Social Media Reacts to Qandeel Baloch’s Barbaric Murder!

Reports are surfacing that Qandeel Baloch is no more. She was murdered by her brother over honor in Multan, media is reporting.

She is reportedly murdered for uploading pictures and videos on Social Media. She was asked to stop doing that, but the way Qandeel was — fearless and direct — her 30 years old brother shot her till she was dead last night.

Her body was recovered early in the morning.

Social Media, as one would expect, is shocked and sad over the news. Topic has in fact made it to top trends World Wide on twitter, with-in just 30 minutes.


Clearly, every single soul on social media is saddened by the murder and the way Qandeel died. There are voices that killer — who ever he/she was — must be investigated, trialed and sentenced.

  • Its shocking! She was just a bitter fruit of a spoiled society. I feel sad as I liked her bravery and rebellious nature. She has the potential to bring out beast hidden in people but unluckily that beast took her life.

      • We dont have a Qandeel Baloch in our home. She is a product of your type of homes who consider themselves ‘gherat mand afrad’ and keep their women in all types of restrictions and abuses. If you have grown a Qandeel Baloch then I would be happy to help her save from your gherat.

    • Ghairat ki baatien samjhne k liye ghairat ka hona zarori hota hai beghairat k liye “sub chalta hai”. Matlab “all is well”.

      • Haan g apni behn betiyon ke saath kutton wala sulook karna hi gherat hai. Hai na. Aur phir jab woh bhaag jaye tang aa ke tu phir usko qatal kar dena bhi gherat hi hai.

        Waise yeh behn betiyan yaqeenan apne aap ko gherat mand kehlane walon hi ki bhagti hain. Lagta hai aap ki gherat bhi aazmai gayee hai. I feel sad for yours too.

        • Abhi pls itni shadeed kisam ki gehri aur meethi beizzati ke baad apni oqaat dikhate hoe gaali galoch pe mat aa jana.

          ….Balke aa hi jao. Shayad ghatiya alfaz istemal karna bhi aapki gherat ka koi lazmi juzw hai.

          • Hmm.. Interesting so you meant to say tum jaison ko is liye nahi bhaagtien kntum log unko ghar main hi sub provide kar detey ho? Unkey boyfriends ko khode welcome kar k unkey bedrooms tak le jatay ho? Kyuin k freedom bhi tou koi cheez hai. Aur phir bf bemaar ho jaye tou us k liye tum jaison ne incest jaisi cheez mutarif karwai hoi hai. Broadminded jo ho. Aur gariyaan main kia dunga tumhain woh tumhare id card pe likhi hogi, fursat mile tou maloomat kar lena.

            • Lo g aa gaya oqaat pe. Yeh gandi soch wale logon ki samajh se pare hain baaten jo apni behn beti pe har waqt yahi shak karte hain ke woh kisi ke saath phans na jaye aur so na jaye. Pyar ka tum logon ke liye matlab sirf bistar mein aik saath sona hi hai aur sirf boyfriend or girlfriend wala pyar hi pyar samajhte ho. Aur koi kisam pyar ki samjhi hoti tu aaye din Qandeel Baloch na nikalti ghar se aur na hi ose marna parta.

              Ab mein tum jaise ghatiya logon ka reply nahin karon ga. Jo marzi reply karo aur apni gherat seedhi kar lo doosron ki nazar mein, ke chup karne wale pe tu kutte hi bhonkte hain tu jo marzi likho aur karo.

              • Agar tujh main zara barabar bhi hotu na tou tu pehle hi reply nahi karta. Aur topic ko fahashi se pyar main tabdeel na karta. Ab tu ne meri baat khod sach sabit kar di. Chal ab jakay guests ko welcome kar.

      • See all the tweets with the misogyny and patriarchy tags, which mind you has got nothing to do with why this murder was committed. The root cause goes much deeper than just men trying to control women. When mothers start slitting their daughter’s throats and throwing acid on their faces, you know their is something very wrong with society as a whole.

        • I think there is just one thing we have in society we do not let other to let their life live.

        • It doesn’t go that deep and is only as simple as we know it. What happened is not a new thing. We wanted more exposure of her flesh but can not let one of our own do the same. Hypocrites.

  • People may justify her killing and it may not matter to mango people but in the end it points to the larger issues in this country which are destroying this country internally and in which no one is safe because of what they do or believe in. Im afraid the future is not so bright.

