Make-i-Stan Summer Internship: A Chance to Turn Ideas into Products

Make-i-stan Designer in Residence (DiR) Summer Internship applications are now open and the final date has been extended. This 2 month summer internship provides an opportunity for students and graduates to design and build their dream projects. They are given the facilities and resources to polish their talent and experiment with stuff they don’t have access to otherwise.

Make-i-stan Background

As a space for imaginative youngsters to share knowledge, tools and inspirations, Make-i-stan provides a platform like none other. Artists, designers, engineers and anyone with an inventive mindset who want to come up with something new can join hands with Make-i-stan to gain access to everything which can help them realise their ideas.

Make-i-stan has a community of knowledgeable people and the proper range of tools necessary for such projects. It is based out of Information Technology University Lahore. Their tool portfolio includes Arduino boards, digital multi-meters, soldering irons, oscilloscopes. Manufacturing tools include a 3D printer and some variety of woodwork tools.

Residence Programs Worldwide

Western countries have Artist-in-residence programs (and several other residence programs) which provide artists, academics, and creative people with time and place, away from their usual environment and responsibilities, to reflect upon themselves and research to gain new skills. Meanwhile, enrolled candidates can meet with new people, be part of a community and get the network connections to complete their residence projects. Similarly, students and graduates can learn new skills by gaining access to trainings, workshops and events during the DiR internship.

Such a designing in residence program is a great step in the right direction. If this trend picks up in Pakistan, it would be highly beneficial for the economy of the country. Research always lays the groundwork for big achievements. When large amounts of people leave their everyday life for new projects, some of them are bound to succeed in coming up with ideas which can change human life for the better and improve the living standard of the people.

What will a DiR do?

A Designer in Residence will share and collaborate with others and gain some ownership of Make-i-stan. They will work on the projects they like and get assistance from Make-i-stan mentors. DiRs are expected to learn idea generation, the design process, use of new technologies and the ability to communicate their ideas and thoughts.

Who can become a DiR?

In general, there are no restrictions on who can apply to be a DiR. However, Make-i-stan prefer people with technical knowledge in their subject or have the design expertise for a project. Having a project idea to work on is another plus if you want to be selected for this internship.

How to apply?

To apply you need to fill the form available here with all the required details. The last date to apply is 15th July 2016.

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted via SMS or email by 15th July. The chosen candidates will then go through an interview process before becoming a part of DiR internship program.

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