180 Million Pakistanis to Re-verify Their CNICs

Government of Pakistan is planning to get each and every Pakistani re-verified, which could potentially mean that 180 million Pakistanis will be re-verified and re-issued their CNICs.

According to media reports, Ch. Nisar, Interior Minister of the country, has directed the National Database Regulatory Authority (NADRA) to prepare a roadmap within next two days for re-verification of all Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs) across the country.

Primary aim is to eliminate any illegal CNIC card holders and only those with real identities would be allowed to bear Pakistani CNICs and passports.

It is yet unclear that how NADRA is going to complete the task.

It won’t be out of place to mention that some 110 million Pakistanis have physical CNIC cards, while others bear a national ID number but are yet to be issued cards due to age or other factors.

Each and every Pakistani will have to re-verify his/her CNIC

Move came after an incident when a Pakistani passport and CNIC found at the site where Muhammad Wali, suspected to be Afghan Taliban commander Mullah Akthar Mansour, was reportedly killed by a US drone strike.

Ch. Nisar was particularly concerned that how an Afghan was issued a Pakistani CNIC and a Pakistani passport.

“A message has gone to the world that Pakistan’s CNIC can be used by anyone”, said Interior Minister

Ch. Nisar emphasized that it must be ensured that general public remain at ease and re-verification of CNICs must be done in a most cordial and friendly way.

While this is not the first time that we have seen a foreign national bearing Pakistani CNIC and passport, but it is only now that such high-profile case has badly exposed — the NADRA to outside world and — the process through which Pakistani CNICs are issued in Pakistan.

Not to be mentioned, Pakistan successfully re-verified each and every mobile phone user through biometric verification and now each and every SIM operating in Pakistan is bonded with a CNIC; which implies that re-verification of 180 million Pakistanis is a possible task.

It is however going to be a gigantic project that has to be supervised through foolproof SOPs to ensure the flawlessness of the system.

Expect more details on this development during next few days.

  • Umar Farooq

    I don’t like visiting Government Offices! :/ They SUCK at handling people, as per my experience!

    • Pakistani

      What if you get a govt job that provide you with free medical, car with petrol, house entitlement, GP-fund and other benefits, would you visit your (Govt) office???

      • You mean working at Government Offices – by visiting wont give u access to all those facilities..

      • AbdulB1

        no everyone does not get car with petrol , house entitlement ,etc. Even if they give you transport or housing allowance that is negligible. peanuts as compared to inflation today………..

      • KS

        It seems that you have got a good job with all of these facilities because of the support of any cor…pt politician because even my own brother is in 17th grade but he does not have all these facilities. My dad is working in govt office from almost 25 years and soon to retire and he even does not have a GOVT funded bicycle

        Pehly halaal ki kamana or halaal ka khana seekh ly beta

      • Umar Farooq

        @Pakistani, I’m not into jobs. I’ve left studying because i didn’t want a job. ;) I work Online on the Internet to earn my livelihood! :P

        • The Blessed Guy

          Then you have a horrible life. Saari rat jagna aur saara din sona ullu ki tarah. No personal grooming as you always have to stay at home. No sympathies as you choose that course yourself.

          • Umar Farooq

            Dude, meri personal growth ap se i guess zyada hogi! :P

            • The Blessed Guy

              Gudluck then :)

            • Honduras

              Umer! isny apko brother-in-law banana hai. Iss liyay bechara pareeshan ho raha hai.

          • ScarletCrimson

            Live and let live. Stop judging people just because they live a different life than you do.

      • Muhammad Abrar Ali

        U Nailed it Buddy :p

      • faaria

        I got all that.. still i didn’t like visiting govt office so i resigned :p

    • Desi

      People with wigs needs to be verified twice

      • Umar Farooq

        lol :P

      • Netherdrake

        Burkahs should be banned in country where it is facing constant terrorism threat. For security reasons. Keep religion away from this.

    • Ishtiaq

      Is mulk main sivaye Pakistanio k har kisi ka CNIC asanai se ban jata hai, chahy woh Afghani ho Uzbek ho, Bengali, Behari ya Burmi ho. Bas mushkil hai tou sirf Pakistanio k CNIC banwanay k liye. Aur agar woh Pakistani bechara unperh huwa phir tou kisi surat nahi bana k dain ge usko card. But all the Afghani, Uzbek, Burmi, Bengali, Bihari are most welcomed at NADRA.

    • Netherdrake

      Getting Smart Card issued from NADRA was a hell for me. Over there people are ready to argue and fight with you. Fkin illiterate retards.

  • Pakistani

    Mark my words, They can’t stop issuing Pakistani ID cards to Afghani because all validity depend on Nadra centers which run by so many people across the country.

    • AbdulB1

      Afghanis have been living in our countries for decades and thus they cant be just kicked out. Pakistan’s policy regarding Afghans was not like Iran’s. Iranians kept them in confinement. And dont offer them any kind of facilities in education or job. Afghans study in our educational institutes get health facilities in our Hospitals but still at the end of the day say Pakistan is bad. While they respect Iran.