      • Edhi died a natural death and completed his time. What he could have done with his life, he did. For me, his death was a kind of celebration to see a soul to fulfill his purpose.

        But Qandeel, however much contempt you feel for her, had tremendous courage and boldness in her nature. She only saw bad in life but she missed the opportunity to see good in life. If he had seen the good side of life she would have been more contributing to the world than any of your politicians because of her fearlessness. But its very sad to see somebody took that chance from her.

        • What was so bad which she saw in life, can you please enlighten a bit more. Tu humari maloomat main bhi izzafa ho.

          Aur kia public main ulti seedhi batain karna, ajeeb si pic and videos lagana, yehi hai boldness and courage?

          • I think you should read her recently revealed facets of life (see link below) and try to read between the lines of media hyping and sensation and you will realize that this girl had been betrayed in life (quote 1) just at the age of 13-14. But unlike many girls of her age who commit suicide or become prostitutes, she decided to live honorably and became bus hostess and then a model and so on and so forth. She must have encountered men who only tried to took advantage of her but then again she didn’t became a toy in their hands and instead she used their lust for fame by mocking at the hypocrisy of the society. I read somewhere that she even financially supported her family for many years where his so called BA-GHAIRAT brother couldn’t.

            Now, whose fault it is. Would you call a 13-14 girl be-ghairat or do you call this to her family who couldn’t give proper love and care to the child. No girl would try to find love outside if she can find this love in his home through his parents, brothers and others. Obviously, they lacked to provide it and everybody shift the blame on the weak.


            1- “Unfortunately, the day Fouzia fled her home the boy she was in love with ditched her.”
            2- “This betrayal marked a turning point in the model’s life who then decided to become completely self-reliant in life.”

            • Imran bhai, do you really believe in this story? Seriously, this looks like a bollywood masla movie script to me.

              But anyways, I am getting your point for showing sympathy for her. But would you say that she is a role model for all the girls suffering same situations? Nahi na?

              Just take example of below paragraph from the story you provided. Is this what you and I would like our daughters to follow? Aap ko nahi lagta is tarah ki stories ko promote karne se hum actually yeh love shove, yeh ghar walon se bhagavat and yeh so called BEGAIRTI ko promote kar rahe hain in our society?

              “Back in 2003-04, when she was still in the eighth grade, she fell in love with a boy and they both decided to elope together. Unfortunately, the day Fouzia fled her home the boy she was in love with ditched her.”


              I hope you will try to understand my point of view as well…

              • There is nothing unbelievable in this story. This is not too uncommon now a days. In fact, I think her story could be worse in reality.

                And when did I portray her to be a role model. I did not. I only admired good qualities in her (just a tradition in our culture when somebody dies).

                I am not promoting love shove and ghar se bhagna. In fact, I am actually promoting the opposite. If you understand correctly, my point was that we should give proper love and care to our daughters and sisters and then they won’t do such acts. Its a psychological fact that girls would try to find love outside if they cannot find in their home.

                There is no point quoting the passage when I already cleared the cause. You should have replied to my reply. I repeat “Would you call a 13-14 girl be-ghairat or do you call this to her family who couldn’t give proper love and care to the child.”. Think about it and then reply.

                Yes, I did understand that you openly condemn her death and that makes you a better person than others.

                • Imran Bhai, I am getting your point but masla yeh hai ke aap jab bhi yeh story kisi ke samne rakho ge in our society. Tu sab log iski negative side ko hi dekhainge, aur apka point of view 100 main se 5-10 logon ko samajh aaega baki log wohi masala dhoond rahe honge is story main.

                  Tu actually good ki jagah bad ki publicity hojaegi. Aap mera point of view bhi samjho.

                  Khair I wouldn’t say more on this. Because mujhe lagta hai ke main apna point of view clear nahi kar pa raha aur bekar main bech main geebat horahi hai.

                  And yes I respect your message about not saying bad for a person who is no more.

                  • I understand your concern. Perhaps you should be more critical on the role of media than her. Media can twist things upside down and portray news as they see beneficial for their TRP.

                    • Indeed, yeh media ka rona tu main har article main ro raha hota hon. Agar aap mere comments follow karte ho tu.

                      Yeh media ka sab se bada role hai mashray main gand phelanay main.

                    • Indeed, yeh media ka rona tu main har article main ro raha hota hon. Agar aap mere comments follow karte ho tu.

