Suzuki Increases Prices of Its Cars by Upto Rs. 100,000

With increased demand of local brands in the market, Pak Suzuki Motors has got an opportunity to mint money from its customers by raising prices of its various brands from Rs 25,000 up to Rs 100,000 per unit.

According to a notification, cars prices will be increased from minimum Rs 20,000 per unit to Rs 103,000 per unit to be effective from August 01, 2016.


WagonR VXR witnessed an increase of Rs. 103,000 per unit. Its new prices reached Rs. 1.009 million. Mehran VX recorded an increase of Rs. 20,000 to settle its final prices at Rs. 650,000.

This is the second time in the calendar year when a leading automobile company made the revised announcement of prices for its all brands. Previously, it increased prices of its various brands upto 15,000 and Suzuki motorbikes by Rs 5,000 in April 2016.

It should be mentioned that Pak Suzuki is the most popular brand in Pakistan, having car models from above 1300 CC, 1000 CC and 800 CC.

The company has sold out the highest unit of cars in the outgoing financial year of 2015-16 as per statistics of Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA). Its sales of cars increased to 96,893 units in the last financial year with Mehran sales were the top with 37,223 units.

The company enjoyed handsome profits due to the Punjab Taxi Scheme with the provincial government. This scheme helped it make lucrative profits consistently for the last two years.

With the conclusion of the Taxi scheme, the company’s half year profitability was down by 41 percent in 2016. Its current profit stands at Rs 1.42 billion against the profit of first half of 2015 which stood at Rs 2.42 billion.

According to automobile industry analysts, the prices of cars have been increased due to the impact of Yen which appreciated against the local currency. This resulted in increasing costs for assembling components by the company, and a decrease in margins and profitability subsequently.

  • Too Much Sasta!!!!!

  • Mohsan Hassan

    Old price of Cultus CNG was 1167000. And you quoted wrong old price. Same goes for Cultus Petrol and WagonR

    Please check the prices before posting.

    Maximum of 30000 increased in all variants

  • Raja Amer Khan

    Peepa quality by Suzuki. We all should stop buying from them so they start adding safety and good quality air conditioning features to all its cars.

  • panjgoori

    7 Lakh for a Mehran LMAO.

    • Khurram ShahzAd

      773K for vxr cng, plus add other charges it makes it 8.. irony.

  • Najam

    BC jab hamari FX lenay ki bari aey, tab prices increase hojati han

    • Someone

      Tu ab lemon choos le.

  • Murad Habib

    Wrong info?

  • saLмaи saeєd

    thanks to overrated prices of so called civic X..

  • Naru-hudo

    All i can say “Badmash Company” deserves a Punch in the face.

    • Faheem Janjua

      A Sold Punch!

  • AbdulB1

    Napak Suzuki did it again…… time to move to German cars folks.

  • I hate Suzuki and their Mehran which is the most popular car in Pakistan. I want to punch people who suggest others to buy Mehran ?

  • Faheem Janjua

    A stupid action Suzuki always do, making a “DABBA” type Mehran from last 30 years and chaning increasing price always is really an amazing work they always do. I would love to go for Cultus but now after this price it is better to add up little more to buy a reputable brand.

  • Imam Bux Mallah

    Ghol kalyug hai ye apne Pakistan main… :D Car dekho aur car ka daam dekho…!!!!

  • Khurram ShahzAd

    Price of Mehran VXR CNG is missing which is 773,000 According to Pak suzuki website. See attached.

  • Khurram ShahzAd

    They are increasing all these prices because Pakistani People are purchasing these cars, its time I guess that we prefer imported cars as compared to Pak Suzuki and other over priced manufacturers. Plus I guess they have been once again successful in bribing the authorities so that they are not only able to sell cheap cars in high prices but also increasing their prices without any fear.

    • Usman Arif


    • Raja Maja

      Yeh Khurram bhai zara totay Rs. 34 Lacs to daina (for Audi A3), i do not want to disappoint you by buying Suzuki. ;)

      • Khurram ShahzAd

        Bahi, 34 lakh ki toa baat hi nai hai, nayee mehran 7 say 8 main aati hai itnay main kafi auchi auchi garyan aa jati hain, e.g. all imported 660 cc cars, Used Santro, even 10 years old civic, 6 to 8 years old city and stuff. Audi A3 b auchi choice but woi baat hai tootay 34 lakh ki.

  • AbdulB1

    One at the govt must ask them seriously what part they import from Japan? due to which they cars are now expensive in Pakistan? Most of their parts comes from Thailand. It is not Pakistan’s fault that yen’s value has appreciated. They better stop thinking Pakistanis as their fixed revenue generators. On the other hand I do ask which car they make here comes with galvanized steel?

  • Raja Maja

    Oh bhai Abdul Rehman, TUmhara SABUN Slow hai kia………………these prices were not increase in last two three days, it happened in months time, TUM kia ab JAGAY hoo……………..
    Aaamir atta, yeh bhai aap ki team kia KPK say IMPORT ki hai…………………

  • info is wrong