Every Pakistani Should Buy This 10 Watt Portable AC

The summer is getting warmer and the demand for air conditioners is rising rapidly. Those looking for an AC need to spend a lot of cash and also have to deal with regular running costs. A European manufacturer has developed a mini portable AC which solves every problem that a normal air conditioning system faces.

The mini portable AC is named Evapolar and they claim to solve both problems that normal ACs face, i.e. initial cost and high running costs. Their system does not require any installation, and can be plugged in any where the user wants.

Evapolar used just 10 watts of electricity and can easily be carried around

Evapolar is eco-friendly and energy efficient. By using the power of water evaporation, it can cool down temperatures in hot and dry conditions. Yes, a similar technique is used in the typical water coolers. Evapolar developers say that they have made some very important changes which make their product far superior to any evaporative cooler.

The first point they make is the reduced bulk. Evapolar can be easily carried around and can be placed even on tables. The small AC, doubles as a humidifier and an air purifier. They claim that these added features make it far better for indoor use and the users’ health. The company is keen to point that their product will have a positive effect on people’s skin and hair.

Evapolar portable AC

The Evapolar team used a special evaporative nanomaterial, which was previously used in Russian military tech, to reduce the size of the cooling device. Evapolar uses a soft natural chilling process instead of pushing out a cold air thread.

The user can adjust the temperature of the Evapolar according to their requirements. Evapolar’s AC works on just 10 Watts of electricity while offering an output power of 500 watts resulting in an energy efficiency several times greater than an AC. The manufacturer claims that Evapolar is 12 times more power efficient that any traditional split AC system. As it’s called a personal AC, people can use it for individual use.

The water compartment is made out of a unique patented material which lets the water through it while causing the cooling effect without the need of any coolant. The evaporative material is recyclable and has a limited working period. The material is made out of organic-free materials so washing it is not necessary as it prevents the growth of any bacteria.

Evapolar portable AC energy 10 watts

The water cartridge can hold up to 710ml of liquid. It can be used for 6 to 8 hours before it needs a refill. The cartridge works for one year, after which it needs to be replaced as water impurities start to affect the cooling.

The Evapolar, available in black or white finish, can be pre-ordered through the manufacturer’s website for home delivery by June 2016. Shipments are made globally (including Pakistan) at a cost of $30. The portable device costs $179 while a replacement water cartridge (a yearly replacement) costs $20.

As is the case with all crowdfunded products though, maybe you should wait till the first batch of the coolers get delivered to the backers and see what they have to say.

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    • its not. it jus cools you when sitting near it n it directly hiting you. poratable+1 stop ac function. it will slowly stop you from sweating. nothing close to normal AC. it will carry in 30’C air suppose, and throw out 26″. not super effective. its a gadget.

    • either this or pay hefty electricity bills. Air coolers don’t have compressors so they consume less electricity. naturally their cooling capacity and range is not the same as a room air cooler or air conditioner. But I saw this product on youtube it can do atleast a 10 degree temperature drop in it’s small range (usually area of a work desk). good thing about this piece is it is the smallest working air cooler ever made. place it anywhere u need it instead of dragging one across the floor on wheels.

    • make a more effective motor turbine. and make those BIG cooler fan into portable one. 10″ fan type. and it can work and / charge by USB type-C for more power.

    • Pakistani’s are too busy suffering under political slavery to open their minds to such innovations.

  • Something could be wrong here. Its against the thermodynamics. The ACs always have to throw some exhaust out of room, if it keeps the exhaust inside room, than net result is zero. Even if we suppose it just cools the air, the heat generated as it operates again stays inside room, net result again is zero or near zero. So I believe it just not as good as portrayed.

    • No, its not a refrigerator type airconditioner. Its working is based on the evaporation of water, which cools the air.

      • But the refrigerator is cold inside and deposits all heat to the room it is in. Still in this case hot and cold will make things even. It will actually make things worse by increasing humidity.

