This is Why Pakistanis Must Not Order Delicate Items from AliExpress

AliExpress is a great source to get some very unique, useful and high quality items for cheap. The online retailer is home to millions of items and customers can get them shipped to nearly every country in the world.

However, AliExpress deliveries to Pakistan face some unfortunate hurdles too. We had previously reported that most of the items ordered from AliExpress get lost after reaching the Karachi Port.

Our polls showed that about 3 out of 4 users were facing package delivery issues. We’ve gone in-depth with reports from sources that suggested that it was the customs department and the postmen from Pakistan Post, who were responsible for…. ‘misplacing’ items.

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Today, we have got another evidence that shows parcels being mishandled and mismanaged here – and that too from our very own Pakistan Post.

In the video below you can see a people throwing bags across the floor at a railway station. The stuff being thrown out isn’t owned by passengers because this is not a passenger train but a cargo train.

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The bags being thrown around are items that would include AliExpress shipments along with several other local and international sources, destined for customers around Pakistan.

The staff belong to Pakistan Post and the way they are handling these packages, it is evident that they do not bother to handle items with care, even with delicate items inside.

This carelessness by Pakistan Post guys is, by any means, more brutal than all of the cargo mishandling videos we have seen on YouTube so far.

With this in mind, it is evident that at the very least, you should not order delicate items from AliExpress. While there’s a chance that you may get your package delivered (if you are amongst the lucky ones), there is an even lesser chance that you will get your delicate product delivered in one piece.

So if you plan on buying something from AliExpress, keep in mind that it could go missing or broken while in transit and either you or the seller will have to pay the cost for it. As a result, some AliExpress sellers have already stopped shipping to Pakistan.

It is sad to see that Pakistan Post, a national company with the widest reach in the country, does not offer services pertinent to its potential.

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