Speaker NA Distressed Over Blasphemous Material on Facebook and YouTube

Acting Speaker National Assembly Murtaza Javed Abbasi has taken serious notice of blasphemous materials on social media websites and directed Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) for immediate action.

Acting Speaker National Assembly expressed anguish and concerns over blasphemous materials on Youtube and Facebook in a letter written to Chairman PTA Syed Ismail Shah.

Abbasi directed the concerned authority for blocking access to the materials, besides taking stern action against the culprit involved in the heinous crime. He further stated that such materials have hurt Muslims sentiments.

Acting Speaker directed PTA officials for taking concrete measures to stop appearance of such materials.

It is worth mentioning that PTA on January 18, 2016 reopened access to Youtube for Pakistani internet users after over three and a half years the social website remained blocked for blasphemous materials.

PTA had told the Supreme Court in a report that it was now possible to remove objectionable videos from the website after Google launched a localized of Youtube for Pakistan.

PTA had told the court that objectionable content had been removed from the localized version of the website and that there was no reason left to continue blocking the website’s IP in the country.

The government had blocked YouTube in Pakistan on September 17, 2012, after receiving information about continuing access to a contentious blasphemous video created and uploaded on YouTube.

  • Let’s just hope they don’t block sites again.
    But i think this is all happening because they are afraid of political socail campaigns against government.
    First new cyber crime law & now this!

      • Please stop using your computer or internet invented by non-muslims if YOU have a little shame in yourself. Block Youtube, break your LCD, destroy your computer table, and break you mouse and keyboard – invented and used by the same non-muslims who made the blasphemous content. All the best! Try to also find a cave, and dig your head in it plz.

        • if you have to present a logic, be realistic in doing that … NOT all the non-muslims are involved in blasphemy .. it is the youtube management that took a stand against removing that video from the youtube site even knowingly this is hurting alot of muslims (assuming you have read the whole story)

          I can proudly say that i have quit using youtube since that very day but that never implies to quit using all electronics.

          Yes, mention the name of anyother non-muslim who spreads and/ or creates blasphemous content and I will boycott him aswell and ask my friends and family to do the same.

          Just because you like loads of content uploaded on youtube never means you should defend it for reasons not known to you and before bombarding me with comments, take this in a positive way

          • Meh… Dude, the youtube management didn’t upload the video. They have several videos against jesus, moses, and holocaust (Atheist videos too) If that’s what your sick brain tells you to do, please continue. That video has a billion views. Why not track and trace every single muslim/non-muslim who watched it (as they’re the reason that video and youtube earned money) and bycott him/or something related to him as well? I’m sure you will find it much easier to live in a cave, than in a civilised (free) world.

            YouTube will not, and should not remove any such video, nor they should be bullied by sick muslims like you, who insult Islam. Do you remember Tai’if? They don’t remove anti-christ or anti-holocaust videos, why remove anti-Islam videos? Freedom of speech is a basic human right, which the civilised world accepts. People like you need to grow up.

            YouTube is a home to several Maulana Tariq Jameel lectures, and praises of the Prophet, if all non-muslims started bycotting YouTube for hosting Tariq Jameel, LOL! You’re missing out on life, man!

          • Tum computer na istamal karoe yaar . Blasphemous content search nahi karoe gae to nahi khulae ga . apnae dimagh ka gand theek karoe saab theek ho jae ga . West main sharab milti ha lekin waha koi tumhain majboor nahi kare ga ke sharab khareedoe .apnae dimagh seedhae karlo to koi maslae nahi ho ga

      • Foolish approach. Blasphemous content has to be blocked, rather than blocking the whole website.

      • Ap sab se pehle ye society chorho aur jungle ya paharhon mein ja kar zindagi guzaro because ye duniya ye mehfil ye internet tere kaam ki nhn aur bara-e-mehrbani apni soch jaise sare logon ko le jao hamein is gunahgar duniya mein jeene do

      • things don’t open up on your computer until you open it yourself blame your self not the internet ,

      • What are you doing here? if you have little shame you must not use the internet. because whole intrenet s flooded with blasphemous meterial, nude girls, gays homosexuality.

  • Let’s just hope they don’t block sites again.
    But i think this is all happening because they are afraid of political social campaigns against government.
    First new cyber crime bill & now this!

  • Let’s just hope they don’t block sites again.
    But i think this is all happening because government is afraid of political social campaigns against them.
    First new cyber crime bill & now this!

  • We really are the most sensitive creatures on Earth. Our sentiments are so fragile. Please don’t hurt our sentiments :'(

    • We are special f^king snowflakes, we are. Ban the internet because it hurts our feelings! Along with our butts, but mostly our butts.

  • Get a life NA speaker. You will never show anguish over the continued corruption of elites, ruling and neighboring parties. You will never show anguish at the plight of our hospitals, education system, sports system. police, justice system and other atrocities surrounding us as a nation BUT you will immediately ban youtube and all other information websites instead of having the balls to grow up and technically do something to curb the display of such material in your country i.e. by maturing filtering system for both blasphemous and porn material over the internet.

    If it was possible for such baffoons, they will block the internet itself.

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