    • an air cooler is not an air conditioner! an air conditioner that we are used to contains an outside radiator (condenser) to throw hot air outside the room a room radiator to suck heat from inside the room and a compressor between them to turn gas coming from the outside radiator into liquid that can absorb heat from the room while circulating through the room radiator.

      air coolers are a more rudimentary type of cooling solutions. It literally uses water’s exceptional capacity to absorb heat (4.1 joules, higher then any liquid known to human beings) and uses it to cool down the ambient temprature. Think of it this way: during the midday heat u wash ur face with room temprature water and stand in the sun. U won’t feel the heat of the sun as long as their is water on ur face. water evaporates off ur face by absorbing ur body heat and the heat of the sun so u stay cool. once there is no more water on ur face u start feeling the heat. Air coolers are the same thing they air is sucked into the machine from the room, passed over water circulating coils or directly over water and then passed out the blower at a lower temprature. The tech has existed for well over 2 decades but this is the smallest version ever designed with the same capability as a full sized air cooler.

  • it’s a Mini water Cooler take hot. water from the reservoir is absorbed by whats called: an evaporation pad. Fan pushes the air though the pad and some water gets evaporated, evaporation process absorbs heat from the passing air and it comes out little cooler on the other side, but expelled air is also allot more moist. You can make this type of cooler yourself – take a peace of cloth and make it damp with water – then put it over a fan and you have evaporative cooler.

    • Correct. I also want to add that this method of cooling can be very harmful to electronics because of the increased humidity. Especially desktop computers.

      • What? Desktop computer / Electronic can take benefit from humidity. if you remove the humidity from Room, your Skin and electronics will get damage.

        • Seriously!? Electronics can “take benefit” from humidity? Normal/natural humidity levels are usually fine for PCs, the keyword here being “usually”, though PC parts are known to degrade faster in more humid natural environments like near the sea/ocean, but it has more to do with salt corrosion. Anyway, this device greatly increases humidity around itself by evaporating water and distributing it to the atmosphere nearby. What do you think happens when some of that moisture makes it into the computer? At best, your components will rust and degrade much faster due to the oxidization. At worst, and actually more likely, it’ll short any number of components inside your PC and you’ll end up with a dead PC. Increasing humidity near any electronic, let alone a desktop PC, is never a good idea and certainly isn’t beneficial for the electronics, moron.

          Of course, feel free to Google “humidity damage to electronics”.

    • one solution can be a cooler and a dehumidifier. if both used they can not only provide cool air but also dehumidify the air, thus achieving the purpose of AC in much less power. But this is not yet tested.

  • I also found this already on cheezmall a month ago and within 5k only. I think such stuff can help alot in energy saving and in energy crisis.

  • if its evaporative, its only effective in areas with low Humidity, i..e not suitable to karachi, or humid areas.

  • we have to be practical,experience it first before analyzing or assume things wrong, every technology is some what harms to humans but that doesn’t mean we criticize /blame all inventions, we should appreciate them

  • At this price range many Chine made evaporation based water coolers with little bigger size than this one are available. These are also capable of cleaning the air as are equipped with filter. I have bought two in 2014 from Al Fateh Store Faisalabad back in 2014. But due to extremely hot weather ultimately bought Lahori Cooler which beat the Chinese in cooling power.

      • The item being discussed here is an air cooler (not ac). Chinese air coolers are expensive, poor air throw, quite, long life condensers, have air filter and above all good for a very small area. On the other hand Lahore cooler has powerful throw, cheap, noisy, have ability to cool big room, poor condenser life, no air filter, needs more power to run.
        But in temperature above 44 celsius only Lahori cooler can cool you. Chinese are good for temperatures below 40 celcius.

        • After reading your comment, I have this feeling that none of them are not for me.

  • On Indiegogo, Eugene (creator) says after the campaign is over: “Evapolar decreases temperature in the area of 3-4 square meters as it is designed to be personal device creating your personal microclimate.”
    Yes, you read it right, 3-4 sq.m only! The whole campaign and the product itself will fail to deliver a 500w a/c outcome. You’ve been warned!

  • It can be used as a air purifier and humidity controller. Do not expect much though.

  • Those who have big rooms and can afford the running cost of an AC should stop discouraging people who live in quarters and die due to heat strokes like last year in Karachi. Of course it’s no match for your regular AC but it can help people have a good night’s sleep if they keep it close to their beds.

      • @disqus_IKICfZvKN7:disqus I have 1 evapolar box pack available in Pakistan. Are you interested in buying?

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