5 Reasons Why Nvidia’s 1070 Should Be Your Next Graphics Card

Nvidia recently unveiled their newest entry in the 1000 series, the GTX 1080. It blew every other high end card the company offered (including Titan X and 980Ti) out of the water with its performance and specifications.

The real attraction for majority of the PC gamers was the price, which was around $600 (Rs 64,000) to $700 (Rs 74,000). All eyes (or at least most of them) were on the GTX 1070, which would be a lower cost, better performing alternative that most were waiting for.

The lower end card is expected to cost $380 – $450 (Rs 40,000 – Rs 47,000). Some sites have already received test versions and based on extensive testing periods of a week, it really delivers on the hype and promises made by Nvidia.

Here’s 5 reasons why you should consider the Nvidia 1070 as your next graphics card.


This should be the most obvious reason as most PC gamers aim to buy cards around the Rs 30k range. Although it would cost around Rs 40,000 when it arrives (possibly more due to import charges and what not) the rest of the specs for this graphics card warrant a purchase even if its a bit higher than your budget. It holds up well even to the 980Ti, which costs over PKR 80,000.


When comparing performance with other graphics cards, benchmarks are often the go-to comparison tools, especially the ones which use games to compare performance, rather than benchmarking tools. The following graph compares the GTX 1070 against GTX 1080 and GTX 980Ti.

gfx cards

With performance close to (and sometimes surpassing) the GTX 980Ti, the 1070 is no slouch. As mentioned earlier, it costs half the amount 980Ti costs, all of it while offering similar performance. The numbers speak for themselves. Here’s what PCGamer had to say about it:

If you were wondering about Nvidia’s claims of beating a Titan X in performance with a $380-$450 GTX 1070, well, we can safely put any concerns of cherry picked benchmarks to rest. It’s the real deal.

Power Usage

Polygon mentions that GTx 1070 draws 150 watts of power, a lot less than the 250 watts consumed by the Titan X and the 980Ti. This should help people who are thinking about a graphics card upgrade without adding a bigger power supply unit. Less power usage also means lesser impact on your power bill.


Some of us like to push what we have to the limits to gain that extra bit of juice out of the graphics cards, and sometimes even a boost of 5 – 7 fps can make a game smooth (from 52-3 fps to 60). GTX 1070 includes GPU Boost 3.0 which adds the option to change “frequency offsets for individual voltage points” which would increase the efficiency while adding more power. GPU Boost now also allows for  overclocking scanners.

Future Proofing

Having a graphics card which performs as good as the GTX 1070 would mean that you wouldn’t need an upgrade for quite a while. It can easily play any modern game at 1440p and comes with a host of technologies which will ensure that it doesn’t get outdated. Add to it the fact that it seems to be the best FPS per dollar card out there and you’ve got an enticing package.

What do you think? Will you be buying the Nvidia 1070 or waiting to see what AMD has up its sleeves? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • better to buy console instead of paying huge amount for graphics card, console will void the worry for hardware requirements

        • You may “think” it doesn’t because you either don’t pay attention to detail or are easily impressed.

          As far as price is concerned, you end up paying more for less on a console because you’re stuck with what that particular console has to offer, $60 price tag for new games, subscription based online services, less freedom in terms of components and well… playing at the equivalent of a $300 used PC.

          Oh, and did I mention you can’t upgrade one at a time if you feel like upping your experience? Yeah, that.

          Stick with consoles all you like but saying that buying a console is economical as it voids the worry of hardware requirements is well… invalid.

      • Though you’re right to some extent but it does not in anyway make your experience less enjoyable.

        • any TRUE gamer would rather throw his money on a PC which can be modified at any level rather than buy and stick with mass produced same lame ass spec console.

    • yes console are great and all, but you cannot take anything from PC gaming as its on a whole different league.

    • It’ll void the worry but there are people who love playing games on their PC.
      I am a console fan though and (almost) hate playing games on PC.

    • haha … while you are somewhat correct , the Consoles only cost less in the short term.

      PCs benefit you in the long term and are MUCH more capable.


  • I will wait for amd as they have been promising better bang for the buck cards and usually they do deliver such ones.

    • Same here ill wait to see what amd has to offer later this year with their Polaris 10 and Polaris 11 GPUs technology. they recently gave a teaser of their new upcoming yet unannounced Radeon RX 480 graphic card with their new 14nm FinFET graphics processors that supposedly is in league with what 1070 and 1080 has to offer. Lets see how well do they market their new products in term of price.

      • that R9 480 IIRC .
        and yes , the polaris series are supposed to up directly against the current Pascal GPUs from Nvidia.

        i hope Polaris beats them for price AND performance so we pakis can benefit from price drops :D

      • They had also teased that these cards will be targeting price points below 300$ to make “VR more affordable”.
        This will be exciting ;)

  • The price is way too much, and I will wait for Vega 10 come out.. I am a Red Team loyalist but this card is great but the price tag is way high given the performance jump on 4k isnt that high

    • of course it’s a GTX 1070 the price is good for this level of performance. It can play any game @4K not ultra settings but on high settings @ 50fps+ also this card has 120watt consumption which is nice.Anyway you can wait for RED team to release their beast.

      • Yeah but sadly I have my doubts with the red team as they are way behind in GPU tech. But their new processor shows good promise. As for watt, we all have 1000+ PSU thanks to our old GPUs running in Corssfire/SLI. The only problem for me running my FuryX on corssfire is the heat problems when I always give Green Team a praise for making cool temp cards. But their price is damn high and now for 3 way SLI you need to pay for the code and also there will not be any support that makes me angry.

        • Polaris is lower and mid ranger not high end. Vega 10 is for the high end. And think it will come next year or end the end of this year. Oh well think AMD will present its tech today on computex or maybe I actually missed it. But we will see everything more clearly.

          • while i agree on the Vega part , i’m still convinced that not everyone is super rich , so most of the market battle is in the lower mid-range and mid-range section itself. any card offering 60 fps and everything GPU setting MAXED out on the LATEST and UPCOMING AAA titles on 1080P should win the battle.

    • AMD manufactures GPU chips not the complete cards they will manufacture on the reference cards so that other Component manufacturers like MSI, Asus and others can make cards using their GPU chip

      • i think he;s asking about the CPUs as well. we hardly see any APU systems or any Bulldozer CPUs in Pakistan. they’re a novelty nowadays due to intel’s dirty monopoly. while you’re right about the GPUs , they do have ORIGINAL AMD branded GPUs in USA.

        @superbrains:disqus , IF your question concerns CPUS , then let me tell you that AMD was here in PAk , but it shut down its business with its last official distributor after becoming disillusioned in the current Pak market which bowed down to Intel. Hopefully , they’ll bring some explosive CPUs with Zen and re-enter the local market with KILLER Budget CPUs
        if your question was about Radeon GPUs , the Akai already answered that.

  • please someone help me i want to play GTA V, Battlefield 4, COD Advance Warfare, NFS Rivals, Which card i need, also economical.

              • LOL Even this reply as well :D
                I am not sure if you intentionally comment in such a way to match the expressions of this DP or is it that this DP has such a diverse nature that every comment can relate to it :D

          • that’s just downright disparaging man :/

            its hard to manage when you’re doing BE and the uni manages to squeeze every single ounce of energy outta u !

  • Though I am a PC gamer myself, but if you have a PS4 and a 4k ULTRA HD TV, you certainly can enjoy some games. Nevertheless, don’t forget, PC players are over and done with the graphics you get to experience, long time ago. I’ve had a 4K screen on my GTX 980 card for a holy smokes long ass time. Running Dota at 4K is sweet.

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