Android’s Marketshare in Smartphones Rises to 86%

This is a pretty expected script by now. Regardless of its competitors’ phone launches, every quarter the market share of Google’s Android only grows. Latest figures by Gartner put it at 86.2 percent of the entire market.


The same quarter of last year, it stood at 82.2 percent share, compared to iOS’s 14.6 percent. As of today, Apple’s OS is further below at 12.9 percent, further brought by its own decline in sales.

The remaining players got just 0.9 percent of the market. Windows, which remained third earned just 0.6 percent of the market. BlackBerry which has all but ditched BB10 for Android had 0.1-percent of the market while the “Others” segment recorded 0.2 percent of sales.

Smartphone sales grew 4.3 percent in the quarter to a total of 344 million units.


When it came to the companies’ table, the story was not different than expected there, either. Samsung continued its domination with 22.3 percent of the market, followed by Apple at 12.9. Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi closed the top five, who collectively earned 54 percent of the market.

More importantly, all major markets (bar Japan) saw a slowing demand for yet another quarter while all emerging markets (except Latin America) saw an increase in growth. It is no wonder all of these companies are scrambling for attention in new and upcoming markets.

  • Android the pathetic software expanding day by day. I don’t know why people can’t understand its basic flaws and disabilities for the touch phones. Maybe people using it because they don’t have any other options.

  • @faysalraza12:disqus I have used both iOS and Android for a very long time and I have found that Android is now equal and in some cases more stable and faster than iOS. Also, it gives more freedom to the end user than the iOS. The iOS makes you slave of it.


      “Dual-Core, 2GB RAM iPhone 6s Beats Octa-Core, 4GB RAM Galaxy Note 7 In Real-World Speed Test”

      any comment on this ? No matter how much big ram, faster processor and powerful GPU you use with android but it will still lag behind iOS. problem lies behind the android coding and java virtual machine system and priority layers, it will never be smooth as iOS. even google is well aware of this problem. that is why they are trying to replace android and chrome os with their new under development OS Fuchsia.

      • that is the stupidest test I have seen. Games take longer to load on samsungs cause the GPU has to push far more pixels on to the screen than the iphone. there is no comparison

        • iPad Pro 12.9 inch 2732-by-2048 destroys any Samsung, from tablets to phones. So please seek other excuses.
          Android is a super cumbersome OS, it needs a lot more juice to pull *almost* comparable performance… they fell behind performance-wise 4 generations of phones ago, after holding the lead for all of 1 generation. As long as Samsung uses Android, they’ll never even be remotely close on similar hardware, the OS just isn’t capable in its current state. As it is, the S7 series of phones has more than 4x the performance capabilities – to be slower. Because the OS is a dead weight.

            • I don’t care what you think about me or about my knowledge regarding OS’s, many people like you blindly defend android because they never used any OS other than android.

              So peace out bro. You are using the best OS. Open source, whatever customization you want in OS you can do with ease. :) blah blah blah..!! But no matter what hardware you use, android OS will lag and shutter forever, pathetic scrolling, poor performance. Poor quality graphics management, apps full of viruses, adware type viruses will never leave your soul, no data protection etc etc…

              Good luck with android. This is the only OS which is never written for touch phones after observing the success of iPhone 2007 android forcefully has been ported into HTC dream in 2008 for the first time.

              Now if Google want to make android smoother and performance worthy they need to rewrite it from the scratch which means whole play store will become useless and which makes developers angry.

              Google is well aware of this issue and they are working on new OS Fuchsia to replace entire android and chrome OS all together.

              • My secondary phone is an iphone. Which often stays in my drawer for days cause that’s how much annoying the OS experience is on the iPhone.

                I use the Nexus 6p and it never stutters nor lags. I honestly have more app crashes on the iPhone than on my Nexus. I have never had a problem with multitasking can’t say the same for the iPhone which has much much more frequent app refreshes. Android actually has support for more graphic APIs including the latest Vulkan API.

                No data protection? I have fully encrypted phone out of the box. You probably are living somewhere in 2008 I’m guessing?

                And what the what? Work started on Android about the same time as iOS and also there were two non-commecial Android versions before HTC dream. Both being run on touch panels. Please don’t spew your ignorance on the internet

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