Exclusive: Mobilink Starts Testing its 4G Network

Mobilink has enabled 4G services on its network at various places, we have checked.

According to reports that we are getting from ProPakistani readers, they were able to find “Mobilink 4G” in network searches they made on their smartphones.


Above network search results were obtained at I-10, Islamabad and Satellite Town Rawalpindi

While Mobilink hasn’t announced the launch of its 4G network, we are certain that company is in process of testing its 4G network across various locations.

Sources in Mobilink confirmed us that it is testing the 4G network and may soon launch services in multiple cities at once. A timeline for 4G launch is however still not confirmed as of yet.

It won’t be out of place to mention that Mobilink and Warid recently completed its merger, and as per plans, both companies are now in process of integrating departments and infrastructure of both the companies.

During this integration process, which may take up to another 6-9 months, both companies will keep operating as separate entities and networks.

However, during the while, Mobilink will have a 4G network live and running on Warid’s 1800MHz spectrum that it received as part of merger.

While we don’t have confirmations, we are anticipating that Mobilink will be ready to launch its 4G network, at least the trials, in next few weeks.

It maybe recalled here that Zong, Warid and Telenor already offer 4G services in Pakistan. Telenor launched its 4G services in six cities with coverage in small patches. They are still expanding the coverage and may take few months until more saturated 4G coverage is offered to consumers.

Mobilink, with over 50 million combined customer-base, is best positioned to disrupt 4G market if they are able to offer better speeds and coverage in urban areas at least.

Special Thanks to Qasim Naeem for tipping.

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  • Zong 4g
    Warid 4g
    Telenor 4g
    Now Mobilink 4g

    Ufone ? afsos ufone walo pr k 3g b unki 1.5g (dayrh g) hai ..

    • Zong is already in talks with Etisalat for buying Ufone and PTCL. Three meetings have been held so far.

    • bro ufone was giving 5gb per 10 rs
      pata nai achanak kya hua
      now they have made it 1gb per 100 rs

    • Yeah very sad. Ufone internet sucks. Too many connectivity problems no sign of improvement. I have to use purchase a dual sim phone and use zong 4g as my primary internet.

        • This is zong 4g speed with 2 signals. I was getting constantly 6 to 7MB/s speed a week ago. Now I haven’t tested it yet cuz I have no package.

          • I cannot see signal bars on that and secondly Zong is just good outdoors.. their indoor signals suck

            • Bro I was in my room thats why getting 2 signals. And I got 1 signals in other places in my house as well. But even on 1 signal I get 1.5MB/s speed constantly. And one more thing zong is the only operator which is providing coverage completely in our house. Ufone 3g coverage is good too comparing with telenor and mobilink but Ufone also loses 3g signals very often. While Mobilink and telenor can’t even provide a single singal in rooms. Thats why I am using zong cuz its 4g signals are stable even if they are 2 or 3 and does not change constantly.

              • I have the same issue with ZONG.. I get Full Mobilink 3G signals and Warid LTE signals.. Telenor has full signals and even UFone has full signals but I was complaining ZONG for the last 1.5 years to resolve my issue but they couldn’t so I am no longer using ZONG :P ZONG doesn’t provide even 2G signals at my home :D

          • Bro Warid is a class it’s an addiction… No other operator can match its supreme quality..am using Warid since 2005 and i hardly remember if ever I had a distorted call. Yes it lagged in grabbing customers probably because it’s slightly expensive…. Zong is good and are doing really great especially in terms of data, they have got long term planning to invest in Pakistan. I wonder how mobilink claims the highest number of users, I see people using zong telenor and Ufone around…. Ufone is getting down since they too might be planning to leave but what to talk of telenor …. It is simply pathetic…

            • Correct. No one can match Warid and its seamless network, never has distorted call.Ufone is not planning to leave they are being forced to leave. They are actually defaulted on their payment of buying PTCL and its subsidiaries.

            • class toh khud e bun jati hai jab koe customer e na ho — customer ho ga toh voice distortion ho gee na , Jazz b start mey aisa e tha ….

            • Agree with you on that. I myself used warid before but Now using zong cuz our city do not have warid 4g. Warid voice call quality, sms sending time and Edge speed are outstanding and no operator can compete in that area.

          • Zong is good but edge ate he iski bakri Beth jati hai … Mn Warid k edge pe bhi Skype calling kr chuka hn and that too fairly smooth

            • Han Edge mai tou warid ka koe competition nhe. Jab 3g nhe hua karta ta. Tab mai be warid par skype se video call karta ta

  • Umeed Ha September Main 4G Launch Ho Jay GA Eid K Bad Warid Customer Ki Qurbani Ho G Or 4G Ka Maza Ab Ay Ga

    • it is not available able for consumers yet . maybe a mobilink employee can help with this ;-)

  • They are testing their 4g on Mobilink’s cell sites or on already 4g enabled Warid Cell sites? Because as per my knowledge Warid has already installed 4g equipments in rawalpindi and Islamabad which they will get in merger deal. What is the need for Mobilink to install separate 4g equipments in areas where Warid already installed.

