PIA Premier Service Inaugurated in Islamabad [Pictures]

Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif today inaugurated PIA’s Premier Service at Islamabad Airport.

National carrier is hoping to revive its lost glory through this PIA Premium Service that will come with free limousine service for business class passengers from London’s Heathrow Airport.

Initially six flights per week are introduced from both Islamabad and Lahore to London with premium experience, better meals and extended in-flight entertainment.

In-line with international standards, each passenger will be able to enjoy separate entertainment system, display screen and controller for a range of in-flight entertainment collection.

PIA said that air fares will remain unchanged for now.

Mr. Sharif was explained about the PIA Premier Service and its facilities by CEO PIA. Mr. Ishaq Dar, Finance Minister, and Mr. Parvez Rashid, Information Minister, were also present at the occasion.


Pakistani Premier is being given the briefing by CEO PIA – Via Twitter

Prime Minister was also taken into the aircraft where he examined the service himself and greeted the passengers and crew.

PIA has said that its Premier Service will also be introduced for other routes including China.

Not to be mentioned, three A330 aircrafts are acquired through wet lease from Sri Lankan Airline.

PIA is expecting to get more A330 planes by early next year.



















Cockpit of A300-300


Premier Business Class Menu for Premier Service Routes

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    • It was way worse in the time of Asif Zardari. Atleast Punjab is progressing as is KPK and Baluchistan Gwadar developing. Sindh is and will remain in the 16th century because of PPP rule.

      • Not Punjab; only Lahore is progressing. Sometime visit anywhere in South Punjab to see your so-called development.

          • Motorway is only upto Gojra (approx 60 km). Distance between Gojra and Multan is approx 200 km via kamalia. Physically there is no work in progress for the construction of Gojra to Multan patch.

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    • Electricity: Tarbela 4th extension, LNG agreement with Qatar followed by 3 LNG fired power plants in pipeline and Dasu nearing financial close.
      Gas: LNG agreement with Qatar + regassification unit by Engro + a govt unit in progress
      Health Care: Punjab health care unit has people from MIT, Cambridge finally doing something real
      Education: Danish school system but still more needed

      Please research before posting. (I am not a PML N voter or supporter)

  • lankans had so many new planes and not that much air traffic they surely are helping Pakistanis in the time of need.

      • Who said it’s not a commercial transaction? The fact is that we got new planes on lease is quite important thing keeping in mind what mess these politicians have created for this country.

  • This is indeed great but I value punctuality, reliability and consistency more than these MM screens and ‘shashkay’.
    My cousins recently had to wait for 2+ DAYS @ Canada airport to get their PIA flight which was not operational due to administrative issues. Do you think that any of us will now be fascinated by these premiere services after having a turbulent experience of waiting 2+ days at airport?

  • Please note in your mind that here Premium service means premium for Business Class or Executive class not ecnomoy class. Seats in economy and outlay of economy class is same as before. So, they have launched elite service for elites!

  • A ten year old aircraft like Air Bus/Boeing which has flown 50,000 hours
    are available at one fifth of the price. Now with wet lease, Pakistan
    will be paying to Sri Lankan citizen whereas 14000 SURPLUS Pakistani
    employees of PIA will get pay and allowances without doing any work.In
    addition we will be paying 88000 US dollars per day to Sri Lanka. It was
    better to purchase 10 year old 5 air crafts and pay 88000 dollars per
    day and in just 2 years PIA would have paid the price and owned these
    air buses/ Boeing. Mr. Prime Minister, who are your advisors? Must be
    dual nationals who are looking after the interests of their new masters.Please put the 14000 PIA employees on job by adding 10 year old air crafts.

    • This was a commercial decision. 14000 employees of PIA need to be laid off or repositioned. No airline in the world has this much excess baggage of employees. Time to cut the fat. Fully support govt’s move (i am not a PML N voter or supporter)

  • what an interesting country where a PM is inaugurating rented airplane service. wow Pakistan on the road to progress…

      • did you say began and that too renting from PIA now PIA is renting from others, wow what an amazing research you did? do you see any PM inaugurating rented plane service?

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