Nawaz Sharif Goes on Sale on EBay!

Someone has put up Pakistani prime minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif up for sale on eBay, an American ecommerce store.

Identity of the poster isn’t known yet but apparently he is from Pakistan or has some kind of connection with Pakistani soil.

“Used Pakistani Prime Minister, No longer needed is for Sale. No box or instructions”, says the advert.

This is not the first of its kind prank, but listing Prime Minister of Pakistan on eBay is somewhat strange since the website doesn’t offer delivery services in the country as of yet.

“May not post to Pakistan”, says the notice posted on website.

Prime Minister is under immense pressure after Panama Leaks and is currently traveling to UK for a medical checkup, where his counter part, Mr. David Cameron was also listed for sale on same website.


David Cameron’s bid had touched $65,000 before the posting was removed.

Nawaz Sharif’s bid, however, hasn’t taken off anywhere and is still stuck at $100.

Not to mention, both Nawaz Sharif and David Cameron have been criticized for their connections with offshore companies. Opposition parties in Pakistan are demanding Mr. Sharif’s resignation while Mr. Cameron has been labeled as “Dodgy Dave” in London.

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Currently the bid for above ad has reached £66,200.00 and we still have six days remaining till the closing of the offer.

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  • Nawaz Sharif is building metro, roads, orange line giving free laptops and tablets youth of Pakistan have regained their lost confidence but some people are hatching conspiracy against government for their own personal interest.Nawaz made promise to make Pakistan like Malaysia but our enemies don’t want that.

    • وہ وعدہ ہی کیا
      جو وفا ہو گیا
      آپ پنجاب کا اک ادارہ بتا دیں جہاں رشوت اور شفارش کے بیغر کام ہوتا ہو ؟

  • Media jumps the gun again

    Is there no verifying of news in Pakistan? It has been seen again and again that foreign news is aired as breaking news without – it seems – reading the details of the content. This leads to misquoting of people and “revealing of facts” that are not even part of the news.

    This trend was once again seen during the expose of the Panama Leaks – an international investigative story that revealed that many high placed people had invested in off shore companies. Many people were named, some of them from Pakistan. However, there were some people who were not mentioned in the Panama leaks but their relatives were and the Pakistani media picked these up without verifying whether it was true.

    Many people were not mentioned in the Panama Leaks but the media still named them. This is quite weird and unethical and time to take a step back to see why some among in the media jump the gun before making sure that the news is authentic.

    For example a news channel – ARY – was once again breaking news with the name of the owner of Jang Group. But the sad part was that it did this without verifying if this was true or not. And it turned out that the news was false which resulting in once again damaging the image of this channel.

    It would be better if channels would double check when blaming others for something that can be checked and can turn out to be false.

  • Nawaz sharif is doing well nd he is most mature leader than Imran Khan according to my personal thoughts. Hamari awaam hamesha current GOVT. Ko dislike karti hai. Main koi kisi party ko follow ni karta but Nawaz Sharif is better than Zardari and Imran Khan as well.

      • Yar IK ki party ka theme nd slogan hai “Naya Pakistan” mujhay aap bataain un ki party mein kitna naya pakistan hai matlab doosri party k gande log idhar a k pak kaise ho gaye kya new log young generation se ni la sakta tha? Agar le aata to aaj Pakistan mein originally change le aate wo

        • The problem is this in Pakistan. Agar aap woh log lain jin ko log jante nh houn toh we say apki party mai koi famous banda nhe hai. PTI mai bht se new log hain for example, in KP except Pervez Khattak no one was ever into assembly or was a minister as well as Asad Umar, Shahriyar Afridi, M.Atif,
          etc etc.
          Agar aap performance ki baat kerin do compare Punjab and KP in Police, education, governance etc

    • Personal likes/dislikes have no limit. (شوق دا کوئی مل نہیں ہندا) But any logical reason behind taking NS over Zardari and IK ?
      To me if Zardari purchases properties around the glob with looted money same is being done by NS. Only IK is the one politician that sold his flats in London and brought money to Pakistan.
      Rest are looting Pakistan and buying flats in London n rest of world.

    • nhi mery bhai ham previous government ko b dislike krty hain. aur yeh sach k we need a leader better than IK, but ganja is a thug. he and his allies are a mafia, they are not political parties!

  • Don’t know what’s more sadder!! putting PM on eBay or Bidding for PM on eBay!! #NoThankyouRaheelShareef

  • Pakistani’s have problems with every ongoing Governments even with Dictators. I believe that the fault is in our nation. We must respect our PM/President whoever he is…. (may be Zardari or NS or IK even Musharaf).
    The woman who is not respected by her husband cannot gain respect from susrali family members. Same is true for international relations…… Modi is not liked by everyone in India but still they don’t humiliate him …………….. and in return Modi is being respected by World.

  • 3 bar major accident ho chuka front aur back se since 1990. Repainted & reconditioned hai, not worth the money.

  • Khaptaan bhe baeaye frokht .,. 252355898391
    phir awam kehti hey.,., PayPal – eBay Pakistan kyun nahe aati .,., mazak banaya hua hey hum logo ne

  • I daily buy some stuff from eBay, so saying it doesn’t ship to Pakistan isn’t right, yes, some products are not shipped to Pakistan but you can still buy a lot of products from eBay in very low prices compared to local markets, just you need is international credit card, Payoneer works for me and I have bought a lot of stuff from it, more then of 3k$.

  • اتنا پرانا ماڈل 65000 کا ، اس میں چار سمیں ڈلتی هیں کیا

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