Man Charged Under Cyber Crimes Released on Bail

Peshawar High Court (PHC) on Tuesday issued a release order for a chartered accountant on bail who was charged with creating a fake account on Facebook in the name of a girl and uploading objectionable videos on it.

A single bench of Justice Syed Afsar Shah issued the release order on bail after hearing both parties and the state lawyer.

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Cyber Crimes Wing, had charged the chartered accountant, Kashif, on a complaint of a junior woman employee, under sections 36 and 37 of the Electronics Transition Ordinance ETO 2002.

Section 36 of ETO 2002 penalizes the violation of privacy with imprisonment of up to seven years whereas Section 37 penalizes the damage to information system with imprisonment of up to seven years.

During hearing of the bail petition, the petitioner’s lawyer submitted before the bench that the petitioner was working as a chartered accountant in Peshawar.

He submitted that the FIA had wrongly charged the petitioner under sections 36 and 37 of the ETO, as he neither made a fake account of girl nor uploaded her videos of the complainant he obtained from CCTV cameras in the office.

The lawyer said that the petitioner had only sent videos to the complainant on her email for blackmailing as charged in section 507 of PPC (sexual harassment at workplaces). He requested the court to release the petitioner on bail.

  • cyber crime bill abhi pass ni karna chahye tha , ye ganja pagal ha bc , courts itny advanced ni k is bill k hisab se a de saken , un gadhon ko kuch ziada ni pata simple crime or cyber crime me zameen asmaan ka farq hota ha

    • Paga tu khud ho gaya hai, jab tere ghar walon ko koi blackmail karey ga na phir tujey pata chaley ga.

      Sab internet per madar pidar azad ho gai thay acha hoa ye Qanoon bana,

  • I want to send a facebook profile to FIA how can i do it? This profile is fully against Pakistan Army and PAkistan

  • Are our courts fubar? The suspect admitted sexual harassment and denied making a fake profile. What is worse anyway *(&*(&*? He was still released on bail? He should have been convicted right there and then. Inbred judge. Damn yall.

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