Google is Showing K2, Muzzafarabad, Skardu, Gilgit as Part of India

Yet another finding has revealed that Google — for its Indian version — is showing a major portion of Pakistan as a part of India.

We recently saw how Palestine remained an unnamed state and was shown as a part of Israel. Similarly, Gilgit Blatistan and Azad Kashmir region is now being shown as owned by India.

This version of the map is available on Indian Google Maps, i.e. when you access the mapping service through its Indian domain ‘’.

You can see a snapshot of the map shown in the image below.


The map shows Pakistani areas like Muzaffarabad, Skardu, Gilgit, Deosai, Rawalakot, New Mirpur and the Shandur National Park part of India.

Even the K2, which is on the Pakistan-China border, is listed as a part of India. Among other skyscrapers, Nanga Parbat has also been transferred to India in the maps.

Indian Google Maps shows the border line just 50 KM from Islamabad, which is factually incorrect.

Some part of Kashmir is controlled by China, however, Chinese administered areas of Kashmir are also shown as part of India.

On the other hands, in the international version of Google Maps (the one which Pakistanis get), the whole area is shown in dotted lines. Even the Pakistan controlled region of Kashmir, i.e. Azad Kashmir, and Gilgit Baltistan have a dotted line around them, incorrectly suggesting that this is disputed area.

You can see a snapshot of the international version of the Google map below:


Google is clearly making a business-based decision for showing legal maps in countries where it is registered. India for example, where a local version is available, entire Kashmir — even the Pakistani and Chinese parts — are shown as part of India.

For Pakistan however, since they don’t have a registered office here, they are not obligated to show Pakistani controlled Kashmir as part of Pakistan.

Which is by the way a senseless decision. So for example if India claims to have control over Bangladesh — and if Google is registered in India, which it is — then will they show Bangladesh as part of India? Just because India thinks so and because they have registered presence in India?

Logically, Google Maps should show the Pakistan controlled area as part of Pakistan — at least for International version — and ideally for Indian version too.

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It would be appropriate for the Pakistani government to raise the issue with Google, that already offers Pakistani versions of all of its services except Maps.

If Google claims to be unbiased in the Pakistan-India matter, it should launch a Pakistani Maps version with our legal border marking.

You can view the Indian Google Maps here and the International version here.

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  • Exactly the policy they have for Muslims and non-muslims, so we shouldn’t be surprise on Google Inc, such cheapest act because there management are also puppet in some other hands, so cool and calm because ground reality in everyone mind including india and google about Pakistan and palestine territory,

  • Our government does not has time and required understanding to raise such issues. All they can do it to blame opposition for ruining democracy and creating barriers in their so-called development of the country.

    • you mean Indian Pakistani Prime Minister Noora Shareif………do that he is pro indian so forget …….

      • what modi said today about Balochistan, gilgit and Pak kashmir should have been answered in the same tone by our p.m.

        • abe kya tumhara hamara kar raha hai hamare yahan bahar se aake hamara jameen hathiya liya aur pakistan naam de diya sala 1947 se pehle ek desh the kahe ki deshbhakti thi tumlogo ki sala humlogo ne tumlogo ko angrejo se azaad karaya aur tum ne desh hi tor dala upar se angrez se azadi ka din tumlogo ko manana chahiye sala humlogo se azadi ka din manate ho humari hi jagah lekar(sabse sahi rehta angrezo ko bolte sale tumlogo ko kabje mein hi rakho sala tab azadi samajh mein aata tumlogo ko)

          • No offence bro. Pakistan iss liye bana kyu k Hindus and Muslims are different Nations. Wo ek dusray k sath kabhi nehi reh saktay. apas mai lartay hain. koi masjid girany ki baat karta to koi gaye zibah karta, koi music nehi chahta to koi khoon kharaba karta. agar tum log chahtay thy k Pakistan na bany to pehlay apas mai sulah karty.