                      Yeh media ka sab se bada role hai mashray main budai phelanay main.

                    • KMQ bhai, I’ve been reading your comments in most of the articles on this website and the bottom line is that you are a quite conservative guy.

                      Aaj ek innocent larki ka qatl hua hai. It’s not a small thing. We live in a civilized world but perhaps Pakistan and Muslim men are far from civilization.

                      Everyone on here is taking it so lightly as if nothing extraordinary has happened. As a nation, Pakistanis have become so used to bloodshed that this is a normal news for them.

                    • Ali Mohsin bhai, bilkul kisi ka qatl hua hai aur woh koi small thing nahi hai. Infact ek hadis bhi hai ke ek muslaman ke khoon/jan ki hurmat khana-e-kaaba ki hurmat se ziyada hai (pardon me agar koi galti hogayi ho tu). So without a doubt zulm hua hai and I am all against it.

                      Baki rahi baat conservative hone ki, tu I guess jo change for good hai woh welcome hai but jo change for bad in society hai uske liye conservative hona hi theek hai.

                      But khair har ek ki apni apni rai hai, I respect your opinion and expect same :-)

    • It seems like you are her brother who killed her and now ashamed on your act. Our condolences with you.

        • No i shouldn’t be, when u r not ashamed of your comments about great Edhi Sahab who served whole of his life for humanity. I just gave u befitting answer.
          N why you didn’t like my reply? Why you are being ashamed of calling her your sister when for you she’s greater than Edhi Sahab?

          • I am amazed at how you jumped to conclusion without thinking it through. When did I call her greater than Edhi sb.

            I simply said “Its more sad a day than Edhi dying.”. Your pre-assumption of my words is your own fault. Try to read my reply above for elaboration of this statement.

    • Imran beta itna afsos? Q k ab tm uske naam ki nhi lga skte isliye QB ko lekr zada sad ho as compare to edhi sahab? ???

      • Imran sahab ka ab naya mutalba aaney wala hai, ke Islamabad airport ko Edhi Sahab ke nahi balki Qandeel Aapa ke name par rakha jae.

        • KMQ sb, aap se tawaqqu na thi ke aisi bazari aur ghair takhleegi aur ghatiya guftugu karne wale ki baat ko supportive reply karen ge. Mein ne Edhi sb ko bura nahin kaha. Aap zara ghor se meri post parh lete tu shayad aisa na kehte. Aur mera nazriye Qandeel baloch ki taraf agar aik insani hamdardi ke nuqta nazar se samajhte tu dosron ki tarah sara blame us marne wali par hi na daal dete. Aaj kal tu shayad hamari woh purani ikhlaqiyat bhi nahi rahi ke marne wale ke mutaliq bura nahin kehte balke hamdardi ka izhar karte hain. Shayad marasiyat ne insaniyat ko khatam kar diya hai.

          Lagta hai yahan sirf jughten hi paimana reh gayee hain kisi ko like aur dislike karne ka. Agar aisa hai tu agli dafa apna waqt nahin zaya karen ge.

          • Please dont take it to heart that comment was indeed non serious and jhughat hi thi, if you mind it. I really apologize for this.

            Aur bhai mere main yeh nahi keh raha ke aap insaani humdardi na rakho. Aur aapki yeh baat bhi sahi hai ke marne wale ke bare main budi baat nahi karni chahiye, but main overall mashrey main bigar paida hota hai in stories ko highlight karne se us ki taraf ishara karna chah raha tha.

            But ab kuch aur nahi kahonga is par aapki baat ka lihaz rakhte hue ke humari ikhalkiyat hi khatam hogayi hai.

            Sorry agar koi comment aapko buda laga ho tu aur galti hogayi ho tu Allah ki bargah main bhi maafi ka talabgar hon.

            • Its ok brother. My heart is clear now.

              Aisa nahin hai keh mujhe mazaah pasand nahin hai, laikin mazaah ke liye munasib waqt ko dekhna chahiye aur adab aur jiddat pasandi ho tu behtar hai. (yeh mein aap ke mutaliq nahin balke woh pehle comment wale ke baare mein keh raha hoon). Lichar pan pe dimag istemal nahin karna parta aur buhat asaan hota hai. Kuch tu dimag ka istemal kar ke mazaah hona chahiye.

          • Don’t pay attention to these simple minded people. I guess that’s all they’ve got left in life.

