Top 5 Video Editing Apps For Android

Phones nowadays give you a lot of options to record video. Slow mo, high speed recording, 1080p and even 4K. Most people though don’t move their videos to PC to edit them. Increasingly, they just want to touch them up, edit a bit and share.

So to help you out with that, we will be listing the top 5 video editing applications that you can download on your Android smartphone!

1. Adobe Premiere Clip


Out of all the applications that are going to be listed here, I enjoyed using Premiere Clip the most.

It is super simple to use and it requires little to no knowledge of video editing to get started. You have automatic mode which automatically edits your video and add a soundtrack too. It’s useful when you want to quickly edit and share a video and the Premiere Clip does a nice job.

The other mode is Freeform. This gives you more control over the editing. You can trim, edit and change the sequence of videos. You can select multiple videos and edit them one by one. You are also able to adjust exposure, highlights and shadow level in a particular video.

You can get Adobe Premiere Clip on Android over here.

2. Quik


Quik is one of the fastest video editing software that I have ever used. It creates professionally edited videos in just a few taps. A user can pick multiple videos, a sound track, a theme and Quick will do the rest of the work for you. You can make a few changes such as the style, font, pace, video duration and filters. But most of the work is done by the app itself and you just have to wait for it to create your masterpiece for you!

You can get Quick on Android over here.

3. KineMaster


KineMaster might be the closest thing to the Windows Movie Maker I have ever used on Android. You start off by either using the “Project Assistant” or “Empty Project”. The Project Assistant mode is an automatic mode where it’ll ask for the title, select media, a theme, a background audio and you’re done!

You can then add more music to the background, edit the captions or even edit the clips you have added. It also offers a Pro version with added features but the free version is more than enough to take care of your editing needs.

You can the KineMaster on Android from here.

4. PowerDirector

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PowerDirector is similar to KineMaster in terms of features and performance, thought you don’t get automatic mode here. You get to choose the type of media you’d like to add in the video and once you’re done with that, it’s all laid out in a timeline where you can add the music of your choice, edit or add more clips. You can also import a video/photo from Google Drive. The controls seemed a little cramped to me on a 5-inch display, but they’ll be better on a larger display such as that of a tablet.

You can get PowerDirector on Android from here.

5. Videoshop


Last one on the list is Videoshop, the app that I use the least out of these 5. It’s not bad by any means but the UI makes it confusing to use as compared to the rest of them. Other than that, it’s a feature-full application with almost all the basic functions you’d want out of a video editing app.

You have various filters and themes and that you can apply to your videos. You can also edit your clips, such as trimming them, adding slow-mo and even add transitions in between them. Therefore, it is in no way short on features, it’s just that the interface is not the best out there. I will still definitely recommend this as it is a complete package and will get your work done.

You can get Videoshop on Android from here.

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