progress.

  • AbdulB1

    I have been using redmi note 3g for 2 years now. It didn’t came with play store but I was able to install via google installer in xiaomi app store. Google play store installation is not a big deal in many Chinese phones. Furthermore redmi note was released internationally after China , so does it has google play store based international rom , which can be installed from the internet.

  • Nasir

    Great news, but can someone convince cheezmall to improve the UI, specially site navigation, as its very difficult to find the relevant categories. and site navigation is so furstating.

  • Kareem

    It’s Redmi, not Redme

  • ahsen

    Cheezmall 15 to 20 days delivery time, than buying directly from AliXpress , geekbuying or any other well known online store could be the better option.

    • umer

      What about customs

  • Yasir Masood

    Xiaomi is one of Chinese best company..They have best mobile phones with very cheap rate and its much better than already working bullshit chinese mobile products.I have used MI note and now using MI5…Very good experience. Finally we will get rid of worst quality products like Q mobiel..Pakistanis will use chinese good quality products now. MI has many more stuff like tablet, laptop, battery banks, headphone and LCD/LED TVs also.

  • The most unfortunate part will be if Cheezmall does its usual pricing fraud and claim the “original” price of the device in the neighborhood of 80,000 and then sell it at a “discount” for 40,000. I’ve seen them too it all too often to trust them. As great a news as this is, I’m highly skeptical of them having Cheezmall as their official partner.

  • Moaaz Ahmad

    Minor correction: it’s “Redmi”, not “Redme”.

  • Adnan

    cheezmaal taking too much time for delivery !!! 15 days for ear phone Xiaomi :( :D :O

  • Cheezmall itni dair me banda China sy Xiaomi-Mob purchase kar k aa jata hai :P
    Please hurry up! I’ve made my mind for Redmi Note3, alternatively can go for Infinix Zero3

  • Shan Ali

    Its a spam post, written “On Demand” to hype things up.

  • AbdulB1

    kihte ve xiaomi?

  • Arslan

    Looks like the article + most of the comments are paid!

  • is this true ? because last i heard that PTA put a ban on xiaomi phones … if this is true then this would be the best news ever / because xiaomi phones will kil the qmobile and oppo kinda shit companies

  • i think they are banned in Pakistan .. why would PTA do this man :( i hate this . no ebay . no amazon . no paypal . no xiaomi . no asus phone . where the heck are we going