560 Courts in Sindh To Be Run on Solar Energy

With summer comes a multitude of power breakdowns countrywide. And with temperatures soaring to greater heights, people are fed up with waiting for the power generation companies and government to solve the energy issue.

In such a back drop, we see many individuals taking matter in their hands (literally). Some may ransack properties while others look for solutions to the problem. The Sindh High Court (SHC) has opted for the latter, deciding to electrify courts across the province with solar energy.

Directives Issued by Sindh High Court for Solar

According to sources, SHC wants to solve the issue of load-shedding, and in this regard it has already issued directives to district and sessions judges of 27 districts across Sindh.

The decision is believed to have been taken after many judges complained of how load-shedding interrupted work and hampered trials and proceedings. The working hours from 8.30am to 1.30pm were severely affected by the non-provision of electricity, especially in the summer months.

Generators also weren’t available as a viable alternative.

Why are the Courts Going with Solar Energy?

A successful project at District Umerkot’s courts was how the officials got the idea to opt for solar energy for the other courts. The district and sessions judge informed SHC about how funds would be saved in electricity bills.

“Two and a half years ago, use of solar energy was adopted at the district courts in Umerkot and this led the SHC to implement the same in the rest of the province’s courts,” the official said.

To kick start the program, sources revealed that East district and sessions judge had invited private firms for quotations regarding the provision of solar panels, rechargeable batteries and other equipment that can ensure self-sufficiency in energy generation.

It is good to see the use of green energy initiatives by the official machinery, helping reduce the load on the national grid and in slowly, but surely addressing the challenges of an energy crunch in Pakistan.

Following the conversion of Pakistani Parliament House to fully run on solar energy, it is hoped that this example is emulated all across Pakistan, helping save energy and the national exchequer.

via Express Tribune

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