Galaxy Note 7 Display Rated as The Best Ever

Samsung recently unveiled its phablet flagship, the Galaxy Note 7, the first Note flagship to come with only a curved screen option. The screen is also making headlines for being rated as the best ever built on a smartphone.

The honor comes courtesy of DisplayMate, a popular display reviewer which performs comprehensive tests on Smartphone displays and puts them against each other, ranking them based on their quality. As has become norm, DisplayMate has crowned another Galaxy device as having the best display ever tested.

It should be mentioned that Samsung has constantly ranked as having the best display on the market. It started with the Galaxy S6, followed by the Note 4 and every other Galaxy flagship that came afterwards.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that the Note 7 has beaten the S7 series as the best smartphone display on the market. Note 7 performed better than its predecessor and the S7 in almost every lab test. The Galaxy Note 7’s main features which stand above the competition are:

  • It boasts the brightest display ever with a screen brightness of 1048 nits
  • It has a screen reflectance of just 4.6%, the lowest ever tested by DisplayMate.
  • Galaxy Note 7 has the widest Color Gamuts for Current Content (DCI-P3 for Digital Cinema and Adobe RGB for Digital Photos).
  • Highest Contrast Rating in Ambient Light at 228.
  • Note 7 equals the highest screen resolution recorded by Display Mate(2560×1440)
  • Highest Contrast Ratio (Infinite)
  • When viewed at an angle the Note 7 has the smallest brightness variation of just 21 percent.
  • A new Blue Light Filter mode that allows the user to adjust and reduce the amount of blue light which effects sleep patterns.
  • A built-in HDR mode for video viewing.

When you consider the display settings available to the user as well, It makes the Note 7 the best phone to look at, especially in bright sunny conditions. The massive improvement seen in the Note 7 could prove fruitful for the Korean OEM.

Galaxy Note 7 with 6GB RAM Announced in China

When the Galaxy Note 7 was still in the rumor-mill, it was being said that the phone will come with 6GB RAM. When Samsung announced the phone a few days ago there was no mention of a 6GB RAM variant or a version with 128GB of storage.

Now it seems, China is about to get an exclusive version of the phone with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage which is a huge upgrade over the international variant. The device has already been confirmed via the leaked shots from Chinese TENAA certification site.

The phone will be announced on August 26 and release on September 2nd. It is said to cost over $900, about a $100 more than the normal variant.

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    Secondly, “Note 7 equals the highest screen resolution recorded by Display Mate(2560×1440).”

    Uh, didn’t these guys benchmark the S7 with that exact same resolution?

    “Highest Contrast Ratio (Infinite)”

    Again, that’s true for not just the S7, but every OLED display out there.

    Low quality stuff yet again from PP. What a surprise!

  • Note 7 pixels per inch 518
    Galaxy S6 pixels per inch 577
    Resolution of both is 1440 x 2560
    One wonders whats going on at ProPK these days

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