On-Demand Laundry Startups Launch in Islamabad & Lahore

Doing your laundry is one of the most basic yet over-looked things in life. Some of us are too lazy to do it, while others simply don’t have the time or temperament for it. If you’re living alone or if you maasi is on a holiday, the clothes can start piling up.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and for people in Islamabad and Lahore, the entry of a startup like Dhobi Online or Dhobi Saab is nothing short of a godsend.

Dhobi Online: A Laundry Startup in Islamabad

Not all of us have washing machines. This can be due to logistical, financial or any other issue. Dhobi Online claims that it offers cost-effective and reliable online laundry service for people residing in Islamabad.

They give a 2 day deadline for their services, delivering your clean clothes at your doorstep in a span of 48 hours.

Dhobi Saab: For All Your Laundry and Dry Cleaning Needs in Lahore

If you are based in the cultural capital of Pakistan, then Dhobi Saab can be utilized for all your washing and laundry needs.

They feature laundry services as well as dry cleaning services.

How to Use Their Services?

For Dhobi Online

Here’s how their service works:

  • Call their numbers 0345-8899666 or 0313-5456055
  • Request their services and they will send an agent to pick up the laundry in an hour.
  • The agent takes your contact details.
  • The clothes are delivered to your place in 2 days after payment.

You can verify the identity of their agent as well, as the agent will also call you after arriving at your place.

For Dhobi Saab

  • Call them up at 034-0038-0038
  • Request their services and they will send an agent.
  • The agent will take down your contact information.
  • Once your clothes are dry cleaned or washed as per your requirement, they will be delivered.

Their Rates

A service is only as good as its quality and affordability. This holds true for Dhobi Online and Dhobi Saab as well.

They offer a multitude of laundry services based on your requirements and clothes type.

You can check out their rates and pricing plans below.

For Dhobi Online:

Wash & Iron

  • Shirt Rs. 50.00
  • T-Shirt Rs. 40.00
  • Jeans/Dress Pant Rs. 80.00
  • Shalwar Kameez – Simple (Male) Rs. 60.00
  • Shalwar Kameez – Cotton (Male) Rs. 80.00
  • Shalwar Kameez 2-Pcs (Female) Rs. 90.00
  • Shalwar Kameez 3-Pcs (Female) Rs. 120.00
  • Undergarments Rs.30

Linen & Bedding

  • Bedsheet (Single) Rs. 80.00
  • Bedsheet (Double) Rs. 120.00
  • Towel Rs. 40.00
  • Pillow Cover Rs. 30.00
  • Blanket (Single) Rs. 250.00
  • Blanket (Double) Rs. 350.00
  • Quilt Rs. 350.00
  • Curtain (Per Panel) Rs. 100.00
  • Car Seat Cover Rs. 80.00
  • Carpet (Per sqr ft) Rs.12.00

Dry Clean and Steam Press

  • Pant Coat (2 or 3 Pcs) Rs. 400.00
  • Coat Rs. 250.00
  • Jacket / Wasket Rs. 200.00
  • Sweaters Rs. 150.00
  • Dress Pants Rs. 100.00
  • Dress Shirt Rs. 80.00
  • Shawl Rs. 200.00
  • Shalwar Kameez (Male) Rs. 150.00
  • Shalwar Kameez (Female) Rs. 180.00
  • Fancy Shalwar Kameez (Female) Rs. 350.00

Extra Services

  • Delivery Charges  (order over 500) FREE
  • Delivery Charges  (order under 500) Rs. 100.00
  • Hanger Rs. 10.00
  • Shopper Rs. 10.00

They also offer a discount of up to Rs. 200 if you have a bulk order of laundry.

For Dhobi Saab

Pickup and delivery of clothes is absolutely free.

You can find their plans here.


Concluding Thoughts

Startups that fulfill a basic service are much-needed. After the debut of Cleanry, a startup in Karachi that also deals with laundry, entrepreneurs from other cities can tap into a potentially huge market that can be theirs for the taking. Here’s to hoping Dhobi Online, Dhobi Saab and Cleanry expand to other cities or spur other new startups into action.

To check out the services, find Dhobi Saab and Dhobi Online here.

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  • So how different this service is from the traditional dhobi that picks laundry from my place and charges almost half? Or the neighborhood laundry shop that can also drop the washed and pressed clothes at home, if requested?

      • Why not? In a particular scenario, a guy goes to a place and tells them he can take their clothes, wash and press for them. When asked has he done it before, he would reply, no but he has an idea. Now, why don’t he be a startup? Or he needs a fancy website, a cool logo and some “startup” buzzwords?

        • > he needs a fancy website, a cool logo and some “startup” buzzwords

          You answered your own question.

      • The difference is that he don’t have a website, logo or knowledge to use internet nothing else. Agree with Kashif.

    • Kashif, dhobionline.pk is convenient as you can order via phone, sms, online and app is on way as well. with app you will be able to track your order as well.
      with convenience its cost effective as well because idea is to work on economy of scale.
      third thing is quality as you might know, 95% local laundries wash manually and waste lot of water but we are working on to bring in-house latest technology from China which use minimal water.

      So Dhobi online is convenient, quality and reasonable cost. idea is in introductory stage but still our prices is way lower than your next door laundry shop. Hope you understand.

    • marketing is the difference. its why apple gets 90%+ of the smartphone industry profits.

  • Pro-Pakistani – well done! You really are a one stop shop for anything where Telecom or IT touches!

  • ” but we are working on to bring in-house latest technology from China which use minimal water” — as you don’t have the tech in place at the moment, you don’t have the USP :)

    • we already have better laundry process than your next door laundry shop with better understanding of future community needs in our industry. You now have people who care for your laundry. :-)

      • Traditional dhobi work usually on weekly or monthly credit. This one small difference can be the make or break for your venture. Do look into this aspect.

  • Mineral water for laundry WoW!! Its a great USP in a country where majority of population is short of “clean drinking water”. Anyways good luck with your startup, its good to be part of the buzz. Dhobi system has survived hundred of years test of time if not thousand. I hope you have studied the model and adopted some good time tested practices.(like the Mumbai famous dabbay walaz who being un-educated have been running a six sigma compliant process for last several decades) I wonder how many of us want to know if our pant is in drying process or washing through an aap. What we need is an on-time delivery with acceptable level of cleanliness. I hope you will not end up having data entry and administrative overheads just to make sure your Aap has the latest GPS location of my qameez!!

    • Thanks to you for taking out time and giving some valuable suggestions and feedback. yes we have studied successful startup’s from India like wassup laundry as now they have refined processes. yes, we have monthly iron and Washing packages as well to accommodate regular customers. we are giving normal delivery in 48 hours and urgent same day delivery as well with some cost.

      Do try our service as well. we are also giving 10% discount on first order.

  • I have been trying to reach these guys for several days. I placed a pick up request and no one showed, sms and no one answered, called and no one picked up. Fancy branding didn’t seem to teach the skills of actually being a professional. Some of the comments on here are spot on.

    • Hi Rauf. did you tried to connect with Dhobi Online? We are Islamabad based and actively responding customers over phone and Facebook.

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