Social Media Reacts to Qandeel Baloch’s Barbaric Murder!

Reports are surfacing that Qandeel Baloch is no more. She was murdered by her brother over honor in Multan, media is reporting.

She is reportedly murdered for uploading pictures and videos on Social Media. She was asked to stop doing that, but the way Qandeel was — fearless and direct — her 30 years old brother shot her till she was dead last night.

Her body was recovered early in the morning.

Social Media, as one would expect, is shocked and sad over the news. Topic has in fact made it to top trends World Wide on twitter, with-in just 30 minutes.


Clearly, every single soul on social media is saddened by the murder and the way Qandeel died. There are voices that killer — who ever he/she was — must be investigated, trialed and sentenced.