NADRA Is Restarting Online Service for Issuing CNICs for Pakistanis

Getting yourself registered for an ID card, or renewals for that matter, is a hassle. Everyone has been through the ordeal at least once, waiting in lines for extended periods of time, going from a registration office to another office and then back.

Those days could be over.

Launch of the Online Service

NADRA launched its Online CNIC service to remedy this problem and provide a digital platform for  citizens to get themselves registered instead of going through the standard procedures and waiting in one queue then another.

The service received acclaim for providing more accessibility and ease to the people but it was shut down for Pakistani residents in August last year, most likely due to the large number of requests they received which they were unable to handle.


The good news is they are restarting the service for the residents again. The online portal provides step by step instructions for fulfilling the requirements for making a CNIC (required documents, file formats, picture sizes, etc.).

A video explaining it all in detail was is also included in case someone doesn’t understand the procedure from the guides.

An application fee is required for processing and delivering the CNIC. The rates for NICOP and CNIC both are mentioned on the website as well as the charges for modifying any details. The delivery charges are also mentioned there.

Looking Forward

The relaunch of this much needed online tool is sure to help those who live in far-off areas and cannot head to the registration centers for making a new CNIC or getting it renewed.

Hopefully this time around NADRA will be equipped so that the portal can avoid a repeat of the overload and consequent shutdown.

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    • If you are in Pakistan you can either pay through credit card or through E-Sahulat franchise. If you are outside Pakistan, you can only pay through credit card.

      • Hi Dev, i live in USA and for past 3 days i have tried several times to register on NADRA site to get my NICOP modified. But every time i enter info and click on register i get the error below. I have tried with different emails different locations different ISP’s even i have also tried from CANADA and US both but still getting same error for past 3 days it is superbly frustrating. Your help will be highly appreciated.


        You don’t have permission to access /e-passport/getRegistered on this server.

        • Dear Rizwan, sorry for the trouble. Just let me know the public IP from where you are logging in. Usually emails are a much more faster way but due to the fact that this is a public forum, I am not going to ask you for it. Just let me know the public IP from which you are accessing the site, I will get your email and resolve the issue. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.

            • It is not an issue with the public IP. It is an issue with the input triggering of the security controls. I asked about the public IP so that I could trace your email from it, then trace the input from your email and figure what where the problem is. Thanks for the input. I will have an answer for you tomorrow morning PST.

          • Just a suggestion , i dont think it is an issure of one Public IP address issue because i have tried it from my office in New York, from my home in New Jersey from our other office location in Canada from other offices with in USA but from any office with any IP address with any ISP it is not connecting. I asked my brother in Pakistan to try to create a test account and he was able to.

          • With that test account he can login fine from Pakistan but when i login from here i get the error ( invalid username or password ). The test account he created is below

            email:- [email protected]

  • Online service is restarted nearly from 1 months for residents and now propakistani is informing us.

  • A source working in the Nadra IT Dept. told me that the service was shutdown because people were sending inadequate documents, primarily photographs, that couldn’t be used for ID card processing. He told me that people used to send ‘selfies’ and horribly low resolution camera snaps to them instead of properly taken photographs as demanded on the website. Typical Pakistani stuff.

  • Dear Dev,

    I just tried filling out application to renew my NICOP and I got 404 error while confirming the payment. Is the service down or has my card been charged but my application is not being updated? Thanks.

  • Hi – I am not able to pay with credit card as I try to complete my application. It keeps saying its a customer ip address issue. Can someone please help me?

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