            • Ooops sorry bhai aapko buda laga tu, maine Imran sahab se bhi mazrat ki hai aapko buda laga tu aapse bhi mazrat.

            • Why? You are replying to each simple minded people’s comment n telling him to ignore? What made you so mad about us? Seems like it touched you somewhere deep inside.

              • No, actually I just realized there’s no use trying to talk sense into mindless zealots. At the end of the day, they’ll still do what they please.

      • Zeeshan sahab, galat baat hai. Kuch bhi hai, kisi ke liye bhi aisi language se ijtenab karna chahiye. Aap hamesha mohazzib comments dete hain but is baar yeh comment theek nahi. I think you should apologize to Imran.

        Woh bechare mujhse bhi naraz hogaye hain aur doosre Taha Najam bhai bhi. Aisa lag raha hai ke unka dil tor dia hai maine.

  • That’s really sad, there is no honor in killing (no matter you think she was innocent or not), she was acting odd, but you can’t take the lives on such behavior. That guy need to be hang.

    • Hanging would be too lenient a punishment for such a low life. He needs to be made an example so that next time such people think twice before taking the life of a family member. I propose gradually dipping him into a tub of concentrated hydrochloric acid like Saddam used to torture his opposition.

    • You look educated. Sad to see you have this kind of thinking. No one should have it coming. Who are we to decide who lives and who dies. Nauzubillah, do you consider yourself God?

      • what kind of thinking. He just told facts, He is not supporting this act. If you drive in opposite direction on one way, you will meet accident. Simple as that

      • Without a doubt it’s certainly God who decides people’s fate but my point was that she had it coming because she ended up doing wrong things at wrong place.. our society loves GHAIRAT

        • One who kills in the name of ghairat is the most beghairat of them all. If there is anyone who doesn’t deserve to live, it’s these pathetic worms. I say chop off the heads of each and everyone supporting this in public like they do in Saudia. The world is much better off without such cancers.

          • Sadly Ghairat only applies to ‘صنف نازک'(weaker gender) in our society

            • I say do it. Anybody so easily willing to take the life of a human being over such small matters is a hazard to the society and is better off six feet under. Better weed out the cancer before it can spread throughout the body.

              • The type of adultery she promotes is NOT a small matter although killing (or even harming) someone is NOT the solution for that.
                Education is required, which ‘wadeeras’ and ‘chodhris’ don’t want people to get.

                All honor killings should be stopped and those participated in it should be behind the bars.

  • Allah HU Akbar mere duwa hay ka Qandeel kay bahi ko janat-ul-Fardoos naseeb ho aaj aap nay jo kaam kai hay wo koi bhi nahi bhool sakta.

    • Tm jese nasur hamare bech ghum rahen he to is mulk ka or kia hona he. Kl koi terrorist tmhare ghar me akar phate ga tb bhi us ki maghfirat ki dua krna. Ya kia pta kl khud hi phat jao apne ghar walon ko le kr.

    • Haan g Zubair bhai… Aakhri din pay, Allah Kay Saamnay qandeel kay sawaalon kay jawaab aap nay dainay thay… Theek ho gaya na, jaldi he mar gaye ?? Well done people, this is the true face of Islam !!!

      • Alamdar Raza Sahab! aapne yeh jumla “this is the true face of Islam !!!” sawal kia hai ya tanz ya phir you really mean it?

        • Dear Brother, that was a sarcastic sentence… Killing someone is not permitted in Islam, in honour or whatever… Aur aik ye bhai hain jo kaatil kay liyay Jannat ul-Firdous main jaga maang rahay hain

          • janab mujhe aisa hi laga tha ke this is a sarcastic sentence, but was confirming so that koi confusion na rahe.

            Baki kaun kia hai aur kaun kia, Allah knows better.

    • I kinda feel sorry for her. She didn’t get proper guidance.
      Veena Malik agr sudhr sakti hy to koi bhi sudhr sakta hy. Zra souchiye!

  • She was not that kind of bad to harm somebody, just an attention seeker, no justification for her killing, our media mourn on her coz now they will not have many news to air.

    • So do ProPk, they will miss the masala news with her pics in post images. But you know what our media is very smart they will even make money out of this mourn!!! This is even bigger and better to for them to sell. Ab jab kabhi Mubashir luqman ke pass koi topic nahi hoga woh Mualana Qavi ko bitha kar Qandeel sahiba ki taziyat karna shuro kar dega.

