Man Killed in Islamabad Over a Facebook Comment

You might have heard by now that Former Senate Chairman Mohammad Mian Soomro’s nephew was killed in a gun fight in Islamabad on Monday.

However, it might not have come to your knowledge that the fight started over a comment posted on Facebook.

The two individuals involved in the fight were Raja Arshad (and his group) and Hussain Malik (Tariq Malik group).

Police officials have reported that the tussle started when one of the involved guys made an offensive comment about a girl on Facebook. That girl happened to be a friend of the other guy who jumped to defend her by calling for a physical fight. Both of the men took it out in a clash, along with their friends, at a Coffee Shop in F-10/3.

The fight started over a Facebook Comment

Police was quick to take action and stopped the fight. Soomro’s Nephew, Malik Fahad, was acting as a mediator between the two groups and successfully resolved the matter at the police station. Both groups agreed to stop fighting.

However, as soon as they left the police station, the fight started again when Raja Arshad group started firing at Fahad Malik’s car. Fahad Malik succumbed to the injuries immediately while his fellow, Tariq Malik was seriously injured. Both received multiple gunshot wounds but Tariq Malik survived the incident. The accused fled the scene are yet to be located and arrested.

Police investigation has revealed that the incident could have been avoided had the police officers at the station searched the cars of both parties for any weapons. Police sources suggest that Islamabad’s Safe City project will come into play as the team behind it has been tasked to identify and trace the car. That information will be used to arrest the alleged murder criminals.

According to police sources, Raja Arshad group has the support of a strong political family. So far, the police have not even filed an FIR and are awaiting a written application from the victims.

This case will reveal the usefulness of the Safe City Project and the cybercrime laws will kick in for the authorities to get additional details regarding the cause of this incident.

  • This is sad… really really sad :( ,, RIP ..

    ALLAH hum sab ko sabr o berdaasht dey or hidayat bhi .. Ameen

  • welll desi liberals will find “hath of mullah” in this matter us na fatwa dia tha is waja sa kill ker dia……….

        • Desi Liberals [d̪eːsi ˈlɪb(ə)r(ə)] : An annoying creature having resemblance with Humans. You can easily find them at two places
          1 : when an event occur in which they can target Islam or Pakistan they
          Normally found on chowks with candles and on TV channels with shriek.
          2 : when an event occur against West they can easily be find under their bed with locked rooms.

  • The safe city is a failed project, dozens of cars were stolen in a week, but police has never successful in tracing any of it. The number plate sensors on poles are only installed in vicinity of islamabad secretariat, all other camera in other areas
    lack this facility.

    • The safe city project wasn’t made for peasants. It was made for His Archmagnificency Nawaz Sharif and His Archmagnificent friends and family. That’s His Archmagnificency Nawaz Sharif!

  • Rawalpindi or us k mazafaat main jahilyat (ignorance) boht zyada he. my personal experience from last 15 years…. udhr k log main weapons show-off boht zada he and they think the one who is famous for firing is a CHODHRY..

    chodhry my foot !

    • bhai jaan.. jahalat mulk kay kis konay mein nahi hai? its not about regional segment, its just how we are being groomed by the people running this country.. people are defined by the government or leaders in any country

  • we arent ready for this kind of technology which involves interaction with another human being. In fact, we’re not ready for anykind of technology at all. Maybe some schools would be more effective.

  • Why not Govt. trace that girl.
    That amateur started the war
    har kamyab mard k peechy aik aurat aur baqi 99 mard k nakami k pechy bhi aurat.

  • Yaha Pehli Baat Facebook ka link koi ni
    2nd Baat Girls k Oooper Larraee Jahal krty
    3rd as i said Jahil hon gay to aisa kaam b hoga

    4th is Qaum me bardaasht naam ki cheez khatam hai :(

    Very Disappointing

  • In fact the comment was not from the guy. It was from the girlfriend of one to the girlfriend of other. Both the girlfriends of both guys made them fight and both girls would be relaxing at their residents when the game of death started in F-10. Very sad. And Fahad was driving and taking hasnain back home when the other party carried out target killing. This is another version of story. Allah knows better.

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