Mobile Phone Service Snipping in and Out in Islamabad/Rawalpindi

Mobile phone service in selected parts of Islamabad/Rawalpindi is being shut down in intervals on directions from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. PTA has said that such service closure instructions are forwarded to operators as received from Interior Ministry based on security situation in the capital.

Mobile phone service was shut down in troubled areas and vicinity around 5AM in the morning, but was later reinstated to be blocked again after a while.

PTA, operators aren’t sharing the list of areas where service is shut down due to security reasons. They are strongly advised to not to share timeline and location of areas where service is put offline.

It maybe recalled that thousands of protesters have occupied D Chowk in Islamabad. There’s not much information available on how long these protesters plan to sit-in in front of Parliament or how government plans to deal with the situation.

Islambadians and those who work in Islamabad are currently facing all sorts of issues due to unavailability of mobile phone signals. Office attendance in Islamabad, especially near D Chowk is very limited today.

As mentioned above, it is unclear on when mobile service will be resumed.

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