Breaking: Xiaomi is Finally Coming to Pakistan

Xiaomi is officially coming to Pakistan through its partner CheezMall, we have checked with people who are aware of the development.

Xiaomi is already a known brand for majority of smartphone users in Pakistan and is largely known for its high-performance but low-priced smartphones.

While selected Xiaomi phones were already on offering in Pakistan through some online shops, with the official launch of Xiaomi, all international models of Xiaomi will be available in the country at international retail prices.

Not to mention, not all models of Xiaomi are shipped outside China due to unavailability of Play Store and other specifications that are specific to Chinese market only.

With official launch in Pakistan, Xiaomi phones will be sold in Pakistan at International retail prices

To be more specific, all Xiaomi models that are available in India will be made available in Pakistan too.

Here are Xiaomi models that are available in India:

  • Mi Series
    • Mi 4i
    • Mi 4
  • Redme
    • Redme Prime
    • Redme Note Prime
    • Redme Note 3

In addition to phones, Xiaomi accessories, including power banks, will also be available in Pakistan through CheezMall.

While we don’t have any details on prices yet, sources tell us that Xiaomi phones will be sold in Pakistan for international retail prices (after currency exchange).

We are certain that in addition to better prices, official launch will also bring warranties and after sale support for Xiaomi phones in Pakistan.

Just in case if you are wondering, CheezMall will be exclusive distributor of Xiaomi in Pakistan and they will also maintain local inventory of the brand.

All orders will be processed locally and will take 2-4 days for shipment with-in Pakistan.

Sources tell us that type approvals and contracts between Xiaomi and CheezMall have been signed and launch is expected early next month. That’s when we will have more clarity on Xiaomi models that will be available in Pakistan and their respective prices in local market.

Stay tuned for more information.

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