Available in Pakistan: This 320 Watt Portable AC Can Run on a UPS

Pakistanis have trouble dealing with the summer heat. Not only are summers extremely hot in most of the country, frequent power cuts make them worse. Even with air conditioning systems, loadshedding nullifies the cooling effect. An Australian company has a product that is tailor-made for the Pakistani market. An added bonus, it is already available via some online retailers.

The portable and energy efficient AC is developed by Close Comfort. The company was founded in 2007 and has been selling its products in other countries for the past few years. They are just entering the Pakistani market, which has been their target since the beginning.

The Story Behind Close Comfort’s Portable AC

An Australian Professor, James Trevelyan, loves Pakistani mangoes. His love for the fruit brought him to Pakistan. During his stay here, he had to face the same issues any common Pakistani faces, i.e. loadshedding and mosquitoes. That’s the moment when an idea popped into his mind.

James though of making an AC which can work in Pakistani conditions, save on electricity and prevent mosquitoes. His idea survived multiple experiments, iterations and failures. The result? An AC which consumes only 320 Watts of electricity, can run on UPS or solar power and keep a person cool indoors and outdoors.

The solution to a problem faced every year by over 200 million years was solved by a foreigner after a short stay in the Pakistan.

Close Comfort Personal Air Conditioner

close comfort ac

Normal ACs consume too much power to function when powered by a UPS, solar panel or a generator. Even DC inverter ACs, which can work on UPS and solar panels, require huge battery reserves for longer operations. Close Comfort’s Personal Air Conditioner solves the problem by only cooling the person who needs it rather than maintaining a standard temperature throughout the room. Yes, it can cool the whole room as well, but that’s not what it is designed for.

How Does it Work?

We covered a 10 Watt AC a few days ago. It used the evaporation principal for cooling the surroundings but had the downside that its cooling range was somewhat limited and that it was not meant for extremely humid areas. Close Comfort’s AC does not make the same compromises. It has a regular compressor and works like a regular AC.

Unlike normal ACs, it works on a small UPS and an inexpensive low capacity solar panel as well. The portable AC is plug and play. It does not require any installation, water drainage, maintenance or temperature adjustments. It manages everything automatically. It is portable enough to be put anywhere in the household or outdoors.

Specifications and Details

The Close Comfort Personal Air Conditioner consumes only 300-320 Watts of power, which is 80% less than a standard AC and equals the energy consumed by two conventional fans (or four power saving fans). As far as the energy consumption is concerned, the portable AC saves you a lot. Close Comfort claims that their AC adds just Rs. 1500 to your bill while operating all night.

The manufacturer claims that the AC can sustain 3000-3500 BTUs per hour, which is dependent on the temperature of the surroundings. The AC turns on immediately, however, it takes about three minutes to warm up the compressor.

Another added benefit of this AC is that it can operate with the windows closed or opened. External airflow doesn’t really matter unless it is the hottest time of day, i.e. noon. Close Comfort recommends keeping the windows closed and the curtains drawn when it is too hot outside. It can operate at up to 44°C indoors. Outdoor temperature is not relevant to this product.

The portable AC has an air throw range of about 4.5 feet. Enough for a few people (when in normal use) or one bed (when sleeping). The unit weighs 17kg, hence, it can be carried to any place. The small size is another benefit as it is only two feet high and one foot wide.

An Additional Feature for Extreme Weather

Close Comfort has develop another patented product that goes with the portable AC. When the temperature is very high, users can make use of a Close Comfort tent. It attaches with the portable AC, keeping the inside of the tent cool and storing all the heat in its top layer. The tent is made to fit a double bed without any issues. As an added benefit, it prevents mosquitoes and other insects from bugging you during the night.

Price and Availability

The Close Comfort Personal Air Conditioner is already available in Pakistan. More information regarding the retailers is available at the manufacturer’s website here. It’s available for PKR 29,000 alongside the bed tent.

Final Words

Close Comfort is new to the market and we cannot evaluate their claims about electricity savings right now. Yes, it is cheaper to operate than any typical or DC inverter AC and but we are skeptical about the claim of 80% to 85% savings since the AC continues to operate all the time.

However, one thing is certainly correct. The Close Comfort AC can work on UPS and solar power. Something which is not possible (unless you have a large UPS and battery supply) with normal ACs. And rest assured that we will do a complete review of the product and find out more about it so you can make an informed decision.

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    • Don’t buy it. This is just complete crap. Received it yesterday through daraz, now they don’t even return it ..

        • Yes I did try it. The cool air thrust don’t reach beyond a foot and half, you have to stick your face in front flap to get some cool air. In comparison the hot exhaust at the back it too much effectively making the person uncomfortable.

