A Look at Most Viewed YouTube Videos By Gender and Age Groups in Pakistan

The internet, like all tools before it, can be used for good and bad. In fact, thanks to the advent of data analyzing tools and trends, we can determine what sort of content is popular in any corner of the world.

YouTube, the world’s largest video streaming service, also happens to offer a look at what videos are trending in which countries. It also breaks down the viewing habits of the Pakistani Youtubers by:

  • Their gender – male or female
  • Their age group
    • 13-17 years
    • 18-24 years
    • 25-34 years
    • 35-44 years
    • 45-54 years
    • 55-64 years
    • 65+ years

These categories are designed to give you a bird’s eye view of video-viewing habits of every age group from the teens to senior citizens. Data scientists and social commentators can take a look at the latest trends on YouTube to come up with their own conclusions.

But it doesn’t take a genius to see what these YouTube video trends tell us about the online viewing preferences of our fellow men and women in Pakistan.

We break it down for our readers below.

Whats Popular with Both Men and Women?

Lets get to the ‘good news’ first. Pakistani audiences like their dramas. The latest episodes of Man Mayal and Udaari are easily on the top 10 trends for both men and women. In fact they are found in all the age groups listed on YouTube.

Also on the top 10 trends are one or two music videos from Bollywood, which is in line with their current popularity.

Let’s get to the ‘bad news’ now.

What Sort of Content is Popular with Men?

Lets get one thing out of the way first. Pakistani men are interested in explicit videos. On YouTube.

As disgusting as this sounds, the data and the numbers on YouTube don’t lie.

In fact, we are way too repulsed to even mention the content that’s popular with Pakistani men online.

As an aside, older Pakistani men were more likely to watch explicit videos on YouTube. We can chalk this up to them being less-techy with modern technology than people belonging in other age groups.

What Sort of Content is Popular with Women?

For starters, the frequency of explicit content viewed on Youtube by Pakistani women is to a lesser extent than those by men.

There are some award ceremonies (Bollywood of course) that also feature on the trends here.

But surprisingly, YouTube revealed that Pakistani women are fans of pranks involving the hit horror movie Annabelle.

Concluding Thoughts

The strangest thing is that the YouTube videos that are popular among men and women of all age groups are more or less the same, barring one or two exceptions.

The common trend we notice is that the Pakistani public is crazy about:

  • Bollywood songs and award ceremonies
  • Pakistani dramas
  • Anabelle
  • Explicit content

We shouldn’t be too surprised at the preferences here. But for most of the content to remain the same for all age groups and genders, we are a bit surprised by the lack of variety there.