2,000 Masters’ Degree Holders Apply for Peon, Gardner Jobs

The government likes to remind people that all is well and hunky-dory in the country when it comes to availability of jobs. But recent events have had them occupied with fighting tax evasion charges instead of governing the country as they’re so fond of reminding the people of Pakistan from time to time.

All this is the norm in Pakistan. But you know what shouldn’t be the norm here?

Masters’ graduates applying for menial, low-paying work. They have to do with peon, gardner or other similar work for which they’re ill-equipped and over-qualified for.

Such is the case of unemployment in many places in the country, but Chakwal’s example has become certainly grave.

Qualified People. Not Enough Jobs.

33 year old Noshaba Irum from the Karhan Village near Chakwal holds a master’s degree in Health and Physical Education. She could be able to find a suitable job based on her academic credentials.

But unfortunately, the only jobs she could find were those of a peon in the Education Department of Chakwal.

Noshaba’s case is hardly the only one. There are some 2000 graduates with post-graduate degrees who recently applied for the 653 class IV posts that were announced by the Chakwal Education Department. The posts attracted as many as 23,000 applications, perfectly illustrating how rampant unemployment is around the district.

In fact, some 9,000 candidates were present on the day of the job interviews on Sunday. A stampede also occurred with 2 candidates injured and police called in to disperse the crowd.

To make matters worse, these jobs are not filled on merit, but rather on the recommendations made by the local politician. Nepotism runs rampant and deserving people are pushed to the background.

Sources reveal that the interviews process is just a facade, as jobs are already distributed to the favorites by the local authorities beforehand.

“Recruitments against class IV posts are always made on a political basis.” – An Education Department Official.

Its Time to Combat Unemployment and Nepotism in Government Depts

This is certainly no way to do fair by the people. And I’m sure most of our readers agree. Alif Ailaan’s recent report on the state of education being victim to politics also points to the same.

This is not how nations are supposed to progress. It is hoped that the concerned higher ups take notice to this blatant misuse of public authority and nepotistic practices so that meritorious graduates secure their livelihoods that is commiserate with their skills and discipline.

via Dawn


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  • Bary be-sabry ho. Thora wait ker lo yaar. Yellow line ban to rahi hai. PM in sab masters ko yellow line pe ticket checker bharti ker ly ga.

    • shame on you just for even posting this kind of comment. Do you even know how much capital both financial and mental these students might have invested in their studies? Everyone knows the problem is corruption but this does not mean you should make such low kind of comments.

      • Abdul Bhai! Waqas bhai ka tanz tha is baat main woh aap miss kar gaye. Unka bhi maqsad yehi hoga kehne ka ke ab Masters walon ke liye yehi jobs reh gayi hain humare pas.

      • lagta hy tum bhi shair k suporter ho isi liye G k baal tak jal gaye
        oye shair ban shair
        khali bolny se kuch sahi nahi hota, sahi karna hy to shair ban’na paryga

        • har sheez sheer hi nazar ati hai tuje? FYI I am not a nawaz supporter. Nawaz ke supporter kahte hain sab acha hai …………….

  • People are hungry for govt job and want to do job near their homes. Is lie ghr k nazdeek jo bhi govt aaye apply kr dety hain. “Chalo ghr to rahain gy”.

    • True that, may be peon ki job just salary aur baki incentives lene ke liye chal rahi ho aur baki asal main koi aur private job ya business ho. (This might not be the case with everyone but its a norm)

    • achaaaaaaaaaaaa
      zara batana k ghar se door hi sahi in departments me masters karny walon k k liye private sector me konsi jobs hain???

      oye shair ban shair, ese bolny se sachai badal nahi jayegi
      or haan, ek larki ka example diya hy, tum zara apni behn betiyon ko dosry bary shehr me bhej baad me bongiyan maar

  • It is very unfortunate, as there is no Government intervention in the Private sector. Imagine the no. Of gradutes each year searching for a suitable job. The statistics show that if it continues with the same pattern, it would be no surprise if such educated ppl will be made to do labour work.

    I urge every educated and sensible person to raise their voice, spread the word atleast make ppl contemplate over it.

    S. Affan ahmed

  • Tu is may burie Kiya baat hai peon bhe insan hai Acha hay educated logo kau bhe Pata lage gareeb loggo ke misayal.Main tu intazar Kar hau jis din akar wale PhD log toilet cleaning aur gharo phare gai phir in ko ghareebo ke izat karna aye gai.

    • Yes, and Non-educated logo lo industries ka head/CEO/CFO/DIrector bana dena chaiye…. unko b pata chale educated logo k masaail kia hote hain..
      tab ja k educated logo ki izzat karna aye gi inhy..

    • kaash tu bhi school gaya hota or mehnat kar paas huwa hota jismy tumhary baap daada ki halaal ki kamai lagi hoti

  • And then they ask why the brain drain in pakistan is so severe -_-

  • Irony of our country, talented masters kiye huwe logon ko peon aur gardner k jobs bhi nahi mil rahey sivaye parchi aur paisey k per jin ko actual main peon aur gardner hona chahiye like Mian brothers and zardaris woh log king banay huwey hain country k aur apni agli khaip bhi taiyar ki hoi hai hum pe hukumrani karney k liye.. Hamza shabaz, Mariyam Sharif, Monas Illahi, Bilawal Zardari, Shahbaz Taseer etc etc.

