Launching Soon: Telenor Starts Issuing 4G SIMs to Employees

Telenor Pakistan today started issuing 4G SIMs to its employees, we have checked with sources working at Telenor.

This is a clear indication and a sign that company is soon going to introduce 4G services in the country; however, an internal test for employees might be conducted before the service is finally made available for customer trials.

It maybe recalled that 4G services can only be accessed through a compatible SIM. All current Telenor customers will have to upgrade and get their SIMs replaced in order to enjoy 4G services.

Not to forget, Telenor acquired additional spectrum just last month and had confirmed us its plans to launch 4G services in Pakistan soon.

While we don’t have a launch date for 4G services, sources suggest that Telenor will start offering its customers 4G network around Q4 of 2016.

Commercial launch will happen only after internal and customers’ trials.

When asked about any estimated timeline of launch, Areej Khan, Director Corporate Communications, Telenor Pakistan, told ProPakistani that she cannot, at this point, commit to a definitive date for the launch of 4G services which is subject to taking necessary approvals.

“Once we have more concrete plans and visibility on the exact launch date, we shall communicate the same to our customers”, said Areej.

Telenor Pakistan will be third 4G operator in Pakistan after Zong and Warid Telecom, which is now part of Mobilink.

Telenor has 38 million customers in Pakistan and it currently offers 2G and 3G services in Pakistan.

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  • PTA should stop providing type approvals to all those 4G phones immediately who are not supporting 4G on 850 MHz band. Otherwise telenor will face lack of supporting handsets in market for their 4G band. Currently only 10% 4G sets in market are compatible with this band which is alarming for Telenor.

    • My Lumia 550 is not supported on 850mhz frequency so, Telenor will lose me as customer as I am going to zong. I bet there will be more like me!

        • Yeah, 2015 or earlier low to medium-end devices don’t support that band except some models!

          • Samsung Galaxy s5 T-Mobile variant supports 850mhz band for 4G. If you find one in the market, it will cost you around 15k, which could be the most affordable device to support this band. I had that, but sadly it was snatched recently during rain in Ramadan.

          • Most flagship phones in Pak released till 2015 didnt support 850 MHz 4G band forget medium and low budget phones.

              • Dear I am talking about further release of phones. Jo sale ho gaya uska toh kuch nahin ho sakta

    • I had Galaxy s5 (G900T T-Mobile variant) it supported all the bands of 4G in Pakistan. Sadly, it was snatched by MQM personals in bus during that rain day in Karachi near city court, could also have been enjoying 4G. And yes, i said MQM because they shown their identity to passengers and also a glimps of revolver.

      • I am talking about officially launched phones in Pakistan after PTA’s type approval. Not smuggled ones. Most smuggled phones support 850 MHz 4G band but lack 1800 MHz for Zong and Warid.

        • Check the specs of G900t, it supports all the 4G bands of Pakistan. Similarly, S4 also supported all the bands of T-mo in Pakistan, i always buy any variant other than Verizon, Sprint, At&t etc. Simple solution is don’t go for Mobile phones that launched in Pakistan officialy, smuggled phones at least lets you enjoy 4G services here.

          • Ohh bhai main new sets ki baat kar raha hun. Har koi smuggled phone nai leta na hi har company k smuggled phone aatay hyn market myn.

    • bhai kiyun logon key phones block karane per tule ho? ch nisar and gang will block them like they blocked hepatitis c tablet registration as he and his gang were selling donor-ed drug at 1500 USD.

      • Bhai 1st try to understand the comment than reply. Jo phone sale ho gaye unka toh kuch nahin ho sakta. PTA ko bas further yeh ensure karna hai k jo b 4G phone market myn launch ho in future woh both 1800 aur 850 MHz ko support karta ho. Phir type approval milay set ko.
        Itni b kya jaldi thi comment karnay ki?

        • Ur comment still makes no sense. In usa ftc approves smartphones but it is not necessary for a verizon , t-mobile phone to work on at&t.

          • Because common sense is not so common. In USA verizone, tmobile and sprint etc give sets to their customers on contract and activate only those frequencies which they are using itself, they dont care about others. For example if Sprint is using 850 MHz and 1800 MHz for their 4g and they introduce S7 sprint version, they might skip 900 MHz and 2600 MHz which might have been using by Verizone. But in same USA if you buy official S7 it will support all bands and costs some more bugs as compare to a contract one.
            In Pakistan telecos are not providing phones on contracts so PTA has to play its role.
            And if Telenor launch phone like jaaz x they might skip 1800 and only activate 850 MHz as these phone are not launched in open Market.

