CAA Offers Free Porter Services Across Major Pakistani Airports

The Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan has taken an initiative to provide free porter services for senior citizens and for families with young children.


We reached out to @AirportPakistan, the ultimate source for all things Pakistani and air travel, about this much-needed service that is required for both international and domestic passengers using Pakistani airports to commute.

Details about the Free Porter Services

In a series of tweets, the @AirportPakistan account confirmed to ProPakistani that passengers can book a porter in advance by calling the respective airport. The Free Porter service is offered for the elderly, for those with special needs or unwell passengers.

The initiative will go a long way in addressing the needs of people who normally wouldn’t travel alone, given the physically taxing experience that flying to other destinations can prove to be. With the free porter service, they have one less reason to dread air travel in Pakistan.

Usually such services are supposed to be the norm internationally, but it is heartening to see it launched here later than never at all.

Currently, the service is at Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi airports. Plans for expanding this service to other airports are under consideration by the CAA.

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  • Why does every airport in the world don’t do this? Maybe because it’s just a gimmick and not sustainable. Airlines already provide service to people with special needs!

  • it should not be free. their time is not free which means the government is paying them and this is another expansion of government in affairs that do not concern them. it’ll only mean corruption, waste and poor service.

  • I had the honor of getting services of a CAA worker who was not a porter but had a luggage trolley that I was unable to find outside the International Departure Lounge of The Alama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore. Having 3 young kids and load of suitcases, had no other option but to get his services! Ultimately had to give him Rs 700 that he excepted with great efforts! Actual porter rate is I think Rs 200. Other people were facing similar experiences due to lack of trolleys.

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