This is Why Pakistanis Must Not Order Delicate Items from AliExpress

AliExpress is a great source to get some very unique, useful and high quality items for cheap. The online retailer is home to millions of items and customers can get them shipped to nearly every country in the world.

However, AliExpress deliveries to Pakistan face some unfortunate hurdles too. We had previously reported that most of the items ordered from AliExpress get lost after reaching the Karachi Port.

Our polls showed that about 3 out of 4 users were facing package delivery issues. We’ve gone in-depth with reports from sources that suggested that it was the customs department and the postmen from Pakistan Post, who were responsible for…. ‘misplacing’ items.

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Today, we have got another evidence that shows parcels being mishandled and mismanaged here – and that too from our very own Pakistan Post.

In the video below you can see a people throwing bags across the floor at a railway station. The stuff being thrown out isn’t owned by passengers because this is not a passenger train but a cargo train.

Video Via

The bags being thrown around are items that would include AliExpress shipments along with several other local and international sources, destined for customers around Pakistan.

The staff belong to Pakistan Post and the way they are handling these packages, it is evident that they do not bother to handle items with care, even with delicate items inside.

This carelessness by Pakistan Post guys is, by any means, more brutal than all of the cargo mishandling videos we have seen on YouTube so far.

With this in mind, it is evident that at the very least, you should not order delicate items from AliExpress. While there’s a chance that you may get your package delivered (if you are amongst the lucky ones), there is an even lesser chance that you will get your delicate product delivered in one piece.

So if you plan on buying something from AliExpress, keep in mind that it could go missing or broken while in transit and either you or the seller will have to pay the cost for it. As a result, some AliExpress sellers have already stopped shipping to Pakistan.

It is sad to see that Pakistan Post, a national company with the widest reach in the country, does not offer services pertinent to its potential.

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  • Why not Ali Express Sign agreement with Other Courier Companies like TCS,DHL to Deliver Parcel to Pakistan? I know it makes parcel Costly but at least our Parcel would not miss.

    • Its up to you, U can also choose DHL or EMS, while ordering, if u choose registered post, It will handle by Pakistan post, and registered parcel never missed. 100%. Delivery, with all tracking details.

        • No dear, now a days, no registered post mishandeled, i receive 15 registered parcels, only one parcel detained by customs islamabad, containing 20 pieces of SMD Bulbs, they just open parcel and charge custom and send back to my delivery address, no item is missing .

          • I am trying to add my visa debit card at Alipay acc but strange that in their Country/Region tag Pakistan is not in the list, so how can I add my card and buy something..

          • As Salamo alikum, Waseem bhai i know this post and your comment 2 year old but.. i want to know that did you ever order drone from gearbest or bangggood to karachi or isl..any details about customs problem!!!

    • if you choose DHL or UPS etc. you will get your item very soon. but there’s a problem even if item that you bought is tax free in Pakistan. you’ll end up paying TAX to the courier otherwise they wont clear your shipment. if you argue with them, they say it doesn’t matter even if your item is tax free in Pakistan, they have orders from tax authority to charge you this amount and send it to tax authority. so they are bound to charge you tax fee. meanwhile. they give you a reciept to refund your paid tax from the concerned tax department. ….. i faced this issue and i say to you who ever wants to get it refund. DO NOT BOTHER!

  • you can select DHL, fedex etc while ordering but people opt for Pakistan post because it is mostly FREE however Pakistan post is most corrupt courier on earth. Pakistan post eat up stiff during transit. Better way is to order in bulk and chose DHL etc . ordering in bulk will help you shipping cost per item.

  • I have sent text to aamir aata many times about ali express shipment issue. But he never replied. I was a regular buyer from this app. But due to issues i stopped buying from this. I would like to share some info regarding package delivery. I ordered for cctv camera. GPO ppl took that one to their home for personal use. After my regular emails GPO i came to know that package is delivered to somewhere in lahore. If u have any query ask your shipment company who sent the item to you. That was strange because i am 600 km away from lahore. Next incident happened to me was again regarding cctv set of 4 cameras. Customs officer sent a letter to me security agency NOC required to release tha package. When i provided NOC from security agency they denied by saying this u can not install it on personal place, cctv can only import for public security. Then again i import a drone of usd 50. They again took the drone to their home. On ny query to GPO i came to know that one of the GPO customs officer did this. When i personally contacted him he said, “Drone mjhe de do or cctv ap le lo or sath me 10000rs de do” i was shocked that 5000pkr i paid to ali express for cctv and 5500pkr for drone. And custom officer was asking to pay 10000pkr for onpy cctv. Then again 3 more packages were miss placed without any noticem then to check again i changed the address and delivery name that time i got the package. I think whenever package from ali express comes through GPO on ky name that particular custom officer took it to his home.
    And finally ali express refund all the money for those packages which i have not recived. I also notify them about this issue.