  • I just love Nadra NEWS. NADRA should game up with their issuing PakistanianID cards.

  • Mohsan Hassan

    Let the “خواری” begins

    • Muhammed Ovais Alam

      Round 1 begins:
      Stand in line in front of those tiny windows with jaahils on the other side in scorching heat.

      • Jahangir

        And our ladies will have to suffer too. I am worried more about my mother (and my Muslim sisters too) than myself :(

        • Muhammed Ovais Alam

          Allah khair karay.
          In jaahiloun ka kia pata garmi aur line ka

    • Umar Farooq

      Haha! :P Sahi kaha! :P

  • shaurasar

    If 180 million CNIC are not verified or needs to be re-verified then what are the chances that elections in 2013 were not compromised?

  • Rafay Memon

    To speed up the process just verify those who have no bvs. As a tire some excercise of bvs was performed. This will lesen the burden.

  • Muhammad Danish

    Dear Reporter, Please don’t propagate false news based on just your assumptions & thinking. I think, Interior Minister has just asked to devise a mechanism for the re-verification of their all issued CNICs. It doesn’t say that every citizen has to visit personally NADRA offices for their verification.
    There could be several ways for this verification process, which you can’t imagine. Like, the special scrutiny of people whose family tree is comprising of just one level, means no parental record available of any person within NADRA Database. NADRA has already stopped issuing CNIC to a person having no blood relation registered with NADRA & they call these people System Independent.
    In short, there can be a lot of ways to identify suspected cases. So, please don’t misguide the people on the basis of just your own assumptions.

    • Muhammed Ovais Alam

      Is it EVEN possible in a county where incompetent people are given responsibility which they can’t handle?
      What’s the other way around? Do you think that Govt has the capability to do that?
      Why they’re not catching their Ahole ‘parchi walay banday’ inside NADRA?

      • Muhammad Danish

        I can’t comment about the competency level of current people working with NADRA. But believe me, the system they are using is highly sophisticated.
        I’ve worked in NADRA for around 6 months, during the tenure of a dictator, when the people were deputed on merit rather than friends & family or any quota. At that time there was a department called “Intelligence” in all Regions of NADRA, they use to visit NSRCs anonymously and try to offer a bribe to a staff for illegal processing & they also witnessed the behavior of staff & report it officially. The good days seems over now, this “useless” department is now closed & the employees are now permanent. So, one can predict the performance & behavior of govt staff. Thanks to DEMOCRACY…

        • Hafiz Abdussamad

          bhai jaan aisa b ho sekta hai k ager kisi ko ID card issue kerna ho tu wo kisi family k saath usko joarr dety hain, aur logon ko pata b nai hota aur unki family main aik member zyada ker dia jata hai

          • Arsalan Shah

            Najaiz Auladain :D

            • Hafiz Abdussamad

              Pakistani bahut juldi apna Imaan Sale ker dety hain, aur kehty hain k GOVT nai theek, kia ham sub apna apna Farz Imaandari sy ada kerty hain?

          • Bilal Iqbal

            ji ab pata chal jata hay bhai q k ab Biometric verification hoti hy family members ki…

        • Bilal Iqbal

          dear… it is called Vigilance department and now we are working with Joint investigation teams comprised of IB and ISI too.. it is all for better verification of suspect cases.

  • Muhammed Ovais Alam

    Catch the culprit at NADRA you Ahole instead of doing this sh*t with every other Pakistani.
    I don’t want to get in line AGAIN for your sins.

  • Farhan

    Chaudry Nisar really makes Rehman Malik look good! Just nakes stupidest statements! According to him entire Pakistan is functioning wrong and only his way can fix everything.

    These Norooas can do nothing but destroy any institutions that works.

    Millions of illegal Afghans living everywhere in the country since decades, maybe Chaudry Nisar should ask each and every if he’s from FATA or Afghanistan and then magically decide.

    • Muhammed Ovais Alam

      Magically, with his head in the mud.

  • atif

    Aur jo re verify kare gae wo Asman se Farhaste utray gae.sirf time waste aur public ko tang karne kay taraqae.Pehle sim verification me khawari aur ab is me zaleel hau.Yaar ye mulk hay yeh kabar khana.

  • Pakistani

    yeh Mr. Bean ko pata nahin kahan kahan sey ideas ajatey hain……… he thinks we live in Vatican city of just 2Sq, Km and all solutions are possible at finger tips……….. Mr. Nisar your should be mentioning to world that this case is not unique to Pakistan only. most of the countries in First Class world have illegal residents, which can easily have all documents in their so called flawless systems…….just for the sake of 2-3 people he is putting all nation into another fatigue

  • Ahmad

    hahaha what a joke.
    Pakistan govtis really suck..
    go ganjo go

  • Shuja Siddiqui

    title of the article is wrong. 180 million is total population of Pakistan and almost half of the population don’t have NIC due to underage / other issues.