        • Bhai Last Weak Se Warid GSM Service Down Thi Or 4G Service Chal Rahi Thi Aik Din 1 Sector Main Next Day 2nd Sector Main Mujhy Mehsoos Hua Network Change Ho Raha Ha Ajjay Kia Ha Wo Ajj Tasdeeq Ho Gai Eid K Bad Qurbani Ho G

        • LOL. That means that they are putting their own cell sites so that they dont interfere in Warid network yet..
          they will use Warid spectrum 1800MHZ for 4G testing :D

  • With five (5) mobile operators (Ufone, Telenor, Zong, Mobilink, Warid) offering 2-3 technologies each (2G-GSM, 3G-WCDMA, 4G-LTE), there is a dire need to benchmark the outdoor & indoor coverage and quality of each. The public should be aware about which operator offers best service (coverage, quality, speed) in their area of interest. PTA does such testing but it is not area or hot spot specific. Operators also do such testing but the results are not made public. Open Signal offers such data but users have to install their App and the results are either incomplete or unreliable. I am planning to launch such service through my company’s platform (somsphere.com). We are planning to perform extensive indoor and outdoor testing at places frequently visited by public. And rank operators in each area based upon their network performance.

    • Great initiative of getting the outdoor and indoor data open for the public!
      Still, crowdsourcing through mobile user app in parallel with your dedicated voice and data benchmark testing would be a practical option to increase the areas covered.

      • Zong 4G in Faisalabad. I have also tested Telenor 4G in Faisalabad at various places which gives 27 mbps maximum speed. 850 Mhz will only provide telenor customers good indoor coverage as compare to Zong and MobiRid (Mobilink+Warid) but with medicure speed.

          • D ground, Madina town around hockey stadium, kohinoor city and Clock tower.
            Chat with telenor representative on their website. He will provide you name of areas in Fsd where 4G is available. To get 4G signals you need to have FDD LTE Band 5 supported handset and 4g enabled sim card in it.

          • Hope for the best. Due to huge number of users it will be difficult for Mobilink to manage high speed in a given 1800 Mhz spectrum. But this is just an assumption. Anything is possible at anywhere at anyday. So finger crossed :P

            • I am getting 20Mbps – 30Mbps on Mobilink 3G on average in Islamabad & Rawalpindi.. so my hopes are high that Mobilink 4G will rock :D

              • Its ammazing if true. In Faisalabad Mobilink speed and coverage is painfully bad. I live on a Fsd’s main road and i get weakest 3g signals among all operators with pathetic speed. But i did experience better Mobilink speed in other cities.

  • Warid 4G provides the best speed with consistency and now unfortunately mobilink will ruin it all sigh

  • Telenor 4G will not be a success because of 850Mhz and ZTE on top of it. In test it is giving such patheic speed. Also only 4G signals will be visible and no through put and less cell sites are required. With this move it is clear that Telenor is not interested in quality of service. They are only here to suck blood of Asians. Its up to you if you impress with it marketing or you really looking for QoS.

  • Salam Friends, i need sincere advice regarding which device should i purchase as far as coverage and signal quality is concerned, if i have to use in Lahore Defence area. Should i go for PTCL CHARGI or Zong 4g mbb?
    Besides I’ve also read comments on different forums where consumer says that they get speed for 3 to 4 days for Zong and then downloading speed declines.. Plus some complain that their 50Gb package ends in 15 to 20 days even though they have not consumed their traffic fully… well that’s kinda weird hehe but need comments on this issue….
    Waiting for prompt reply…. Thanks :)

    • بھائی زونگ کی e5573 لیں اور اسے انلاک کروا لیں اور جو مرضی سم اور پیکج استعمال کریں

      • oh well i’ve already bought Zong and honestly speaking i am very much happy with the coverage,signal quality & speed all over Lahore. Even though there are some areas where you don’t get much strong signals and quality is poor but still at least it working fine where i live.. By the way they had this new device MF920W+ & its ZTE & not Huawei. Is it possible if i can unlock this particular model of ZTE & use various sims? Secondly if it is, do i need to buy data sim or any regular sim to make net work on it? Thanks…

  • when the prices of mobile internet will be drop? as competetors have been increasing but price rates are same…

  • Last few months to Enjoy Warid. Their best forte is consistent speed although it’s mostly in tens of Mbps. But you feel like connected to a landline. Rock solid speed really. I have enjoyed their GPRS then EDGE and now 4G. They were always best and used the best equipment in class.
    Zong, after initial excellent service, seems like on a decline. Now I cannot download anything on their 4G and I have to switch over to Zong 3G to use their data. How bad is that.
    Warid on other hand is consistent (until now).
    And soon May-be-link will ruin everything. ?
    In last 13 years I have tried Mobilink 3 times. Every time I disliked it more than before. It’s true, once you use a quality network like Warid, you can’t possibly like any other.

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