Samsung Now Offers Remote Troubleshooting for Your Phone

Finally! Gone are the days of frantic search for help every time an app crashes or the phone freezes.  Imagine having your new $$$ phone and you’re busy lauding over its specs when suddenly it freezes, or worse still it lags while you play your favorite game, or some functions don’t work as expected. That is a serious heart-stopping moment where you desperately wished you could reach out for help. You run off to a techy friend or you search for a service center where the issue can be resolved. Well lucky for Samsung users, there is now a new support that offers LIVE remote assistance.

However, all Samsung users need to hold their excitement as the app is supposedly compatible only with the S7 and S7 Edge users for now.

You can download the support app here.

samsung app 2

Real Representatives to Help You Out 

No, this isn’t some random self-help app, but an actual service rolled out for Samsung users where customers can get support information, diagnostics tools and app recommendations with a handy new feature: remote assistance.

You can actually get a representative to remotely access the device, troubleshoot and fix software issues. You no longer will have to visit a service center to fix an issue; unless of course you drowned your phone in water (though the S7 is water-proof, don’t test its limit).

You can easily activate the video during a phone call or through a video chat with the representative. Owners of other Samsung devices, do not take this to heart  – as Samsung will gradually be rolling out the service to other Samsung devices soon enough.


  • Saad Thahim

    Samsung+ is only supported in U.Sm confirmed from Samsung through E-Mail.

    Why is ProPakistani promoting it?