Infinix Makes its Phones Available in Major Cities through Retailers

Infinix smartphones have a good presence in the Pakistani market. But until now, they were only available via online stores. Now the company’s phones will be available at physical stores.

To this end, Infinix has announced a list of retailers in Pakistan which will help customers locate their nearest retailer for the purchase of Infinix smart phones.

Developing a Physical Presence in all Major Cities

For a long time, customers had to order their Infinix Smart phones online and the customers having little or no internet coverage and usage couldn’t get these smartphones unless they were sold second-hand. This also restricted the market growth of Infinix smartphones.

Now the announcement of a country-wide network of retailers in all the major cities will address this problem and enable Infinix to reach new customers.

Smart Phone Market will become More Competitive

Infinix smart phones are known for their competitive features and more importantly, their affordable price tag in the market.

Previously, being available online didn’t allow Infinix to go head-to-head against other smart phone brands. Their physical presence among other smartphone brands will boost competition in the market, especially in the budget smartphone category.

After Sales Support Services for Infinix will Improve

The after sale services of Infinix were understandably not up to the mark due to the absence of any infrastructure of sales and services. Once the retailers will have presence and customers will get to interact at these centers, the customer support facilities will also improve gradually.

Authorized service centers will be setup soon to provide customers with better after sale services for Infinix products.

The latest steps being taken by Infinix show that it values its market in Pakistan and intends to keep expanding its sales and services in this country.