  • It’s alarming that everyone of us wishes to have a good job. Pakistan needs to promote entrepreneurship. It’s not possible to provide job to everyone if there is insufficient entrepreneurship in the country. One entrepreneur brings jobs for many others. So, we need to consider this aspect and government should promote it among youth especially university students.

    • haha bhai do you even know how things work here? In China they give you debt card with in 15 minutes and you can use it globally on union pay network. here you have to go to offices countless times and bribe them just to get legal paper work. bribe is needed even your matters fall in legal boundaries.

    • mere bhai
      Exact ko to band karwa diya, court orders k bawajood accounts release nahi huwy, pehly channel sale kiya or baad me dosry channels ny corruption k pole kholny ki dhamki di to license cancel kar diya

      konsi entrepreneurship ki baat kar rhy ho???

      entrepreneur ban’ny k liye or bakiyon ko job dene k liye bhi paisa chahye, or agay to parhy likhy lag rahy ho khud hi samajh jao

  • This behavior dates back to colonial era. It was engraved into our minds that govt. job was the best wishing coming true. Herd mentality makes us succumb to this nonsense without questioning it ever. Other motives can be safe haven for shirkers and the incentive of bribe income.

    • What I learned in China that they kicked out colonials and their puppets. This gave their people a dignity and self respect. And thus they were able to fix many ills in their country.

  • anyways regardless this article mostly degree holders are doing jobs but they still want to get govt job bcz of their benefits and relief.

    • ohoooooo,, esa hy kia????

      Mere apny 2 friends (1-MPhil hlder, 2nd MS Telecom) are doing typist officer jobs and you are passing this type of statement
      all my batch fellow are working like same, only 10% are doing jobs only in private sector bcoz Govt me jobs hain lekin minister ki parchi nahi.

      tumhary biradri k kiyny bachy menhat kar k paas huwy or sahi job kar rahy hain zara maloom to kar…

  • Why do people want to do jobs in Government departments when they already know that there is no learning and opportunity to grow professionally, personally and in terms of career. The organisation culture and environment is just so backward and lazy.

    Also, students and parents need to select Subjects and courses after careful assessment and analysis of current and future market demands. During studies, students need to keep an eye on industry advancements and gear the specialities towards that. Internet is not only available for Facebook and Chatting, there are so many free courses available (from MIT, Harvard etc.) plus other knowledge base.

    Most of the intelligent and bright students passed out from my uni went to Private and Multinationals etc. or abroad. And those (bright ones) who went to Govt. just left after an year or so. Only non-bright ones are still there and riding their luck.

    By the way, country can improve and grow only by employment through private enterprises and knowledge driven entrepreneurial initiatives. And this need properly trained workforce, not necessarily with Masters or Bachelors.

    • Can you please tell me that how many private jobs are offered every year???
      Exact band ho gayi, us k jitny bhi employees thy wo berozgar ho gaye, same for Bol network

      baat karta hy why people are applying in govt job

      tum kinty logon ko job dekar bethy ho???

    • Jis ko koi kam chahye to larny ke koi zarort ni plz cnct
      or sms

  • Every University weather medical/Engineering or others are registered ,no check and balance on any of them and the other impportant fector is that Non Qualified person is sitting at Qualified person post thats why such things occur it time for youth to unite and arrange darna

  • Welcome to Pakistain AGAIN!
    Every other problem go back to the person you voted.

    Next time, while voting, do NOT choose the person because he’s from your cast or sect or religion.

  • ProPakistani – If you got the list of such people from Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad. Please share them with me, I think I can help them with better jobs.

  • Lolz, You guys are talking about fresh graduates? I had 5yrs experience, working for companies without or extremely low pay, plus I’m CCNP certified with dozens of other certifications. No matter where I went for the interview, their primary focus was on “reference” and not on talent. So far the companies that reject me because of no-reference are:

    Al Shifa International
    Pakistan Red Cross Society
    Down Bread Industries
    Next Bridge
    And atleast 2 dozens more…
    Straight to the face “bhai kis ne bhaija hy? Koi reference nahi, acha aap hamari call ka intezar karain”.

    I came to Saudia, got first job in Saudi Aramco Alhumdulillah, they begged me to join them. Goto hell you all rishwat khoro. I even know people in Pakistan working as sales man in a small shop with CCIE certifications, it just breaks my heart. Sifarish is allowed in Islam but only “jaiz sifarish”. I’ve seen people working on Senior positions without any knowledge of that field. Racism, Bribe and Favoritism only leads to one thing….total collapse

  • Agar Masters karny k baad bhi aap Peon ki Nokri k liye Apply kar rahy hein to is ka matlab hey aap Na Ehl hein aap apni degree jala dien aor Peon he ban jaien. App log to ye gilla bhi nai kar sakty k aap logon ko moqa nai mila. Tum logon ke soch yahi hey maa baap k paisy per masters kar de aor phir tangy latka k govt job ka intezar aor phir rona dhona govt kuch kary …. aor bhai tum log bhi kuch karo

  • In our Child hood we say PAKISTAN ZINDABAD, now its change into PAKISTAN SAY ZINDA BHAAG!!!

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