  • Jo thi jesi bhi thi, Insan thii .. Qatal hua hai insaaniyat ka, Root cause Root cause krnay walo ALLAH tmey bhi hidayat dey ….

      • Kisi hadh nahi KMQ poori ki poori. 100 aanay sach hai. Burai ko bura na samjhain ge ya kahien ge tou iska bhi sawal hoga humse.

        • QB was a terrorist and died a haram maut, which we as a human being should appreciate instead of condemn it. TBH I’m not a fan of his brother but this just shows family background of people like QB. Whole family looks retard. Baron se batameezi ajj kal bahaduri mein aata hai. Jab QA media mein aake dosron ke pagri uchal rahe the jab ye “humanity ke ambassador” kahan the! ALLAH ke maqlooq the toh mujhe zahir he takleef to hui lakin phir mere demaag mein ye baat aye ke ye toh janwar se be battar the aur heywan the. Eik heywan fitne fassadi ke maut pe afsoos nai karna chiye. Aur waise be maut ALLAH te karta hai agar ALLAH chahta toh woh bach be sakhti thi lakin us ka waqt agaya tha. Mera to yar is khushi ke din pe laddo khane ka dil kar raha hai.

    • +1000 Chalo abhi be PAK mein demaag wale log hain warna mein toh
      samjha kal ko zardari mara to usse be media kahin shaheed na bana de
      rating barhane ke liye.

  • Qandeel Baloch was no role model but she deserved a better life and death. Strongly condemn!

    Baki I hope our media doesn’t make her a celebrity by making this mourn louder and louder.

  • Chalo itne dino baad kuch ache kabar to sunney ko mille. ALLAH ap ka shukar. PP apne credibility din ba din kam kar raha hai random bazaron logon ke news post kar ke. Kashmir aur Palestine mein roz log mar rahe hain usse related to koi news nai aaye PP pe. che che shame. PP ke staff tharke hain jabhe gande logon ke news post karte hain.

  • yaha per jitny b philosopher apni statements dy rahy hian jinko shyed real life me 4 logo ke beech baat kerne me sirf zillat he milti hai onko cahye apna waqt gher ky kaam kaaj me b lagay taky onki Maa Bahen Bivi ko thora relex mily kaam sy aur gher ka mahool acha rahy

  • First killing of honour, decency, and morality was done by her. This was not noticed by Authorities of our country. Final episode that she was killed bruttaly. There is one actor behind all these, sitting invisible and laughing, his name is Satan.

    • +1000 can’t agree with u any more. Human killing Human will make Satan very happy. We know very well why. Satan hates humanity as a whole, doesn’t matter whats ur political & religious opinions are. I think QB brain was possessed by Satan. Wass wassa dala satan ne. Loser Iblis loser.

  • She didn’t deserve that, no one deserves to die by someone else besides Allah’s will. What if she was going to repent? Asked for forgiveness?
    What she did was extremely wrong but Allah SWT says in Surah Zumar (53) “Say, O My servants who have transgressed (Zulm) against themselves [by sinning],
    do not despair of the mercy of Allah . Indeed, Allah forgives all sins.
    Indeed, it is He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful.”.

    May Allah give all of us Hidayat and forgives us.

  • First. May her soul rest in peace.
    Second. Puri duniya mein 2 cheezen mashoor hain Pakistan aur Islam. Duniya janti hai k Pakistan mein auraton k sath jaanwaron jaisa salook kiya jata hai especially in interior side of all provinces, Pakistan mein aye din gairat k naam pe auraton ka qatal-i-aam ek normal baat ban chuki hai, jis ki wajah se Pakistan ki image duniya k samne kaisi hai ye sab jante hain aur Insha’Allah aane wale time Pakistan ki image aur behtar* hoti jaye gi. In my opinion kisi ko qatal karne se kch hasil nhn hota agar ap us shaks k sath adjust nhn kar pa rahe to ghar se nikal do rishta khatam kar do ye cheez zyada behtar hai banisbat qatal k.
    *use opposite word

  • I don’t care about the story, but my concern is this Azaad Belagaam Pakistani Media will make more like QB.

    Media is destroying our ethical teachings & our culture, poisoning the minds of our youth. Wait another 10-20 years. Maadar Padar azaadi is being drip fed to our youth & coming generation. Soon you’ll see if everywhere.

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