NAB Recovers Rs. 730 Million in Cash from a Government Employee

NAB (National Accountability Bureau) today raided the house of a government employee in Quetta to recover almost quarter of a billion rupees in cash (both local and foreign currencies), bonds and jewelry.

Media reports say that Mushtaq Ahmed Raisani, the man who was raided to recover this much money, was finance secretary for Balochistan.

Frankly speaking, I am speechless.

This individual was a secretary and he was hiding quarter of a billion in cash at his home. Imagine the amount of money the high-ups, politicians and other more resourceful people must be hiding. Let alone the offshore companies that the top-line rich elite have stored at places beyond the reach of Pakistani bureaus.

We are assuming that this money was un-taxed or he had conveniently kept this amount in a bank.

No doubt this gentleman was just a small chap who couldn’t influence NAB, otherwise there are several hundred mega corruption cases that NAB isn’t processing for reasons known to everyone.

In such situations, its funny that Ishaq Dar wants to tax the common man. I wonder why doesn’t he, and other government bodies, look for ways to stop this bloodbath of corruption and un-audited money that’s flowing in the walls of rich elite?

Check below video to see the magnitude of money we are talking about here:

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