Twitter Has a New App for Celebrities Called Engage

For a social network’s survival, it is important to keep the rate of conversations and talking points up. Twitter, a network which does require increased conversations, is now coming with a new platform targeted primarily at celebrities, called Engage. The new app, unlike Facebook’s similar Mentions would be available to ordinary users too.

The app offers analytics on your posts and allows you to interact more freely with people that you care about.


The app is divided into three portions. The first one, Engage, allows you to know your follows and @mentions from long-time followers, notable accounts and more. The second one, “understand” shows you the key analytics and performance stats, including your likes, Retweets, @mentions and video views. You can also go further with audience demographics, segregate based on time periods or know what your followers are talking about right now.

Lastly, you have “Posts” shows you the stats from your individual posts so you know what gets the most traction.

The app is being marketed as a companion app for the existing official app. The app is currently available on the App Store and could be arriving on Google Play soon. It is also currently only available in the US. Twitter has already hinted that an integration with its Niche and Vine businesses is on the way. If that happens, it could become a convenient one-stop shop for getting every possible detail for all your accounts. We, for one, are in