Confirmed: PIA to Get Eight New Boeing 787 Dreamliners

Pakistan International Airline has confirmed to induct eight new fuel efficient 787 Dreamliners to its fleet with deliveries starting as early as mid next year.

This started when President and CEO of Boeing wrote a letter to Prime Minister of Pakistan earlier in August and offered the lease of multiple 787 Dreamliners.

Boeing had then invited Pakistani government to get its latest flagship 787 Dreamliner jets. The airliner maker had also extended all sorts of support for a smooth transition and adoption of new jets.

Now we are getting reports that PIA is determined to get eight 787 dreamliners as a BBC journalist confirmed the news on his twitter.

Boeing 787 Dreamliners are billed as most fuel efficient jets and are used for both long and mid-range routes.

It maybe recalled that PIA just retired its five A310s with an aim to replace them with better airliners.

PIA has been making efforts lately to revive its glory by targeting both economy and premium customers.

PIA’s Premier Service, with all modern in-flight facilities, is particularly an effort to bring back premium flyers.

Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner is a long-range, mid-size widebody plane that comes with up to 335 passenger capacity in various configurations.

PIA will use these new aircraft for its long-haul routes to Europe, US and East Asia.

It won’t be out of mention that Boeing has struggled selling its 787 Dreamliners due to a battery fiasco that it claims to have fixed now.



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  • Apart from the battery issues the Rolls Royce engines used by 787 are prone to engine failures due to the fatigue cracking of turbine blades. Only a week ago Japan’s biggest airline, ANA, grounded all 100 Dreamliners in its fleet because of incidents of engine failure. So, I don’t think it is prudent to invest in these planes until Boeing has sorted out all the kinks. No wonder they are being all cozy about this deal.

    • Hassaan news is not “Japan’s biggest airline, ANA, grounded all 100 Dreamliners in its fleet because of incidents of engine failure”.
      News would be if all the current orders of 787 got cancelled due to this a week ago engine failure.
      Do you think they are stupid enough to let this problem go with new production?

      • They don’t make their engines. They just put them into the plane. As of now there are three variants with the 787 – RR Trent 1000. RR Trent 1000 TEN, and General Electric GEnx. Its the Trent 1000 that has been causing all the problems while the 1000 TEN is in testing phase. Lets see which engine comes with our planes.

    • Besides engine issues are not of Boeing, but of Rolls Royce, Pakistani engineers prefer General Electric, so expect GE-NX coming with 787’s delivered to Pakistan, not Trent 1000’s

      • Don’t about the individual preference of our engineers but GEnx is a way better choice than the Trents because General Electric has been working with Boeing for eons and are their primary engine provider.

    • The engines are the airline’s choice. Depending on what engines PIA can service more easily, they will be chosen. The original Trent engines that came with the 787-8 are being upgraded with performance enhancement packages. They’re still one of the most efficient engines in the world. The turbine blade cracking was due to the comprehensive use of composite materials. However, it wasn’t a fatal problem, just a minor issue that appears to have been resolved.

  • If the world is grounding these planes then why these are being inducted in PIA only on request letter from Boeing? Why not to induct 10 years old 20 Boeing 777 for the same price and put surplus PIA employees on job? We have the capability of overhauling 777s. Can somebody please elucidate?

    • The 777s are losing value quickly, especially since there are a ton of them coming off lease in the next couple of years. In fact, the GE90 engines on the B777 are increasingly becoming inefficient due to the static parts in the engines that don’t last their entire lifetime. Also, PIA can’t afford to fill the 777s and they’re only efficient with very high load factors. 787s will provide similar range, but with lesser passengers and much higher operating economy.

  • Now the terrorists can fly in comfort anywhere nonstop. So how does a third rate airline like PIA representing a 4th rate scum of the earth nation get funding for such complex and expensive aircraft? I’m sure the filth of everything that is Pakistan will shine through in their amazing inflight service.

  • but now 787 again changed into 777 according to wikipedia and delivery date also vanished

  • Well PIA needs to think before buying these B787 dreamliners how they can get profitable revenue from these Dreamliners they are not meant for short haul flights,they must go with GE engines on these aicrafts.

  • This is old news and already been postponed i think no more 787 dreamliner are joining

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