Careem Revises its Tariff to Make Shorter Trips More Expensive

Careem, the ride-hailing service with presence in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, has revised its prices.

The move comes in the wake of increased competition between transport apps that are operating in Pakistan, especially with Uber planning to expand its services to other major Pakistani cities and A-Taxi also taking marketshare from the bigger ride services as well.

Here are the new rates from Careem which will be effective from today:

Fare Details

    • Rate per km: PKR 23
    • Base Fare: PKR 160 (NOW) | PKR 320 (LATER)
    • Waiting charges/Hour: PKR 370
    • Minimum Fare: PKR 250 (NOW) | PKR 500 (LATER)
    • Rate per km: PKR 17
    • Base Fare: PKR 130 (NOW) | PKR 260 (LATER)
    • Waiting charges/Hour: PKR 330
    • Minimum Fare: PKR 200 (NOW) | PKR 400 (LATER)

*Figures taken from the Official Careem Facebook Page.

For comparison’s sake, we have also included the old and new rates for economy and business here:


The company is marketing the new revised rates as cheaper than before. But it’s clear that savings are only on longer routes with shorter routes costing more than before.

However, avid users of Careem believe that these revised rates (especially for those using the Economy ride plan) are higher than the previous ones. Their contention is that though the company has revised the per/km rates from before, it has also enhanced the base fare comparatively.

Concluding Thoughts

It is an exciting time for startups who are trying to figure out the magic formula for operating a ride-hailing service in Pakistan. The competition is expected to get fierce in the months ahead as Careem, Uber and other local alternatives expand to new destinations.

As you can see from the table above, Careem has raised waiting charges significantly in the revised tariff due to the shortage of rides and captains. The company has its work cut out for them, with a lack of trained personnel and vehicles in recent months affecting their services.

Nonetheless, it is hoped that the rates of ride-sharing apps become competitive and that rides are available for a growing list of customers who prefer the convenience of calling for transport from their smartphones.

  • Another reason, they have increased the waiting charges is because riders make their captains wait before journey and during journey they make them stopover for errands… I think this is a good move to facilitate more ppl and curtail demand..

  • Why not try Daewoo Cab owned by Daewoo Express bus service providing service in major cities of Pakistan

  • Daewoo is charging less then any other with best service I believe. I did not try Careem yet, hope they also have good system.

      • I have not tried them for short distance well if they are 500 then it is sure much more than anyother service in Lahore.

  • I am a fan of Careem. Because they are way more professional than uber. Even you can call their helpline for any issues. Uber in this case is so aweful. All you will need is to email them (expect a reoly after 2 weeks).

    • Benifit your own country and travel in local services and help our own people. not careem or uber from outside of the country

  • We must benefit your own country and travel in local services and help our own people. not careem or uber from outside of the country

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