Microsoft Stream is Like YouTube for Enterprises & Businesses

Microsoft has come up with a new video streaming service called Stream. It targets the business and enterprise community giving them a service they can use to share videos internally while being able to use the same kinds of tools and flexibility that the best video sharing platform like YouTube offers to its users.

However, Microsoft Stream comes with some added enterprise security tool benefits similar to what you would expect from their document management services.

According to James Philips, Microsoft’s Corporate VP of Business Intelligence Products Group, to get started with the service, all you require is an email address.

User Experience for Microsoft Stream

The whole user experience of Stream resembles consumer grade services like YouTube and Vimeo. It also includes a multitude of social features. Viewers can also Like, Comment and recommend videos.

“We’ve all been trained as consumers to understand what beautiful and fully featured software looks like and we are now delivering on those experiences in business software.” – James Philips

Some of the uses for an enterprise-based video service in a company include training, employee communication and presentations.

Microsoft already offers another video service for business users with Office 365 Video.

According to their VP “Microsoft Stream builds upon the leaning success of Office 365 Video and over time the two experiences will converge with a seamless migration to ensure a consistent experience both within and outside of Office 365.”

However, Office 365 Video customers will not see any differences for the time being.

Compared to Office 365 Video, Stream will be similar to some other Microsoft technologies which offer consumer-like experiences. Work is being done at Microsoft Research and by Azure Machine Learning teams to introduce speech-to-text, automatic translations and facial recognition in future versions of Stream. Live streaming is also in Microsoft’s queue.

Benefits for Companies and Enterprises

Enterprise users will be happy to know that there is a video service which treats media like any other enterprise document, allowing them to assign rights to videos, create access groups, remove permission and ensure that videos don’t leak out of the company and aren’t shared anywhere else.

Developers can also start using the Microsoft Stream API and build apps on top of it. Currently the API only allows to embed videos but Microsoft plans to introduce more features soon.

The service is available as a free preview for the time being and it would be a good time to check it out.

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