          Info hidden in advertisements is that it is only 0.2 ton AC. even the famous Japani 110v AC is 0.75 ton (costing only 12k)

  • There claim is false. It’s not gonna cool the room. You can use it in very small area. I mean really small area. It will produce the heat as well if there is compressor. It’s not mentioned in there claim. From front cool air and from the back it’s hot air. So you can use it in the room. It’s pointless. Cool and hot air at same place ?

  • Amir bahi chand paisy ly k logo ko hazaron ka chuna lagany sy bhtar ha.
    Paisy ki bajaye AC mangwa k review hi kr laitay.

  • Sir, no one is going to buy it without testing. So now you know about a solution that you can test, and avail if you find suitable. Is this a bad information?

    • Aamir bhai, compressor aur condenser ka heat kidher dissipate hoga? Close room mein rakhain to ye coolness ki bajaye garmi paida karega.

        • It’s only 0.2 tons so the head is nominal but it is definitely there. But as Faaria said the claim of maker of this project isn’t too reduce the overall temperature of the room. Don’t think of it as air conditioner think of it as a simple fan but a bit cool air. It’s doesn’t even drop the temperature of cooling coil so little or no condensation occurs. Check their brochures you’ll understand. The theory is head and chest is where you feel heat and this personal AC just cools that part of your body.

      • Use the sleeping tent just like the one you people used during dhurni of Khan Snake.

      • Compressor aur condensor ki heat is ki back sai nikalti hai. Overall effect cooling ka ata hai kyun k AC units ki efficiency 100 percent sai bohut zyada hoti hai. Leken poora room kisi split AC ki tarha cool karnay main is ko bohut time lagay ka aur us ka faeda bhi nahi jab cooling sirf 1,2 bandon ko chahiye ho room main.

        • Efficiency can never be 100% or above. =D . In refrigeration and air conditioning we use the term COP, coefficient of performance. If you place this A/c in room openly without using tent it will never create cooling effect, because condenser is ejecting the heat gained by the evaporater but additionally compressor is also making lots of heat. So you are totally wrong. How do I know all this? Well i am a mechanical engineer, and i work in a/c and refrigeration sector.

          • I am an electrical engineer. Even I found the info startling. But it is the truth ACs can have up to 300% efficiency. Read the post on how DC inverter ACs work on propk. Its explained at the start of that post.
            I would post a link but they get blocked. I’ll try and post it in the next message.

          • Search for energy rating australia air conditioner efficiency. You’ll find the info.
            The same energy rating info is used internationally and the website is owned by the Australian government

            • well, maybe they are calling it efficiency for the ease of general public to understand it better. COP is used for energy transferring devices while efficiency is always used for energy conversion devices. the aus website you mentioned tthey are also using the term COP. replace dot with .

              www dot energyrating dot gov dot au/products/space-heating-and-cooling/air-conditioners

              • I understand the efficiency rating is in relation to the electric power input not the whole input power(which would include the other cooling phenomenon).
                Of course, nothing can have 100% efficiency but when considering the electric power input, their efficiency is about 300%.
                And great, you found the link I was referring to. Now head to the FAQ section below and look at the question about over 100% efficiency. That’ll explain the whole thing.
                And they clearly mention what COP is used for and EER is used for. Its not for the public, its just how it is used.

                • Ok I’ll read it. Your other argument that it can cool the room and will take long. Let me correct u again in this regard. A/C unit placed in a closed room will never create cooling affect. Heat absorbed by evaporater is equal to heat rejected by condenser with additional heat of compressor. So the net effect will be the heat of compressor. Anyway study basics of air conditioning before discussing it on forum like this cuz you may mislead people because of insufficient knowledge.

    • Are you for real? How do you go and ask the shopkeeper to let you test the AC before buying one?

      • just the way mobile companies giveaway phones to media companies to use and have a practical reviews. :)

      • Don’t you test fans, refrigerators etc. before buying? Split ACs can’t be tested, yes. But this is single unit appliance. No will mind if you put your brain at little test :-)

  • Mr James visited PIEAS few days ago and showed us this product.The air thrust of this ac is not very much significant because it is laminar flow so you have to keep it very close to your body if you want to get cooled air

  • good initiative … but a rigid slap on the faces of those incharge of the country’s electric power generation.
    damn shame it has to come to this …. DESPITE being so rich in resources !

  • same as newton. apple falls from tree and hit newton and all that stuff occurs newton 1st law second law etc.he loves mangoes and come to pakistan and mosquito works hahhahahahha lol

    • I tested it in Karachi and didn’t find it useful. The cool air thrust is very low and hot exhaust is very high in comparison. It doesn’t provide comfort even to a single person sitting in front.

    • Walikum Assalam. I used it in Karachi, and didn’t found it up to the mark as claimed in advertisements.

  • I used these type of AC’s in my office. they are really bad. you have to place it near window/door so its heat from back can be sent out from the room. in a closed room its really useless and its just like cooler which provides cool air only and does not make place cool like the AC.

