AMD Focuses on Budget Gaming With RX 460, 470

AMD may have shocked the world a few weeks back with its VR-ready $199 RX 480 card but it promises more. At the PC Gaming Show, the company showed off the two more modest offerings in its lineup, the RX 460 and the RX 470 which sit a level or two below the RX 480 but still offer a playable experience.


Be aware that the full specifications of these cards aren’t revealed yet.

Here’s what we do know about the power efficient siblings to the RX 480.

Starting off with the RX 470, the card promises “excellent performance per watt”. The card is said to bring a 2.8 times increase in power from the previous generation (presumably the R7 370, quite a modest card in its own right). The card, as a result, seems well on course to offer a “power-efficient HD gaming” experience, as AMD calls it, or in simpler terms 60 fps at 1080p.

Then finally we have the even lower-end RX 460 card. The card requires just 75W of power and will produce minimal heat. It will likely be making its way to E-Sports titles such as League of Legends and more.

Both the RX 460 and 470 are made using the 14nm FinFET procedure utilizing the new and advanced Polaris architecture. If these two cards turn out the way the RX480 did, AMD has very likely hit bullseye.

AMD also took the time to once again show off its remarkable RX 480 graphic card, a card which can really bring down costs of PC virtual reality gaming at the $199 price level.

AMD is also saying that the former two cards can be modified for portables, a move which can again bring competition to Nvidia in the laptop gaming market. We look forward to hearing more about these cards soon.

  • Lets see, what these cards are capable of “Practically”, I hope, they won’t disappoint this time.

  • The thing is, in current situation, AMD is for Budget gamer’s wanting to run everything max at 1080p or mid at 1440p. Nvidia is for 4k with all maxed out.
    I have 970, 1080p is an overkill. 1440p is easy with high and 4k is achievable with mid settings.
    Btw, use SweetFX instead of in-game AA….

    • @shujaswati:disqus , u look like u know ur way around GPUs. esp since you owe a good one. so ,
      what do you think about the rx 4XX series from AMD? which GPU is OVERKILL for next year’s AAA games at FHD ??

      im talking about maxing out AAA games coming out in 2017 , on 1080p (FHD) resolution with EVERYTHING maxed out to ULTRA and 60 FPS stable (drops of upto 10 fps down to 50 fps acceptable in intense rendering situations) ?

      • Yasir bhai RX480 can handle every game @1080p even upcoming games in 2017 and 2018 because you are basically buying a R9 390x equivalent performance card. i think it won’t disappoint you.
        Also Vega series is launching in october which is high end. Polaris is budget oriented high performance.

        • i hope the real-world benchmarks hold true to your words. im still a bit skeptic on 2017 AAA games to be a long shot for maxing out and you have 2018 in your cross-hairs already :D

          well , lets hope its that good!

          yeah , Vega is supposed to offer high-end gaming experience but i think they’ll a tad bit expensive. i do hope tho they beat GTX 1080 :D

          • what i’ve read, upcoming games have some issues with sli and corssfire setup, just look around the current titles for the similar issues.
            I second @zubair_gu:disqus , these cards are overkill for 1080p, with DSR you can do much more.

            • you mean the Rx 480 will hold good with a playable fps at ULTRA settings EVEN if i use DSR(VSR for AMD) in games ?

              • Yes. I just played doom demo on ultra at 4k res using dsr, thts because the game is beautifully optimized.

                • damn ! i wish more AAA game dev companies would think like the wonderful people who made doom.
                  i have heard praises of its unmatched optimization from countless other sources as well …

                  whats your specs btw ?

                  • i5 6400 6th gen
                    970 ax 2.0 evga
                    8gig rip jaw

                    Yes the game is beautifully optimized. I hope the coming BF1 is optimized too and not ported.

                    • aww … mann !
                      thats a pretty decent setup. you can rest easy for a while

                      BF1 is EA’s choice , they can doom the game (like they always do) or properly optimize and streamline it for PC.

  • AMD also tweeted earlier today that MS will be using AMD’s polaris architecture in their next Xbox 1Project Scorpio…. that’ll be interesting

  • hmm … i look forward to how they price these.
    still , rx 480 looks the best for money !

    unless rx 490 exists and is something outta this world !

    • I’m more interested in the second batch both from AMD and Nvidia. The current 1080p no doubt is powerful, but they will sure be bringing something more interesting in Q4 2016

      • its going to be a strong contrast. afaik.
        nvidia wil release 1060 and 1050 , which are both budget/low-ed category cards.

        AMD wil go for vega , which is considered top of the line stuff and should go head to head with 1080.

          • hmm … heard that before.
            they should really work on that.

            im hoping the rx 480 to be seamless and bug-free w.r.t software side.

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