Telenor to Start Offering 4G Within Months: Irfan Wahab Khan

After acquiring necessary spectrum in 850MHz band for $395 million, Telenor Pakistan is now aiming to roll out 4G network in Pakistan with-in months, confirmed us Mr. Irfan Wahab Khan, newly appointed CEO of Telenor Pakistan.

Telenor CEO said that while there’s some saturation in voice, he sees a lot of opportunities and humongous potential available in data segment that Telenor is geared up to tap in.

Along with consuming the newly acquired spectrum for 3G network, Ifran wahab — in an exclusive chat with ProPakistani — said that Telenor Pakistan will also go for 4G as soon as it would be possible.

“Global economy has moved on to Internet and segments like health, education, agriculture and literally everything else that is capitalizing the benefits of internet. That’s exactly where we are moving towards now with largest 3G network in Pakistan and 4G network that would be available in matter of just few months”, said Irfan who is made CEO of the company just today.

Irfan said that his company is still working on the numbers for the investment that would be required for the network rollout, but said that Telenor Pakistan is fully committed to Pakistani market.

“We have just invested $395 million for the spectrum while more funds will be poured in to the network during next two years to offer Pakistani customers the best in class 3G and 4G networks”, commented Irfan.

Showing his content on 850MHz spectrum, the CEO said that this newly acquired spectrum has its unique advantages including rural reach and in-building penetration. He said this new spectrum, along with higher bands,  Telenor is best placed to offer premium internet in both rural and urban markets.

It maybe recalled that Telenor has already completed its trials for 4G network.

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  • It seems that Telenor is going to use this spectrum both for 3G and 4G. Means It will split 5 MHz each for 3G and 4G.
    Due to this their 3G might get better but 4G will suffer as their 3G is suffering right now.

    • It is not easy to just buy more equipment for 3g when they have invested in it already. I am sure they will just persure 4g as there is demand.

      • Than why are they saying that their 3G services will become better after acquiring of this spectrum while ProPakistan rwporting the same?

        • Perhaps in some areas they will use it to improve it. But the truth is that worldwide they are shutting down 2g and 3g because 4g is much efficient standard. Verizon and at&t already started doing this. Telenor Norway is also shutting down its 3g. I think they will import that old equipment if they still have 3g plans for Pakistan.

          • How will they manage spectrum? Their 5 MHz 2100 spectrum is not tech nuteral so can only be used as 3G and they can only use 850 MHz for only single service 3G or 4G. Most probably they will use it for 4G and they cant split it into 5 MHz each. So how 3G will get improve? Any idea?

            • Ptcl uses 6mhz for charji LTE. It can’t be that they should use 5mhz each. It’s their choice.

              • Thay would be worst case for Telenor if they use 5 MHz for each. On 3G side their service might get improve upto 20 percent to 25 but still remain low as compare to Zong and Mobilink. They have already loat 3G war due to 5 MHz and they will loose 4G as well because 5MHz on 850 MHz will mKe things worsen for them. 850 MHz might provide better signal strenth but due to low frequency speed is always a issue, and cutting spectrum capacity by half will made their 4G like 2G

  • Telenor walo Itnai million ka 4G license le lya hai, Khuda k liye 10 lac rupai ka aik 2G khamba bahria town lahore sector D aur E main hi lga do. Na 3G mangtai han na 4G, sirf aik 2G tower. Kasam se indoor to call sunaye hi nai deti terrace pe jana parta hai.

  • Telenor call quality is absolute garbage. Should concentrate on that. Though 4G is a plus but it would have been even better if they focused on call and 3G quality.

    • جی ایس ایم ارینا پر فون فائنڈر کا آپشن ہے جس میں آپ ایل ٹی ای آپشن میں 1800Mhz or 850MHz 4G Frequency سرچ کر لیں آپ کے پاس سب سپوٹڈ موبائل کی تفصیل ملاحظہ فرمائیں

  • No one will stop Telenor to offer superfast 4G, its only a matter of few months. Looking Forward to it.

  • LOL that is as vague as it gets. Within months…….could be 6 months, could be 2 months…… could be 10 months

  • Their 2G is nonsense and 3G is rubbish so I know very well how bullshit 4G’s gonna be.

  • What do you expect from ZTE equipment and still same will be used for 4G, i am sure this will be the post worst 4G of pakistan. The only point they chose 850MHz band is only to cover area. Quality is not the priority of Telenor.

      • No, if they are deploying in month and even Ericsson do not know that telenor is using Ericsson (not contract no testing of Ericsson). Keep in mind Telenor will not invest in quality they are not in quality competition. The spectrum they got is clearly shows they only focus on coverage and still the rural market. 1800MHz is premium band for LTE and its globally accepted. 2600MHz is not feasible in Pakistan (only small countries like UAE, Kuwait) but more efficient in quality less coverage.

        • Irfan Wahab says: Showing his content on 850MHz spectrum, the CEO said this newly acquired spectrum has its unique advantages including rural reach and in-building penetration. (Quality is missing only coverage is their main focus.

  • So it’s mean zong 4G still best in class?
    But I am not receiving Blanket coverage on zong 4G .

  • Dear Telenor: Pahle apna 3G(which is actually 2G+) to theek kar looo…extremely pathetic internet. What to expect from 4G then!!

  • Pehlay apna 3G to theek karlo phr 4G ka bhand maarna, 3G ki coverage poori hai nahen 4G laana hai ghareebo`n ko. or nechay ek bhai nay 2G kay khambay wala comment kya hai unka sunkay bohat dukh huwa :-p :-D

  • Telenor shoud offer 4g Sets as replacement of our 3g set in order to successful launch of 4g

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