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Knowledge Now will be holding these webinars for viewers in partnership with Jang Group and others. For those of you looking to enhance their life or business, or just looking to gain crucial understanding of subjects that they’re interested in; these webinars offer you an opportunity to learn something new.

The webinars feature a diverse range of topics that comprise of science, religion, marketing, lifestyle and more. They will be delivered by experts in their respective fields originating from some renowned universities and training institutes worldwide.

Here are the 4 webinars that interested people can register for:

Webinar 1- ‘Introduction to Neuro-linguistic Programming’

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is also known commonly as the ‘owner’s manual for the brain’. It has its origins in determining how excellent performers continue to get excellent results. If you are looking to get some excellence in your personal life or professional career, this webinar can introduce you to the phenomenon of neuro-lingusitic programming and how it can prove beneficial for you.

Neuro-linguistic Programming or NLP for short, has provided human beings a toolkit that can help them improve any aspect of their life. Andy Smith, a renowned coach and training director from UK, will be conducting the webinar. If you are looking into ways to boost your business acumen, or if you want to improve the way you can relate to other people, or if you want to help people in any way you can, or if you’re just looking to get your life manageable and fruitful as a result.

You can register for the Introduction to NLP webinar here. The registration fee for this introductory coaching session will be Rs. 3000 per person.

Date and Timing for NLP Webinar: May 6th, 2016 Friday | 4:30 PM Pakistan Standard Time

Webinar 2: Tools to measure and enhance performance management

Linda Chaousis will be holding a webinar that can help you learn how to measure and improve your performance in daily life. She has been developing management and leadership models for 25 years and she brings her expertise with her program that takes data and converts it into productivity.

Her motto is simple: don’t just espouse it, practice it! Live it!

Her webinar will be about making ideas happen in practical life. You can register for her seminar here. Registration costs Rs. 3000 per person.

Date and Timing for Performance Management: May 13th 2016 Friday| 4:30 PM Pakistan Standard Time


Webinar 3: Learn the 5 things every Brand must focus to survive and thrive!

In today’s competitive business climate, having a brand that is a touch above the rest is nigh impossible. This is why in order to make your brand stand out from the rest of them in this social economy, you need to know how to creat a powerful and engaging platform that your customers can trust.

Tamara McCleary will be walking us through about what makes a brand unique and thrive on its own. Hear how you can give your business a competitive edge by applying 5 keys to make your brand unique and successful.

To register today, head here. Registration will cost Rs. 3000 per person.

Date and Timing: May 20th 2016 Friday | 5:00 PM Pakistan Standard Time

Webinar 4: A deeper Insight into Practical Islamic Finance

The numbers tell us that Islamic Finance continues to grow at 2x the rate of conventional finance. TO learn more about how Shariah compliant structures are performing and how they rely on Islamic way of banking with risk/reward approach, and absence of interest, the Practical Islamic Finance webinar is for you.

Professor Dr. Walid Hijazi will be speaking about the perks of Islamic financial solutions and how it was able to weather crises such as the 2008 housing crisis in America. The webinar will inform attendees about how it all works.

You can register for the webinar today here.

Date and Timing for Islamic Finance: May 27th 2016 Friday | 4:00 PM Pakistan Standard Time


So what are you waiting for? Want to know more about how neuro-linguisitc programming can wire your thinking process for success? Want to learn the intricacies of Islamic finance and the benefits it brings? Or perhaps you want to make your brand a darling of the masses? Or last but not the least, you want to perform optimally in your life and job? Register for these webinars today and get a chance to learn something new and beneficial.

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