          • who were u mr? u took the land from the poor people who now reside in Sri Lanka or who migrated to east Asia. and regarding partition, tum kia azad karate kisi ko pehle khud ko to azad karalo shiv sena se. Ham ne cheen k lia tha aur len g pur indoshtan.

            • kya cheen kar lega ….lol !!?? ,abe, 4 baar to koshish kar chuka hai …kya hua ,sabko maloom, pehli baar lahore defend karna padh gaya , doosari baar east pakistan bangladesh ban gya , or tere 1,00,000 faujii ne surrendar kar diya , 3rd tym siachin gya or 4th tym 4000 faujii marre gaye , zameen toh 1 inch naa mili naa hi kisi v ek faujii ki lash . aur ab toh koi umeed v nhi hai ki kuch cheen kar le payega !!!

              • Lol ! 1965 ki jang to yaad hogi jab hum ander agae thay (around 5kilometer) aur tm log rotay hue United Nation bhag gae thay… UN ki wajah se hum ne jang roki thi…. Bqi rha 4th jang to wo FINAL war sabit hogi agr tayar ho to saaf bta do… Dartay q ho itna.. 1988 se dar rahay ho…

                • lol ….twisted history my friend !!!! youtube is banned in ur country, hope, wiki is not ….just go through or any other credible source . but, even if, u don’t want to accept…itz ok !!! that’s ur perennial problem .

                  • Lolz !! Time never b constant… The history is past.. But Today, pakistan is very change than your country… U can not compare but also discuss with other nation…. But wait a sec, just see around your country about corruption… Also about the rate of rape cases… You know the better than us…. and also kidnapping, u have no way but to accept the right but if u want……

                    • poor chap…..don’t even u tried to watch ur own media ???oftenly they accuse nawaz and his foraign assets , his treatment at london, his stay at luxury hotels ,while in newyork for conference, his shopping at mark &Spencer while under treatment at london. com’on boy what are u talking about ??? i’m proud of my PM and his cabinet not a drop of corruption charges !!! talking about rapes and kiddnapping ….!!! do they even get reported in pakistan !! , the place where woman have to present 4 witness in support of her rape !!! u people don’t even research b’fore saying …go through the fact book , in rape crimes india is lowest in world, in gross volume ,as well as in per head count . but, at least it is better than pakis where , boys and minor were not out of it ……should i send u the DAWN news reporting about it ???

              • apne bhe yad kar salee. AJK lia tha. mumbai ko medan e jang bana dia. wo bhe yad karna.

          • Who is this tapori?
            Pakistan Got independence from British Raj.
            For your kind information india was never a single country. it was divided into different states and every state had its own ruler. Muslim rulers made it a country.
            So you keep on saying your “Jameen” but infact it belongs to the people who are residing on it. by the way india is occupying Kashmir and when your army gets killed there than their bodies are sent back to india on their “Jameen”.

    • absolutly.
      and one more thing,whatever facebook and google does about PAKISTAN or other MUSLIM countries ,they can’t deny THE REALITY of our EXISTENCE and DOMINANCE.

  • they can only do this on internet or in their dreams lolz, CEO of google is a Endian so better dont expect any change in this they did it intentionally i am sure.

        • I hvnt heard of shivsena doing anything more than some trivia goon work

          1. do they rum terrorist camps?
          2. do they brainwash hindus and help them infiltrate to pak for waging religious jihad

          3. are they banned as terrorist affiliate group by any country? ?

            • jinki hasiyat hogi wo hi use karenge …..ghaas ki roti khane waale toh nhi kar sakte * courtsey …zulfiqar ali bhutttttooo !!!??

          • Almost all the target killers in Karachi is trained by india militant wings just to make panic in Pakistan and every political parties have their own militant wings So don’t be so childish they run terrorist camps & kill hundred and thousand of indian Muslims as well as Kashmir they torture Muslims college and universities student in india my boy ………..