    • First time its mistake and next time its a choice,
      jab pata lag geya tha masla hey phir bhe order kiye ja rhay ho ustaad.,., aur phir refund bhe leliya,.,. awesome.,., to phir q na maslay hongey AliExpress ko pakistan say.,.,

      • Refund is liye liya dost k package receive nahi hua. Or order pehle k aik sath kiye huwey they. Delivery randomly aa rahi thi

        • EMS na kerwaya kero , Normal registerd kerwaya kero, wo GPO ki bejaye, International mail offic mai jaye ga, waha sai misplace nahi ho ga, Tume bula k samnay packet kholay ge, custom lai ge or mall chor dain ge, in case of ban item, phir zabt ho jaye ga.

  • Don’t you think you generalized the behaviour of PakPost without knowing the whole scenario?
    I can’t see what are the items being thrown. May be its something else rather than courier pakages. Do you know what items are transferred through railway cargo?
    That must be the stuff that can withstand harsh handling. Because everyone knows that fragile stuff should not be sent through railway cargo.

      • It is..
        But I am pointing to another issue with the video and what the author claims from it. e.g. see the following video.

        dailymail. co. uk/travel/travel_news/article-3039538/Video-shows-baggage-handlers-throwing-passengers-luggage-airport-Riyadh-Saudi-Arabia.html

        It shows clearly that its airplane cargo and its customer luggage that is being mishandled. Now come back to ProPK video. Are you clear its customer luggage that is being mishandled?

      • Sir, article py bat kr raha hun, railway ki nae…!

        Waisay main railway sy he safr krta hun ghar aany janay ke lye…. inka haal mjhy b pta hai.
        Next time ap daikhain aisa kch to pas sy video bnaen, ta ke karwayi ho saky aur faida b ho. Jaisay yahan hua aur airline ny action lea..

        dailymail. co. uk/travel/travel_news/article-3039538/Video-shows-baggage-handlers-throwing-passengers-luggage-airport-Riyadh-Saudi-Arabia.html

  • We all know this. Propak instead of telling the problem should work towards the solution and make efforts to get rid of these miscreants by contacting their higher ups and showing all these evidences and concerns of people. Propak should be the voice of us users to reach the high ups, n I’m sure their are many good officers who really are concerned for improving pak post image. So instead of copy pasting propak as they claimed to be journalists should send their media teams to take up this serious nature of issue with pak post authorities as such acts are brining shame to us as nation.

  • My CCNA certificate was supposed to be delivered 4 years ago but eventually i had to purchase it through Fedex tracked delivery coz Pakistan POST ate it.. This article is indeed a good one however, i duly request ProPakistani to provide us a platform where we can take action against these customs officers and Pakistan Post Staff so that they get accused.

    • bhai yahan jo bhe behes/discussion hoti hey us say faida sirf ProPak ko hey .., q k unka page visit hota hey aur ad hit hoti hey.,.,
      govt ko to pata bhe nahe hoga k kya manjan chal rhay hein and they damn care about it.,.

  • I received 5 packages from AliExpress with no problem. Why ProPakistani seems to be opposition of AliExpress? Please?

  • ProPakistani is writing negative articles about AliExpress to make CheezMall popular site. I am using AliExpress from last 2 years and ordered almost 50+ items from AliExpress. only 2 were lost.

      • bhai ji if you want a smartphone go for it.., pr koi abroad country specifically european country mey rehne walay friend ka address dedo.., 2-3months baad pakistan aa rha ho.,.,
        ya phir pehlay post office jao.,., apnay area k postman ko pakro us say “settings” kerlo.,.,
        I have A3 ratings on AliExpress aur mere more than 50% parcels aesay address pr ayen hein jahan mein khud nahe hota tha.,., so sab postman pr munhasir hey.,

        • yar postman sy to baat ho jaegi , par customs wale phone nahi chorenge to bechara postman kya karle ga ?

          plus i don’t have any friend returning from abroad atm..

          • Koi masla nai ho ga just PTA sai Free NOC lo, 1000TX, 500 duty + 5.5% Value per , total chinese phone per 2200 tak custom charge ho ga, delivery gher per nai ho ge IMO sai letter aye ga ,NOC lai jao waha sai lai ao phone.

            • bhai jaan , kya aap mujhe bata sakte hain k yeh wali information :

              ” 1000TX, 500 duty + 5.5% Value ”

              aap ko kahan sy mili ? kya aap mujhe koi website provide kar sakten hain is sy related ?

              aur ye IMO kya hai ?

