Plan9’s Launchpad Opens Applications for Its 8th Incubation Cycle

Due to overwhelming demand, Punjab IT Board’s incubator Plan9 has decided to extend the deadline of its 8th Incubation cycle.

Plan9 Launchpad is now accepting applications from startups till July 3rd.

What is Plan9 Launchpad?

Plan9 is Pakistani’s largest tech incubator, based in Punjab. Its Launchpad event is open to all startups and entrepreneurs who want to avail:

  • Mentorship
  • International exposure
  • Informative workshops
  • Networking opportunities
  • Office space
  • Talks from influential industry leaders

The Plan9 Launchpad event brings together startups, techies, media, professionals and investors in one place. The event is conducted in 3 major cities of Pakistan, attracting the best talent that our country has to offer.

About 100 startups have applied for the 8th incubation cycle, and given the enthusiasm and interest, PITB has decided to extend the deadline for new startups to register for the program from 25th June to 3rd July 2016.

Plan9 has launched many startups such as:

  • Patari, Pakistan’s music streaming startup
  • Car Butlers, a startup offering car wash
  • Wifigen, a startup that attracted a Silicon Valley investor
  • And more.

If you are a tech entrepreneur or startup that is looking to get access to mentorship, funding, marketing know-how for your product or service idea, then you should apply to Plan9 today.

You can apply here.