              • Mobile manufacturer companies itself are not fool to launch a phone in Pakistan with a band suits for few companies and not for other. Their sale of sets will be disturbed. They will make sure themselves that the phone that they are launching in Pakistan should support all companies frequencies. PTA just will make sure this.

                • Excuse me do they create special models for Pakistan? NO NO NO they only see demand and that is Chinese, Indian, North American and European demand. Pakistan just does not fit in their mobile designing dept.

        • one plus 3 has 3 different version for each market but it is still called one plus 3. FDD hspa and lte bands on each are different.

        • PTA is stupid they should had tried 800 MHZ for auction and there are more phones which support that in combination with 1800.

  • Samsung Galaxy J1 (6) J3 (6) J5 (6) J7 (6) all supports LTE Band 5 (850 Mhz). But all other used handsets widely available in Local Markets in Pakistan all only Supports Telenor 4G. so its is a big benificiary to them. (Handsets include Motorolla Series, Samsung Sprint, Verizon) Korean sets.

  • INDIAN operator Jio 4G also use 850mhz 4G band..
    speed is good in 850mhz 4G band 15Mbps to 20Mbps..

    In india, all samsung 4G phn support 850mhz 4G band..

    Samsung also ties up with Jio 4G to offer three months of truely unlimited calls and unlimited 4G data, unlimited live TV with HD channels, unlimited roaming & unlimited sms..

    speed is awesome.. Jio 4G has 2300mhz, 1800mhz, 850mhz 4G band..
    2300mhz 4G band get 90Mbps to 100Mbps 4G speed..

    All samsung J series handset, Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge Plus, Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy Note 5 / Note 5 Duos, Galaxy Note 4 Galaxy A8, Galaxy A5 2015 and A5 2016 and Galaxy A7 2015 and A7 2016 supported 850Mhz 4G band..

    • Who told you to tell us this? I have been in India recently, and it has the worst ever 4G speeds. Pakistan’s 4G is 3x faster than that in India. Confirmed and tested.

      • @Ali Asghar.. Use 2300Mhz band 4G in India.

        IDEA 4G & vodafone 4G is worst..
        If you use IDEA 4G, Vodafone 4G or Telenor INDIA 4G then you are right.

        IDEA, Vodafone 4G has only 5mhz spectrum in 1800mhz band.
        Telenor INDIA 4G (1800mhz band) use narrow band LTE is not able to match speeds offered by other 4G operators.

        now Come to Airtel 4G, Rcom 4G & Jio 4G..

        Airtel 4G & Jio 4G have 20Mhz spectrum in 2300Mhz 4G band.

        Jio 4G use sub-1GHz bandwidth OFC cable connected to all towers..

        you easily get average 50Mbps+ 4G speed in 2300mhz band & approx 90 Mbps in some places..
        Jio 4G invest 1.03 Trillion to launch 4G in PAN India.
        Jio 4G use 2300Mhz, 1800mhz, 850mhz 4G band in India.

        Jio 4G & Rcom 4G have network sharing deal to launch 4G 10Mhz block in 850Mhz band.

        Airtel 4G speed is also best If you use 2300mhz 4G band..

        Airtel launch 2300mhz 4G in 11 state in India and expand to 8 more state in next 4-6months.

        Airtel also have 1800mhz 4G band, you get lowest speed in 1800mhz band.
        Average Airtel 4G speed in 1800mhz band is 5Mbps to 20Mbps (depend on your area).

      • @Ishtiaq.. forget about Airtel..

        New Indian mobile operator Jio 4G is now biggest 4G operator in INDIA..

        Jio 4G give truely unlimited 4G in just Rs3000 INR for 3months + unlimited calls (VO-LTE) to any network, sms & roaming & LIVE TV.

        you also get new Jio 4G sim Rs1000 INR with unlimited 4G, unlimited calls (VO-LTE) to any network, sms & roaming & LIVE TV for 3months.

        average speed always 50mbps+

          • Yes..

            Jio 4G currently has total liberalised spectrum holdings of 846.10 MHz, including 440.0 MHz in the 2300 MHz band (one block of 20 MHz in all 22 circles), 213.60 MHz in the 1800 MHz band (blocks ranging from 2×3 MHz to 2×10 MHz in 18 circles) and 192.50 MHz in the 850 MHz band (blocks ranging from 2×2.5 MHz to 2×5 MHz in all 22 circles, including spectrum acquired from RCom across 13 circles.

            All of this spectrum is liberalised and can be used for rolling out any technology. In addition, Jio 4G has entered into agreement with RCOM for sharing of spectrum in the 850 MHz band across 21 circles.

            “Only Jio 4G is using sub-1GHz spectrum band for LTE services in the country today,”

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