Re-Verification of CNICs to Start from July 1st: Nisar

Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan gave final approval for national CNICs re-verification drive to be launched on July 1, across Pakistan.

The interior minister was chairing a meeting here on Thursday, that was also attended by Secretary Interior, National Coordinator NACTA, Chairman NADRA and other senior officials.

The Minister was informed that NADRA has established the needed helpline capable of handling 10,000 calls per day and a SMS gateway of 150,000 sms per day to facilitate general public who would report suspected CNICs issued to aliens.

The Interior Minister was informed that training for needed human resources was also complete to ensure successful completion of national CNIC re-verification drive.

It is worth noting that Interior Minister Ch. Nisar Ali Khan has given six months deadline for re-verification of the CNICs to NADRA, declaring “it an important milestone pertaining to national security.”

The Minister directed that national CNIC re-verification scheme would start from July 1. The multi-pronged strategy comprises of data analysis schemes for verification including across the board fraud detection and mathematical modeling, utilization of PTA’s data for identification of aliens, Amnesty scheme, establishment of helpline and family tree intrusion detection through sms.

He said that side by side with this multi-pronged exercise, the input by Joint Verification Committees will continue to identify aliens who have illegally acquired CNICs.

The Minister said that NADRA must give timeline for finalization of all cases involving blockage of CNICs so that people don’t spend lifetime clearing their names.

The Interior Minister directed that NADRA should ensure utilization of all its resources to achieve the desired objective of removing aliens from NADRA’s data base within the given timeline.

The Interior Minister also approved media strategy of NADRA for awareness of the general masses.

The Interior Minister said that CNIC re-verification awareness campaign should also be launched in local ethnic languages.

He said that it would help NADRA to create awareness over the importance of this national security campaign among various communities with different languages and backgrounds.

    • every thing good should be appreciated… else you people think a Lamp of Aladin to reduce terrorism…???

      • But its more believable than our jawaans’ success in war against terrorism, is it not?

        • NADRA did not issue ID cards as a department instead it was due to some corrupt employees and other people like Union councils, attesting officers or political notables who did this .. and our aim is to identify and eliminate such cards…. if you compare it with millions of SIM’s issued under fake ownership and the same was cleaned by Telco’s themselves during last year… this is not unusual to make a Clean at large scale….

          • aJ b SIMS batrai han Bhai Murda Logo k naam pe, Ap Jali Shankti Cards Band karoge, 2 Hafte baad 500 me phr se banjaega, Rishwat Khoro ko kese Rokoge ?

            • 100% transparency can’t be made possible any where in the world.. some where it is difficult.. and some where it is easy.. in Europe, people sell their original passports to human traffickers and there are many other examples but over all it should be condemned… and at the end… if Afghan refugees are sent back… majority of fake id cards issue will be resolved and it would be very easy to find them… further. let’s see what would happen in future… our aim is good… May Allah help us and make Pakistan a better place… ameen

  • The first verification should be started from Nawaz and Motu Gang and then all politicians, in last the masses.

    • then what… it is to verify only the national status and politicians are here since ages so by definition, they are Pakistani citizens… else you should contact NAB for what ever you want..:P

  • Mr Nisar i salute you.Best interior minister to date.He is serious about Pakistan security and he will go to any length to achieve it.All Fake CNICS should be blocked enough is enough.

    • He will go to any extent to make Interior Ministry an institution capable of corruption by starting various corrupt projects which give the Interior Ministry a chance of corruption like all other ministries!

        • Assumption, and seeing the track record of Pakistani institutions involved in corruption. I have no Proof Nawaz Sharif is the son of Muhammad Sharif. No one has, apart from Nikah Naama, or Birth Certificate which doesn’t tell anything. There’s no proof for anything, believe it or not. Biometric Verification of SIMs had such massive amounts of corruption involved. Wait for 10 – 15 years for them to be revealed. Re-read my comment then!

          • Avoid personal comments man… If nawaz sharif isn’t son of sharif how can u proof urs? and aamir bhai please aese comments ko scrutinize kia kren

            • Exactly my point man. I can’t prove mine, can you prove yours? No one can prove anything in this world. It’s just that facts need to be assessed and believed. Never attacked NS personally, nor accusing his family of anything. Take the comments as they’re intended to be taken, don’t make up something I never said, nor tried to say.

  • lol so we verified everything using CNIC and now we are told that the CNIC collection itself is suspicious/contaminated. Damn all politicians a hundred times. They are born dimwit + retarded and crazy + silly. But where were ‘others’?
    btw, onslaught of Afghanistan is upon us. And we still need 6 months to verify CNIC data.

  • Good decision by the ministry. Everyone should cooperate as this is related to national security. If you don’t like it then handover your CNIC and move somewhere else.

  • It is a positive approach but one time verification ll not enough bz NADRA facing outbreaks in routine. So, registered members of each family should be confirmed through applications whe he/she visit NADRA to process/reprocess CNIC. Further, possible data (i.e. facial) of all world level suspects may also be maintained and once checked through the National data. It should also be used for routine processing.
    In addition, NADRA may also establish “Pakistan Family Network” of all it’s registered families using technology i.e. mobile app /website. This Network may be helpful for family verification and other different purposes like, National Security Campaign, Health’s & Education’s related Campaig etc.
    Ensuring technical outbreak prevention and control measures will not only be feasible, appropriate but socially acceptable.
    With the hope that it’s implementation will enhance the image of NADRA and Pakistan.
    Pakistan Zindabad

    • nice ideas but many difficulties while implementing… Currently all applications for any purpose being processed are Re-Verified through available tools… also Family Tree availability at large scale will cause privacy breaches and data leakage because majority of our population is not literate enough, they got Sim verified bio metrically to criminal gangs) What else they can’t do.
      However every possible measure is being taken to Re-Verify the family data and aliens.. you will see major enhancement in this campaign after it’s launching.
      thanks for feedback..

  • What is jhali cnic ? Bhai when people given all documents required by a.d of nrc. To phir jhali kaise howa ? Haan ek chez he samne aegi k family tree mein koi alien to nahin.

    • Fake ID card term is mostly used in two meanings… for Aliens and for Fake particulars but Pakistani citizen… both are critical and considered as Crime. but the most important is Aliens (non national of Pakistan but obtained Pakistani ID card) by providing fake documents obtained through different sources or by paying some Pakistani family to include him/ herself into their family…

    • two different things… fee for smart cards (for Pakistan) has been updated and an article was published here in ProPak… Smart Normal 400/- Smart urgent 800/- Smart Executive 1600/- . the term English Card is mostly used for NICOP’s (National ID Cards for Overseas Pakistanis) remained same..

  • ab is k lie bht bari campaign chalai jaegi, akhbar or tv me ishtehaar chalae jaenge, or phr jab ye hojaega to Nadra k Office me Bethe bande ko 500 De k phr Jaali Shankti Card Banwalenge, Sare Idaro me Mulk ko CHand Korio k lie Bechne wale bethe han, Rishwat De k Nokri pe aate han phr Sari Zindagi Rishwat Lete han.

    • Nadra ko khatam kardena chaie, Facebook pe Log Bhare Pare han jo 50 50 Rupees me Bande ki Poori Nadra Details Nikal k dete han :/

  • We are facing problems from NADRA, our 3 cards still pending and they not responding on call and e-mail

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