HTC Announces Smartphone Lineup, Prices for Pakistan

HTC announced last week that they are planning to relaunch their smartphones in Pakistan. The company has been going through a rough patch over the past couple of years and might be hoping to regain some momentum by re-entering some old markets.

The brand, HTC, is already a recognized one in the Pakistani market and increasing smartphone sales in the country could also be some of the reasons why HTC chose to return.

HTC has held a launch event in Karachi today and Propakistani has exclusive coverage of the event. The company has revealed its initial smartphone lineup for the Pakistani market and announced the prices for most phones.

Lets take a look at the HTC smartphone portfolio that Mueller and Phipps, official distributors for the Taiwanese phone maker in Pakistan, have launched at a star-studded event at Marriot today:

HTC One A9


One A9 was HTC’s attempt at redefining its smartphone lineup after the One M9 proved to be a major flop. The phone, with a high-end design and upper midrange specs, helped prevent further loss for HTC.

Price: Rs. 55,250

HTC One X9


HTC One X9 is a multimedia upgrade over the A9. It comes with a better processor (albeit Mediatek), bigger screen and front facing stereo speakers. Head here for more info and specs.

Price: Will be announced Soon

HTC Desire 728 LTE


Desire 728 is a midrange phablet with decent specs. It’s got a good processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB internal storage with microSD card support, big battery and a decent screen. Best of all, there’s LTE support in Pakistani variant of Desire 728.

Price: Rs. 25,499

HTC Desire 626 (4G)


Desire 626 4G is a lower midrange device with a Snapdragon 410 processor and ample RAM. It boasts a 5-inch 720p screen. Head here for more detailed information.

Price: Rs. 21,699

HTC Desire 626G+


Desire 626G+ is slightly cheaper and does not come with 4G support. It is powered by a MediaTek processor hence the cheaper price tag. Click here for more detailed information.

Price: Rs. 18,899

HTC Desire 526G+

Desire 526G+ is an entry level phone with mediocre specs and is powered by an octacore processor. It has a decent screen and ample battery.

Price: Rs. 13,999

Availability of HTC Phones in Pakistan

The phones are expected to go at sale next week, with Mueller and Phipps handling the distribution of the phones in conjunction with authorized retailers.

Additionally, HTC will be bringing more models to Pakistan such as the much-anticipated HTC 10 in the months ahead.

About the HTC Launch Event

HTC held a launch event in Karachi to mark its re-entry in Pakistan.

The event was attended by many celebrities, industry professionals, bloggers, media personalities and HTC representatives followed by H&M.  Here are some pictures from the event:


Picture Credits: Abdul Rahman Razzak

He is the Editor at ProPakistani.

  • Geek At Large

    Good luck with those prices. QMobile and Infinix will mop the floor off with them yet again.

    • Shahmir

      Qmobile bad camera poor processor. Infinix only available and repairable via So I think there is still chance for HTC.

    • Bil

      Prices are fine i reckon

    • AbdulB1

      u forgot to mention infinix can easily beat them with their new hot 3 lte with octa core and 2 gb ram phone.

  • Muhammad Saeed

    My cousine bought one A9 in USA six months back for 400 dollars

    • Taha Najam

      Your cousin is an idiot?

      • Shahid Mehmood

        Y? Just because he is not buying infinix in US?

  • Ishtiaq

    Yeh Asma credit wali koun hai?

    • The Blessed Guy

      Jo intihaee majboor hai aur sms kr k Rs. 100 ka credit mangti hai bad mei wapis krne k waday k sath :D

      • Ishtiaq

        Tou us k liye main yehi kahunga “arey jhootha hai tera waddaa…. Wada tera wadaaa”.

  • Rizwan Yaqoob

    No M10/Flagship? Sorry!
    You can rollback your business again, HTC!

  • Zaki Uddin

    Htc 10 should have been anounced, wtf

  • Taha Najam

    What are you talking about? Infinix sets are present in abundance in the market right now. Just got a Note 2 and a Hot 2 the other day.

    • Yasir Masood

      Hows ur experience with infinix ? Do u face any problem while using .

      • Umar Hassan

        infinix software is buggy. To much customized due to which these are certain bugs in software

        • Taha Najam

          Huh, what are you taking about? Never experienced a single hangup. And customizations are not more than any other phone either.

      • Taha Najam

        The opposite in fact. Using these sets, it’s apparent how much other OEMs are overcharging us and still put us through crappy after sale experiences. So far, I’ve got no issues with infinix phones whatsoever. Not only is the hardware great, but the software gets regularly updated (got Marshmallow three days after getting the phone), and the community is petty active too. Will buy again!

        • Shahid Mehmood

          Comparing Infinix with HTC is like comparing Dong Feng withToyota. HTC has a massive fans following worldwide it is the most desireable android. It is the first manufacturer of Android device. And you are comparing it with Infinix

    • Shahmir

      I didn’t know that. Thanks for the update.

  • Ammar

    Wow what a total fail of a launch.

  • Taha Najam

    Meh, HTC sets lost their charm a long time ago.

  • Bil

    Did i miss out the all new htc 10 or its realy not there .?

  • Geekpk

    desire 626G+ has 1gb ram and Mediatek MT6592 – LOL

  • what a fail launch,,,qmobile today released the noir a3 and noir a6 with fingerprint sensors and much better prices and specs….abi se boriya bistar goal kar lo htc walon,,,,

    • Muhammad Yasir

      can you give me a link to their specs ?!

  • Hamza Tauqeer

    A9 at 55k…. why all phones sold expensive in Pakistan. A9 price is $400.
    Geek is right. With such prices they simple can’t beat.

    • Atif

      $400 + tax + [shipment(sometimes)] so say no shipment and cheapest state for tax will come out to be Rs46000.

      i think its not HTC who are here, its some local company getting HTC here thus adding their profits to the actual rates.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    nope… not even fancy looking models will convince me to buy your overpriced junk !

  • Netherdrake

    Is this a joke that they did not release HTC 10 in Pak? o.o

  • Smokingaces

    HTC A-9 for 55,250 PKR/-??? Fail already. in less than an year, HTC will be packing their bags and leaving Pakistan

  • Aon Bilal

    Daba Ghol Model K Sath Pakistan Fatah Karny Chaly Hain
    Agr Ab Nokia Bhi Pakistan Main Relaunch Kary To Mobile Sale Karny K Liay Barry Papparr Bailey Parain Gay
    Media Tech Prosser K Sath Mobile Sale Karny Walon Ko Qmobile Se Cheap Mobile Sale Karny Parain Gay Jesy OPPO Apna Bori Bistar Lay Kar Patli Gali Pakar Chuka Ha Ye Bhi Jald Hi Teen Dabay Chor Kar Baghain Gay

  • Usman

    no HTC 10 … what the ….. who’s gonna buy these old phones?

  • Shaaf

    HTC – Revert this launch if possible and relaunch just one phone the flagship m10 in pk and create an impact. No need to clutter it with lower midrange models that have no chance against well established brands.

  • Saad Durrani

    Living under a rock? Infinix phones have ended exclusivity with Daraz. It’s now available everywhere. For HTC, there is a market definitely.

    • Shahmir

      I didn’t know that. Thanks for the update.

  • Saad

    What about new handsets? No new stuff?

  • Zohaib Jahan

    Except heatup problem in Infinix Zero3, I’m happy with this phone! (3GB/16GB Memory)
    Only stylish look attracts of these HTC phones