wi-tribe launches Wi Net TV in Pakistan

wi-tribe recently launched its Wi Net TV in Pakistan, a web and app based streaming service that offers over 150 channels for viewing in Pakistan.

After 3G/4G roll out in Pakistan, a huge number of people are streaming media content on their handheld devices and this is exactly the segment wi-tribe is aiming to tap.

While wi-tribe’s Wi Net TV is not the first of its kind service, the company claims that its services are best in class and offer most number of channels compared to competing services available in Pakistan.


Wi Net TV is providing 150+ high quality Live Television channels accessible to people anywhere any time, enabling them to access digital television services on their PCs, laptops and smart phones through any internet connection.

With plethora of built-in options, Video on Demand feature is great thing for the customers.

If you are a music or podcast junkie then you get Online Radio streaming as well. It’s also supported on all major platforms including iOS/Android/Web so no matter whether you’re using your smart phone or your personal computer, entertainment is only a few clicks away.

Company claims that Wi Net TV offers maximum value for money not only through its innovative approach but also through the in-built application features and easy access to entertainment content.

TV streaming on smartphones, PC’s and laptops is an exciting service and is opening more options for users in Pakistan.

Wi Net TV Features:

  • Monthly Fee
    • For wi-tribe users: Rs. 100 per month
    • For non wi-tribe users: Rs. 100 per month
  • Channels: 150
  • Video on Demand: Yes
  • Simultaneous viewing: on up to 3 devices
  • Supported platforms: Web, Android and iOS
  • Radio Streaming: Yes
  • Indian Channels: Yes

You can check out Wi-Net TV here.

  • Just 96 Channels and you are claimmng 150 Channels. PTCL smart Tv is offering 150 channels but for indian channels we use winet tv. Winet TV offers Zee Tv, Zee Zindagi, Colors, and some low rating channels. But tops channels like Star Plus, Sony, and Life OK is not here. WE need these channels

    • hahah this d f needs Indian channels so bad. Cant fathom mentality of such people at all. Gtf back to India. You are a disgrace to the blood spilled by our ancestors. Kisi red light district ki pedawar hai tu. Chameli ka bacha.

      • اور اس طرح کسی کو گالی دے کر کیا جتانا چاہتے ہیں آپ
        کہ آپ ہائ سوسائٹی کی پیداوار ہیں

      • you sound like kisi paki haramzada general ki aulaad… is pathetic country se kya hubb-ul-watani k apne hi culture (indian culture is same as ours) se nafrat?
        L pe charh gya aisa Imaan, which stems out of this crappy patriotism..!

        • It’s too much difference between Pakistani and Indian Culture and customs bro, Read the Two Nations Theory briefly, you got your answer.

  • Looks like they are using dittot dot com for intl channels. many links are broken. The quality isnt that good either.

  • This is totaly fake that they are providing 150+ high quality Live Television channels.
    i’m non wi-tribe premium monthly user. i paid for 1 month premium service, but i sucks. All the free channels they are providing on there website, which we can see else where on internet.
    there is no VOD service they are providing without any regular updates.

    Here u can see the proof of Paid Account TV Channel list screen shot.

  • it will fail! because there is no high speed internet infrastructure in Pakistan. even ptcl ka tv freez ho jata hai…

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