              • Imo Pakostan post ka international mail office hai jaha per registered parcel aatay hain or custom b wahi per bethta hai , or ye tax FBRnnai officially bataye huay hain cell phones per, ap chija ka phone mangwao us per meximum 2500 tak lage ga custom, ap k ghar per letter aye ga custom ka, wo letter ap PTA ko email kero gay apnay ID card ki scan copy k sath, ap ko 3 days mai PTA NOC ap k address per mal kere ga Free of cost, but only 5 sets per year, ap wo NOC lai k IMO jana, waha custom pay ker k mobile lai ana, But set book kerwatay waqt seller ko ye lazmi kah na k is per Mention kerey k ye mobile phone hai or total weight b likhay, or value $ 70 sai zada na likhwana.

                • P.S : 2500 custom tax ki limit ka pakka haina ?

                  is sy ziada to nai demand karenge na , kabhi bhi ?

                  aur mujhe tax khud calculate karna hoga , ya FBR (customs) wale apni taraf sy calculate kar k denge jb me phone lene jaonga IMO sy?

                  • Janaab Tax custom officer khud Calculate kere ga, China k phone per 2500 sai 3000 k bech mai ho ga, is sai zada nahi, maine b bohat sai china k phone mangwai hain same custom pay ker k, per PTA sai NOC lo gay to Phone milay ga werna Nahi, and ap kis city sai ho, ?

                    • Han , obviously , jab tk PTA phone credentials verify nahi kartleti , phone to release nahi hoga.

                      Mein Karachi sy hun…

                      Acha aap ny recently koi flagship-grade phone mangwaya hai ? jiski cost kaafi ziada ho. jese k One Plus 3 (~$350) ya phir isi price range ka koi aur handset ? us par maximum aap ko kitna Tax charge kiya tha custom officer ny?

                    • dono set ka combined 4500 tax diya tha ?? yani ek set ka tax Rs. 2250 tha ?

                      ya sirf ek set k 4500 diye thy aap ne?

                    • Nai aik ka2200, LG waly ga 4500 yar 280 $ value like hui thi, us per or ys nai phone khol k dekha Google ka or us waqt Pakistan mai new launch hua tha nexus 5, custom wala dekh k chora ho gya, 280 $ dekh k, kahta bht mahanga fone hy, 5000 banta hy, 4500 diya phir, China waly ga zada nai Laity wo , LG Samsung, Apple is ka zada hota hy, or Han Xiaomi na mangwana, wo Ban hai PTA NOC nai da ga us ka,

                    • hmm .. Xiaomi is banned for IMEI infringements.

                      its a shame tho , they have the BEST value for money phones , as long as you want to keep spending to a minimum and still have a quality device.

                      thanks for all the info. im sure this’ll be vital once the phone reaches the local customs department.

                      thankyou very much :) !

    • I agree. Some time it happens. I have ordered 100+ items and received 95+. I am based in Lahore and I have given my office address. (Online shops in Pakistan, they are thieves majority of them)

      Follow these
      – Try to order item >5 USD. Small packages don’t have tracking information normally.
      – Don’t order Mobiles (too much duty/taxes and a lengthy process unless you bribe), Storage Devices (very bad experience) and fragile items (Sun glasses etc)
      – Try to order items from top sellers.
      – Try to use Registered post (chances are greater that you will get your item)
      – Patience (It will take 20-30 days in normal conditions)

      If anybody needs help, do ask

  • wow … this is just , despicable to say the least

    absolutely disgraceful and completely lacking professionalism of ANY kind.

  • Damn!
    It is hear breaking to see this you know.
    Plus this article should have more focus on Pakistani Posts. I am talking about heading.

  • I ordered some light bulbs from AliExpress and today a guy from Pakistan Post came and threw it over the house gate even though it was mentioned that the parcels has bulbs and is delicate.

  • AliExpress is going to put Pakistan’s name in BLACKLIST soon. Then you’ll have to rely on 3rd party importers who have their presence in China as well as in Pakistan. Plus they also know how to manage MITHAI & MILLAI of Customs etc.

  • I want to purchase some items from AliExpress but I face problem to add my debit card in Alipay account, Pakistan is not in their list, plz tell how do I pay for my purchase.

  • i have ordered lenovo mobile through ali express and it is held by custom.. how can i get it clear. please guide…

  • If I buy Mavic Pro Drone… will it be easily shipped in Karachi?? Without any hassle … cause I’ve heard about custom issues.. The shipment will be done by DHL but still will they have any issues with drone ?

  • any idea about the import of camera quadcopter to Pakistan through banggood? custom wale rokh to nahi lengay

  • close