  • In my view is ka comparision normal window ya split Ac s karna munasib nahi h, kunka wo 3000-4000 watt pr operate hoty hain jb k ye sirf 320 watt pr operate hota h, isi wja s is k btu bhi km hain agr ak ton ka AC 12000 btu ka hota h to ye about 3000-3200 btu ke thandak fraham karta h, jo k is ke power consumption k lahaz s reasonable h, is ka use bed tent k sath karna thek h kunka is ko bed tent k sath use kr k sakht garmi m bhi sukon ke neend soya ja sakta h, ab bat rahi compressor ke heat is k lia is ka sahi use out door jaisy k ghar k sahan ya roof pr sony waly aram s kr sakty hain mean k khuli jagha pr use kia jy, ye aram s choty s generator pr ya solar ups pr bhi chal sakta h aram s, lakin is ka compare normal room ac s na kia jy…

  • I cant believe pro pakistani are posting such things. Without any research. As few have mentioned it’ll heaten up the room instead of cooling it.
    And yes it’ll throw cool air from front but then what’s the point when the inside of the room end up being hotter than the outside temperature.
    You took the joke a bit too far. Without your research and promoting someone’s product. A cheap initiative.

    • ProPakistani ke “engineer” lagta hai Laws of Thermodynamics bhool gaye hain. In addition to scientific inaccuracies and omissions, tone of article was very salesman-like.

  • Pora ka pora churan lag raha hai maire bhai.
    Inki website kay ad main … models sab Pakistani.. mager product phir bhe Australian
    Ad main 50cents per night bol rahe hain aunty .. mager product price end main Rs.29000
    According to website, they are operating in 3 countries. … but dealers sirf Pakistan main?

  • There was article about this in the express tribune a few months ago. I would link to it but then I’d be stopped by the mods so just google it :)

  • Alright guys! @aamir7:disqus is not an engineer nor a sales man or some tester guy, he just reported for what he knew about something new in the market. I came to know about this new product and I thank Aamir bhai for this, rest is upto me. Ek tu ap Pakistanyo k sath koi acha nai kar sakta na shokro.. Thank him at least and go test it for your selves.

    • Thanks for understanding the real point of this post. We would not post a product if it didn’t have the potential to be of some use to the people.
      We know it looks like we are promoting the company, but that’s false. It is the side-effect of posting products.
      We always mention when we are marketing something. Its not happening here.

  • welll i m a big fan of tech but will this ac will be succesful as compared to the window and split ac ? This will be an uphill task

    • No. I bought it and used in Karachi. It’s useless product. Can’t even cool the person sitting in front 2 feet away. and producing too much heat from exhaust.

  • hahaha!! Well, its a different topic ;-)

    Its better to have 12000 BTU Unit.. it could cost around 40-45K I thnk better then this.

  • This is completely useless product, with no revolutionary design. I have ordered it in Karachi through Daraz. The Compressor is merely 0.2 tonne with very low air throw (marginally 1 foot) and consuming more power than 320 W (can go upto 1100 Watts in hot weather). Secondly hot air exhaust is very high, effectively increasing the temperature of environment.

    Even the person sitting in front didn’t get the claimed comfort. I tired to sleep last night by putting it within 1 foot distance and was sweating.

    Moreover never buy anything from daraz, it is stated on their delivery receipt that we provide 7 day hassle-free return policy but now declining to return the item.

    Don’t waste your hard earned money on piece of crap like this. If you have water dispenser at home put a DC Fan in front of it, if will work much much better than this useless product.

  • Sir cooling power is different from the input power. The reason being that ACs have very high efficiencies eg 200%, 300% which is why the power ratings are so high. Input power ranges from 300-350 max.

  • Isko window main rakho. Taky garam hawa bahir rhy. Phir isky aagy pedestal fan rakh k chalao. Pedestal fan will give you cool air in whole room.

  • I think we shouldn’t compare this with a regular heavy duty split airconditioners. Keep in mind it is portable, suitable for sitting right in front of it to get cool air to feel fresh. At night go inside the tent and let the hot compressor air outside and enjoy peaceful sleep.

  • hi all if u ve a small room.its good enough at night specially.i tried it in noon and was not so good u ve to sir real close to cool urself.if u buying for night good. for very hot days useless.

  • in addition someone said about heat produced from back of unit.he s damn right.hot day and hot air of back of unit was a very bad experience.ll work at night only if u live in a not so hot region.if u live in very hot area and a large room dont buy.

  • complete wastage of 29 thousand .if u go just near only part of ur face gets cooler . i bought yesterday from metro bu5 Aoas all amount wasted.

  • ill be greatful if any one ready to buy for twenty thousand from me used for 5 hours.total crap.metro shud not sell such products. ill also like to discuss this with our lawyer and see if consumer court could get my money back.

  • i bought yesterday n my whole money is wasted it is total crap cnt cool n keeps on pushing hot air as well.

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