            • 1. MQM are political parties of pakistan–Dont hurl fake allegations without proof
              2. I havent heard of any terror camps run by shiv sena.No world bodies have questioned shiv sena for terrorism

              3. Kashmir sunni muslims from few pocket district of south kashmir valley r waging jihad against India as they desire to install islamic state.
              But I didnt hear 1 shiv sena member in kashmir–Its Indian army,kashmiri police & CPRF who are doing mob control of kashmiri sunni jehadis

              Lastly unilike pakistan- No Indians are brainwashed & trained in jihad ; launched into pakistan but we in india killed 20000 pakistani terrorist in last 20yrs

          • 1. He doesn’t need to. He runs one of the biggest political parties in your country.
            2. Yes. And not just Pakistan, but Muslims in your country.
            3. Yes, Pakistan & China for sure, but I don’t think any other country would be willing to welcome him with open arms.

            • u r such an uneducated ill informed person.

              what shivsena does most is protest, hooliganism so I don’t expect sense frm madrassa educated bakistani

              when did pak ever blame or sanction shivsena for terrorist attack

              mention one case of shivsena member being caught in pakistan?

              chinese r meeting shivsena minister regularly in Mumbai.

        • Only pakistani madrass educated from AXACT will call shivsena: a right wing hooligan political party as terrorist groups

          U need basic lecture on political ideology

          • Whatever you people say or argue, but please keep Islam different form today’s Muslims. I don’t see any true muslim today, not a single. Terrorism is not in Islam, and Islam doesn’t support terrorism.
            We must not talk over religions. Humanity is above everything.

          • What we comment or talk here is quite baseless and only emotional. Who knows reality? we just see what media shows us and that’s all.

            • whole world perceive reality as those what they see …..hence, kindly put breaks on those who have nefarious intent towards other faith but ,( don’t think goin to happen anyway) real damage would be for those who really are ‘allah’ fearing !!!

          • Whatever you call it, doesn’t change the fact he’s a terrorist who propagates violence and threatens innocent citizens of his own country. Deal with your own problems first.

          • Since when did the UN start making laws? Siv Sena openly terrorizes innocent civilians. He’s the definition of terrorist.

            • the time when porkis start whinning about UN resolution about kashmir, the time when porkis running on and off to ICJ ( a UN funded ) about “baglihar dam” and the satluj water treaty .

              • Speaking of whining, you curries are experts at that aren’t you? You curries keep whining to get a permanent seat in Security Council, you curries lick Obama’s shoes and beg him to make you a member of NSG. And every time you curries get kicked out the door because you smell like curry. And cow urine.

                • hahahaa……crap country , crap talks….not surprised at all y u fails as a nation diplomatically. just keep dreaming abt Nsg or anything else. there is no country in this world who do not took pride over their ancestory ,exception pakistan and have no relation to their roots (Indus valley civilization) , thumps their chest over foraign culture invasion and took pride in it

  • That was inevitably going to happen . The CEO of google is an indian, so i really feel that it was just a matter of when instead of why, for google to start showing a certain bias against muslims in general.

    • don’t understand ……even for small sneezing cough and cold , whole muslim religion get in danger . if u don’t have beard, muslims in danger, if u watch movie ,muslims in danger , if u don’t wear ur trousers 5 inch above normal then muslims are in danger . 1st get some sane mind and then only think abt other things .

      • Lol looks like my comment is creating quite a bit of controversy, i’d better remove it ;)

  • Google run by Indians can show the whole world as their land.. Please ask your nation to cross without a visa ..

  • Google Maps has become the de facto arbiter of national border placement, and it’s basically trying to not piss anyone off. It just moves the conflicting borders depending on from where the user is serving it.

    And this trick is been here for long and nothing to do with an indian CEO.

  • They appeased Israel showing Palestine as Israel and now this one to appease modi and co. shame on google

  • the government should ban google if it doesn’t apologize f*ck google and facebook

    • Google apologize!? You are a funny guy. Actually Google will say “f**k pakistan” in reply.