    • Arsalan Shah

      Yet, they’re issued CNIC numbers as soon as they’re born, via CRC, which is also a form of an identification number, later on converted to a CNIC. When the minor turns 18, the number doesn’t change. They’re just issued a CNIC.

  • Syed Affan Ahmed

    The Government has clearly accepted its failure. They need to rectify the loopholes in their instituitons and system that govern them.

    Kindly don’t make the citizens go through all this stupidity.

    Syed Affan Ahmed

  • ImaGuest

    Cant compare sims with CNICs. There are multiple mobiles operators, each with a franchise in every locality. Compare that with the number of NADRA offices in each city.

  • i Just got my CNIC this week.

    NADRA cannot Handle the Load of Making New CNIC’s. (Citizens are standing in long queues and then go home empty handed…)
    How will NADRA issue/verify 180 million CNIC’s..
    PS: unka to server hii din me 5 times offline hojata hai , current situation me.

  • yoyokhan

    so one man had an id card and every Pakistani has to suffer for this and get their id cards verified.. Idiots are sitting in Nadra Offices, how about re verify Nadra staff

  • KMQ

    The Government is really good at “Making Common Man’s Life Miserable”.

    Few examples:
    Light hai kia?
    Light kab gayi?
    Apke han load shedding time kia hai?
    Aaj pani aaya hai?
    Pani kitne baje ata hai?
    Aaj tu subah se sui-gas nahi?
    Aaj tu na gas arahi hai na bijli?
    Aaj CNG khula hai?
    Petrol sasta hua hai tu kia aaj mil raha hai?
    Aapka SIM verify hogayi?
    Aapka internet connection verify hogaya?
    and the list goes on and on and on…

    • KS

      bilkol sahi, all this bullshit is to get commission no matter user have to pay or govt because govt bhi nawaz k account se paisay nahi dene wali

    • Netherdrake

      Worst things in Pakistan are

      1. Shortage of fuel
      2. Shitty roads
      3. Electricity loadshedding
      4. Very low currency

  • Bilal Iqbal

    180 million ID cards are not issued.. almost 102 millions and we are fed up for upcoming exercise as it was done for SIMs’s…

    • KMQ

      aur maze ki baat, uske baad bhi yeh marketing messages wagera ko track nahi kar sakte yeh log. Height hai!

      • Tayyeb Sheikh

        Marketing SMS wale PTA se verified hoty hein, masla Benazir Income Support wale sms Fraud k pichay bando ko pakar kar saza deni chahye.

        • KMQ

          Aacha Tayyeb bhai, I didn’t knew that. Tu matlab jo yeh SMS aate hain marketing ke different woh sare legal hain… thats kind of strange :s

          • Tayyeb Sheikh

            Sir, jo SMS brand k naam se ata ha wo PTA se verified hota ha means Masking PTA allow karti ha different document dene hoty hein company ko.
            2nd jo marketing sms hein wo normal banda karta ha for his / her business promotion, aise tau telecom operators khud bhi marketing sms karty rehty hein, mere hisab se ye legal ha.
            3rd main issue BISP sms ka ha as wo Fraud hota ha tau PTA ko chahye k un logo ko pakray.

      • Bilal Iqbal

        ha ha ha…Benazir Income Support ki tarf sy aap ka 25000 ka inaam nikala hay…

  • Lazy Sapper

    Imbeciles. Even USA has illegal immegrants (often Mexicans) living just like typical Americans. The thing that actually needs to be done is stop being impotent and coward. Besides I can guarantee that this was another scam operation just like Abbotabad operation. Mullah Mansoor died earlier this year during a conflict fight between taliban groups. America just closed his chapter now.

  • Mohsan Hassan

    seems that we will definitely have re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-verified SIMS and CNIC in 2030

  • Rizwan

    Ofcourse, jab in jasey ghatiya, na ahal log government chalaey ge, to law & order ghanta control hoga. Iss ki topi uss k sir, karey koi bharey koi wali baat.

  • Tayyeb Sheikh

    Jab CNIC bananay jao ya Nadra k office se kuch bhi karwane jao tau, wo ek form print kar k dety hein jis par sab details likhi hoti hein, us ko 17th Grade ya us se bare Govt. Official se Tasdeek karwanay k liye kaha jata ha. Matlab k jo banda tasdeek karay ga responsibility us ki ho gi, tau jo CNIC fake, Afgani, Terrorist ya Nadra ki Internal Corruptions se banay hue hein, un k wo forms nikalwa kar tasdeek karnay wale ko pakra jaye na kay dobara verification karwai jaye.

  • Abdullah Butt

    While Ch. Nisar & every newspaper & news channel in Pakistan
    & abroad are pointing fingers at NADRA…. One should at least
    accept that NADRA makes the only 3rd generation Air to surface Missile
    proof CNICs & passports in the WHOLE world !
    I would give credit to NADRA for that !
    But I do wonder if they would have survived Heroshima & Nagasaki attacks!