iPhone 7 Could Have 256GB Memory & Dual SIM Option

As the next iPhone announcement nears, we have started to hear all kinds of leaks, some which make sense and some which don’t. We are not quite sure what to make of this latest leaks which comes courtesy of Rock Fix, a Chinese phone repair shop which claims to have access to all authorized iPhone 7 parts.

Among the most contentious and important points of this report are its revelations regarding the SIM slots in the next iPhone. The report points out that as a first for the series, the iPhone 7 could come with two SIM slots. The reasons given can be many, but perhaps in most-likelihood this is to gain a better approval in the Chinese market, which of course won’t be a first for Apple, given it just released the smaller iPhone SE targeted towards this audience.

It is also not clear whether there will be a dedicated version with Dual-SIM; or whether all iPhones will come with it. Either way, while there are both merits and demerits of Dual-SIM connectivity, however, this scenario is looking unlikely especially since it is Apple who has been pushing towards increasingly smaller SIM slots, making such a move redundant.

More importantly, the phone seems to have retained its 3.5mm headphone jack, something which past leaks have indicated might have gone. The reasons range from a thinner profile to a redesign using glass, but it remains an interesting conundrum.

The leak also had a bit to say regarding the storage of the upcoming iPhone; it predicts the phone to have a special 256 GB version, which will be the highest capacity ever seen in an iPhone to date.If true, the days of cautious storage-planning (with just 16 GB available) could finally be behind us.

Lastly, there is a dual-camera module which follows in the same steps as previous leaks, as well as the antenna bands which although look much manageable than before, haven’t been gotten rid of completely. Despite the comprehensive nature of this report, it is clear that the spec sheet of the iPhone 7 is still as blurred as ever.

      • And 4.7 inch iPhone debut was the most successful ever and Samsung profit was declined at the same time. 13 millions iPhones were sold in first 3 days of launch and Samsung’s total profit was 24% of Apples. In next quarter despite of the launch of S6 and S6 edge, its profit declined 4%.

        • Every iPhone sells record numbers in its first few weeks of release. What matters is how well they do after the dust settles. And with the profit margin Apple charges, no other company can compete in terms of revenue. But here’s the kicker: iPhone sales are on the verge of decline. Even Apple has told shareholders to expect a drop in phone sales next quarter. The S7 Ave it’s edge variant on the other hand are doing exceptionally well in such a saturated market. And with the Note 7 release in August, things are looking up for Samsung.

          • Very of decline means what, exactly? That fewer people will buy iPhones? That’s no big deal, there is such a thing as market saturation.

            ” The S7 and its Edge variant on the other hand are doing exceptionally well in such a saturated market. ”

            Still selling less than iPhones in the same saturdated market.

            • Oh it’s a really big deal for Apple, because 90% of their revenue comes from iPhone sales. Once shareholders lose faith in the company’s stock, that is it for Apple. But that’s not the case for Samsung. They have their hands in a lot of pies.

              • 90%? More like 68%, where do you get your numbers? And even though Apple told shareholders repeatedly that their sales will slow, the investors have not dumped Apple shares en masse. You have lost faith in Apple but because of your bias, investors are smarters.

                Secondly, Apple made $5-6 billion from its App Store, Itunes store, iCloud etc last year which is more than they make from Macbook or iPad sales.

                Every Apple developer has to pay $99 or $75/year (I forget which) to continue publishing their apps on Apple’s stores. No one is stopping development for iOS, so Apple will continue to make money. Samsung gets nothing from Google Play. They are focusing now on SERVICES and starting to make money from that.

  • Time to learn some hand gymnastics from a professional trainer. Those thin bezels in that concept photo/render are inevitable on future phones and will make it nearly impossible to use it without disabling touch sensitivity around 10-20% of the edge area via software or by using a fat phone case.

  • Dual or even tri sim doesn’t matter unless they give what the user deserves. They configured the device to force user to do a specific job in a specific manner. And don’t even compare apple with low/mid end androids, its just absurd.
    Person paying 60k+ for a phone deserve the right to own it, apple is like a close room with a line or 2 to follow, android is free.
    I own S6e and man the performance speaks for itself, no lag despite only 400mb space (i hate no extra storage room).

    Yo’ apple fans, do spend a week on decent android phone, hope it’ll change ur mind.

    And yes I’m Droid fan (used to be a hardcore apple supporter but not anymore)
    let the war begins….

    • Writer missed the points that it will run on android N and will be manufactured in unknown factories of china :p

  • And if Apple go for dual sim then it will show it like dual sim smartphone is actually invention of Apple and fan boys will chant in glory “Heil Steve, Heil Steve!…

  • This article does not make any sense! First of all Apple does not sell their products in Pakistan officially.
    Cellular network providers buy their products internationally & then sell here in premium rates without local warranty.
    So therefore mostly people don’t consider buying iPhone’s here.

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