      • Google cam back when we banned youtube for your kind info, companies don’t manipulate countries whoever they are

        • So u r saying if they dont Apologize Ban google? yaaaaaaaaaaah right…………Theres is a big diff between youtube and google…… using internet without google ;)

  • If you want Google to listen to you then you have to become strong. Just nuclear weapons cannot make you strong. On todays world strong nation means country with strong economy whether it’s Muslim or not. Just an example, world listen to Turkey although it’s Muslim country.

  • Pakistani & all the Muslim Govt should ban all the Google sites from their countries.

  • Shameless for google. Only dream in the day by Indian. Google is the source of Indian to dream in the day.

    • We of all people can’t live without Facebook or YouTube and we are talk about ban come on.

      As for india it is triple in size, economy, military on other hand we are the nation of beggars.

      First lets do some thing for pakistan or Muslim world then talk else

      SHUT UP

  • India-born Sundar Pichai is Google CEO since August 10, 2015. You can expect such crimes from Indians. Google to remain careful and amend the map.

  • Its not the care with bing maps. Which proves that its not internationally recognized sketch. Seems like google did it deliberately. Keep in mind that google has tons of indian employees. Off topic; Also there is a force of social media users who happen to spend plenty of time on trolling and propaganda again Pakistan all the time. Nothing can change ground realities. Lets all pay our taxes and feed our soldiers well. They will deal Endia with our support.

  • Brothers, …Gilgit & Kashmir were never part of Pakistan. Pakistan stole them from Indian control. Google is correct in showing what you mentioned above. Pakistan did the same thing with Balochistan, Bahawalpur etc.

    P.S: Now start bombarding me with your hate speech..! :p

      • google (as in, search engine) is your friend. GO search!
        don’t believe in the shit that Pakistani text books or politicians, or pathetic Pak Army tells you.

    • No need for hate speech. Only sympathy since you obviously lack education. Maybe go catch up on your history books before you start blabbing?

      • my not so dear bro.. ‘Social studies’ k naam per zabardasti ‘pakistan studies’ parhne walay bhai..
        muhammad bin qasim k arrival se pak-studies shuru kerne walay bhai, hindus & jews ko enemy kehne walay mere dost, kab tak aankhon per patti baandhay rakho ge? Kab hosh k naakhun lo ge.. aur kab ‘real’ history parho ge? Which history books do you talk about? By the way let me know if you love Pak army or not? cuz if you do, you can’t be rational in your thinking!

              • do u understand difference between certainty and one which is dream , bangladesh is reality and kashmir is ur dream !! lol ….??

                • Not really. We can make it a reality any time we want. Not then you’ll start doing the only thing you curries are good at: sucking Obama’s D.

                  • u can’t do anything apart from thumping ur chest . if u wud be able to do anything , then it wud have come by now . we are gud at many things ,not feel necessary to teach u about it .

                  • hahahaa……in ur dreams !!!! this dream is watched over zillion times by ur countrymen but, reality is, it still bites u . hold ur Balochistan tight , as Pok is gonna part of india again !!!

          • o nai pai, punjabi bol k wakhawaan tennu? how can I prove my misfortune of being a pathetic west-Pakistani?

      • don’t talk education ….not ur cup of pie !!! most elusive and distant thing for u . even after 70 yrs of freedom , u managed to pull only 53 % of literates !!!!!

        • lol your illiteracy is dripping from the fact that you can’t even Google properly to come up with the correct figure. First provide proper sanitation and toilets to your people, then talk education.

          • porkis use burnol …..u need it desperately !!! see the level of education ……when modi talks sanitation , u come to know sanitation, when modi talks about toilets needed in india , u come to know what the thing toilet is !!! however , we have a larger toilet in our neighborhood . my facts are absolute pakistan not above a iota over it…..don’t google , they don’t listen , go through ur govt. data.

