Telenor Announces New Batch for Naya Aghaaz Program to Let Women Continue Their Careers

Telenor has announced the launch of “Naya Aghaaz” for 2016, a program tailored specifically for women who are currently on a career break.

With Naya Aghaaz, they can get back to the workforce, offering them the opportunity to break into the corporate world.

Details About Naya Aghaaz

Naya Aghaaz, according to Telenor, was launched specifically to ensure the work-life balance for women; creating a vast pool of opportunities while allowing them flexibility to take care of things  at home.

Due to domestic burden, it is difficult to cope with strict office timings hence Telenor has taken the initiative by providing flexible working hours. Participants can work from home and can choose whether to work at day or night.

For all the women who have been on a break and want to resume their journey in corporate world, it’s time to start applying for Naya Aghaaz.

Here are some of the conditions/requirements to be eligible for the program:

  • Prior experience of four years is required.
  • Qualifying candidates will be offered a contractual position for 9 months.
  • Interested female candidates can apply by going on Telenor’s official website (

It should be noted that after undergoing employment on contract basis, Telenor may offer permanent positions to the best candidates.

In this case, Telenor advises permanent employees to deal with relocation concerns. Their residence should be close to Telenor’s Head Office in Lahore/Karachi.

It should be mentioned that in September 2015, the second batch of Naya Aghaaz was launched. 24 women were part of the batch and 36 women have become a part of this program so far since it’s launch.

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  • Very Good Initiative taken by Telenor, they need to advertise it on main stream media in order to get more response.

  • **Naya Aghaaz Program:** Requirements are only for experienced, how could we say this is naya aghaz, if there are no fresh candidates required..

  • Good thought telenor must do something like that because it can’t give better network or internet so do this only

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