            • Was that even English? I think your brain has rotted from drinking too much cow piss. Don’t force it, warna curry nikal jae gi from your behind.

    • Actually indian govt is misleading their citizen by providing false information in their education studies. Thats why indians are so far from realitly and thinks Gilgit and Kasmir is their. Actually whole Indian generation is studying fake history. There are some people in Indian who knows the truth and condemn such fake history being taught in Indian education system.

  • Not a new news. That’s also due to cowardness of muslims. Can’t even protect their homeland. They fell for it.

    • U better care about ur side.pakistani flags r raised in sirinagar,utter pardesh,aruna chal. There r 67 revolutions r heading in india.khalistaan is soon becoming a country in india.
      So u better care of ur a””s

  • Aksai Chin, part of China, is also being shown with the Indian map. Anyways, it doesn’t matter. Google is trying to appease dirty Indians by putting it up on the It is not like the ground realities have changed.

  • Google felt left out of the list of assholes and now they are turning out to be the biggest assholes on the planet. First Palestine no where on the map and now this.

  • in this way soon Google will show Baluchistan in dotted lines as disputed area, PK gov is busy in making bills like cyber crimes but they have no idea about Pakistan projection in the world

  • Stupid article ever. According to India, Kashmir belongs to India, and according to Pakistan, Kashmir is not part of it, but a disputed territory. Research some stuff before going all nuts on Google, and India. And to everyone asking to ban Google,I think google won’t care, and loss will be all for you.

  • I suggest we should stop using Google search engine and go for either Yahoo, Bung or DuckDuckGo.

  • Cuz the CEO of Google is Sundar Pichai, thats why in india it is being shown as part of india, but in the rest of the world it is still being shown as a disputed territory like before(neither part of india nor Pakistan)

  • another fantasy of India. no problem insha Allah soon there will be only Pakistan and no india so let them have this fantasy reality will be opposite of it …

  • LoLs! They (Indians) can use such virtual tactics only for their unreal dreams, either in movies or in such platforms, whereas in ground realities, they even cant get a single cm of Pakistani areas in practical…
    Isn’t it a shameful act for an Indian born Google CEO- Sundar Pichai who is not loyal to his company but to his home country.. Getting huge Salary paid from Google, and working for Indian govt.’s agenda… Really Shameful

  • Hey what would you expect The Google CEO is an Indian. Be thankful that parts of Pakistan is left out of “Akhund Bharat”

  • Muslims & Christians Ruled India, Minority Muslims & Christians Ruled Majority Hindus & Sikhs. (MUSLIMS 1000Years Christians 100Years)

  • Turks Ruled 800Years Entire Subcontinent Turks Mughals Muslims Minority Ruled Majority Hindus & Sikhs Turk Mughal Ruled Entire India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burma Almost All South Asia 400Years Then British Ruled 100Years Hindus & Sikhs are slave it’s been just 69 Years they got independent do not forget your real Masters Your Right True Rulers Lords Kings Muslims

  • Even Raja Ranjit Singh Sons & GrandChildrens From Sikhism converted to Christian. Ranjit Singh Grand Daughter married a Christian Man

  • Who the hell said Muzaffarabad Or Gilgit Bloristan is part of pakistan, you pakistani’s??? Over a billion indian say that too, we DO NOT accept that and you think that we Kashmiri would listen to you pakistani thugs

  • Its like a person draws map of his home
    and add his neighbors lawn in the map and it makes him happy that he has
    a home with lawn. But for outside world it is not, in legal papers of
    home he does not own this lawn. But that person is very happy to think
    he owns that lawn and when some guests come to his home he shows them
    his home map and says hey I have this lawn too but only in Map.. LOL on
    Indian Govt.

  • Lets drop messages regarding complaints to google about this issue. Also make wake this Govt. this is Pakistan not Indian’s property.

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